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4:11 AM
@AndrewT. I'm reminded of this post :3 yuesya.tumblr.com/post/189443261488/…
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6:25 AM
simple answer is that the transformation occurs in a bubble dimension similar to what the Menos used to evac Aizen and his crew
we can see it happen but we can not touch it
it's the reason why you always have the color background and stuff
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9:28 AM
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12:03 PM
Now I DO wonder if they will try to put characters codes in the merchandise.
so that @Memor-X could get another useless, already-expired one.
@Derpy lol, but i did get a collector card
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3:40 PM
Q: How Beast Titan was able to transform multiple people at once?

LuppIn season 3 episode 14 we see Beast Titan transforming himsef along with an army of Pure Titans. As far as we know, Pure Titan can be made using Titan Spinal Fluid and Beast Titan has an ability to control those made of his Spinal Fluid. But how an ARMY of Pure Titans appeared at once if it needs...

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4:56 PM
Q: Do you guys know what anime this is?

rainbeerI tried translating it and it says "rakorafura" and tried to search the internet for it but no luck. I also tried reverse image search. Maybe it's not an anime?

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11:18 PM
Q: Episode 80 of Hunter x Hunter

Ariane Rodriguez Rodriguezhelloo in episode 80 of HxH when the narrator is explaining Gyros story there's a piece (music) in the background. the part when someone is telling gyro that his father doesn't care if he dies, when the dad looks him in the eye, there music playing. (7:40) does anyone know the name of it?? please...


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