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2:02 AM
@Memor-X Kuroko isn't getting electrocuted. 0/10 realism.
@forest unless it's internally as Kuroko's heart keeps stopping because of the stress and Misaka keeps jump starting it
7 hours later…
8:34 AM
@Memor-X ^ yep, I think they realize.
@Derpy they might, but Kanna doesn't care
8:47 AM
Trust me, they WILL pull out a "World of Final Fantasy" plot.
The two idiots traveler will be the ones that caused some mess in the past, and the Paimon does know more than she looks.
@Derpy havn't played it yet. all i know is Lightning is so smol and cute
everyone is chibi in that game
also little side topic since I mentioned FF.
Just realized....
@Derpy actually they aren't
@Memor-X OK, correction - Everyone from the older games.
@Derpy XIII isn't that old compared to like V
8:58 AM
Meaning just that the two in the background are new character of this game.
They aren't Sora & Kairi if you were thinking that.
Draft Tifa:
logical result:
at least now I know why they added the cowboy hat.
9:34 AM
@Memor-X anyway, you are welcome to buy Dreams on the Ps4....
The character is still waiting for someone to use her in a game.
9:45 AM
@Derpy awwwww
Atlas, if anyone here thinks SE tagging / search system could need work, I would pay for Dreams to use the same system.
People don't use tags at all, stuff is very hard to find and who thought it was a smart idea to have CASE SENSITIVE TAGS
(yep, [Anime] is different from [anime] in that game)
Also, Japanese author often write names in Japanese, so good luck finding those.
@Memor-X BTW, oddly that is also the author of a somehow popular Hat In Time themed game
So, I think that Kanna probably was made using the Hat Girl as a base
10:01 AM
@Derpy does seem like it in the face
@Memor-X I actually meant the base puppet.
The game has gives you a base stickman puppet to customize/sculpt, but these are chibi
seems odd that they made a chibi figure and then another one from scratch
so, probably, they started from the Hat Girl since that should be the older model
that said, the Hat Girl model is private, so you can't confirm that since it won't appear in genealogy.
1 hour later…
11:31 AM
@Memor-X found your next game.
now the question is.... will this have more than 5minutes gameplay?
@Derpy odd, it looks VR but it lists the Switch which i didn't think had VR (don't know if there is any VR systems for Android or iOS)
@Memor-X I THINK they may plan to use that cardboard thing from Nintendo Labo
@Derpy oh right, forgot the Labo
they'll release a new one which is in the from of a Backpack which unfolds into a tent lol
3 hours later…
2:53 PM
@Memor-X will it be based on the horrible male character's backpack from Pokemon Sword?
the one that looks like a brick?
Legend has it, players switched to the female character just to avoid having to watch that thing.
3:11 PM
Q: Are Mikasa and Levi the only two Ackermans alive?

PabloSupposedly the Ackerman were a clan, so at some point there must have been many of them, and we knew Kenny who died during the series. But what about other members? Are Mikasa and Levi the only two Ackermans alive?

Q: Someone know this title?

WanderinfA guy that has a eye of luck power on his right eye i think. he be able to see some prints i think when he go to gambling he always won. Eventually the power has gone. And put himself on a lot of debts. He even ask her girlfriend transferring money. And one night a girl showed up and give him an ...

8 hours later…
10:58 PM
Not yuri, but amusing:
@forest hard to read because of the version of english they chose to use
a bit, but it's understandable
11:48 PM
@forest yeh i get the gist of the joke, just had to re-read pannels to try and figure it out

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