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3:08 AM
@Memor-X Yeah, they're back. Thanks for raising the flag.
haha what
So what's the story behind this?
@forest asker asked a question about if a character confessed to then rejected the protag, someone answered it, asker didn't like the answer, kept bugging the answerer on the site and in chat, got demanding and abusive, kept reposting the question. in the end they got a suspension from Anime and Manga
@Kiki'sExpressDelivery oh my...
if you do a search in chat here for "reject the" you can see Sakamoto's posts
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8:49 AM
New review interface ;o
9:01 AM
ooo, nice
Thge close interface had me confused for a second though
9:52 AM
Q: Creepy/Horror episodes of Detective Conan?

Abhishek GhoshI was seeking for a list of creepy episodes of the anime Detective Conan

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3:06 PM
the genshin event produced some really cool artwork...
see this
and some quite funny ones too.
Q: In Attack on Titan, what differs royal blooded people from Subjects of Ymir?

Harold EdSubjects of Ymir are all descendants of Ymir. What differs the so called royal bloodline from the rest?

Q: Is there a freely usable database that details the voice actors starring in each show?

Jamie BirchI'd like to determine a few statistics about voice acting: who are the most prolific anime voice actors during each season; which shows have employed the most voice talent; how few/many voice actors it would take to cover most of the shows in a given season. I've had a play with VGMdb but it di...

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5:14 PM
Q: What is the difference between Weeb,Weaboo,and Otaku what are your thoughts and how do you think they are different?

DarkSpectorI would like to know why people would like being called a weeb instead of an otaku and also why there is so much drama about weeb,weaboo,and otaku. (=^・ω・^=)

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6:51 PM
Q: Mind controll of whole village

TheWeird SoulI remember a devil controlling the whole village with some kind of sonic wave or sound and a character damages his ears to not be controlled bg the devil, if anyone gets anh clues plz share.

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9:41 PM
Q: Railgun T or Index 3?

DrainsI currently rewatching The toru series with all spin offs (have only seen the first 2 index and railgun seasons years ago). My question is, after watching the first 2 season of index and railgun and acce. should i watch Railgun T or Index 3 first? i heard Index 3 is a strong rushed series and rea...

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