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1:36 AM
Q: Where Can I find Naruto's databook : Jin no Sho english translated or a Fan translation?

Eduardo FellipeWhy is so hard to find the translated of Naruto's databook : Jin no Sho almost 6 years after release? The book don't worth the money of a publishing company to make the translation?

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8:30 AM
@Memor-X the gatcha is surely there, as for the stamina thing I still don't understand if it is a limitation like some people keep reporting. Looking at it, it seems to be more of an impediment if you play 24/7 and/or you try to do extreme minmax.
That said, was not my point.
My point is that I will laugh if the "kill Timmie's pigeon" meme turns out to be a trap and getting THAT achievement prevents you from getting other quests.
9:28 AM
Suddenly, Mapple Genshin
(By the way, WHY the cat gatcha character has a tail but her father doesn't?)
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2:01 PM
Q: What is the theme that plays in Hunter X Hunter?

109reaperIt plays a lot of times throughout the series Episode 78 - 12:06?

2:14 PM
Good morning/afternoon/evening ~
2:29 PM
The approved version is "Good afternoonZ"
add the trailing Z to indicate that the salutation is in UTC Zulu time.
(As specified by ISO 8601 datetime standard for UTC times)
3:29 PM
But, but, I like localization
4:03 PM
Getting ready for the CoC, assuming users timezones is rude :P
(DISCLAIMER: the above message is a joke. SE hasn't yet gone that crazy)
And jokes aside, I blame the fact I am currently working with Dates and web services stuff.
4:18 PM
@Derpy I've been working on timezone issues for the past 4 months. I feel the pain.
A hardware device that needs to be told what timezone it is from a mobile app.
The hardware then tracks log data in specified timezones, and logs it to a file.
The app sends this data periodically to an API in utc format.
And the app needs to visualise the data, but offset to the timezone they are currently in, whilst maintaining the data of a day in the timezone(s) they where originally logged, based on the configured settings which may change at any given time
Not including the pletora of edge cases, it's a real hassle.
4:45 PM
@Dimitrimx not working on mobile but yep, I get the idea
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5:49 PM
6:47 PM
Q: Was Croix behind the football match controversy, or did she merely take advantage of it?

F1KrazyA major plot point in the final third of Little Witch Academia is a football match between the country Luna Nova is situated in and an unnamed "rival country", in which the rival country was awarded a goal that shouldn't have been awarded, leading to widespread protests. It's soon revealed that C...


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