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3 hours later…
3:45 AM
my profile pic is showing up??? Was there an update to the site?
4:26 AM
@xpert did you change it recently?
5:00 AM
well, either SE or Google fixed it. The URL is now in correct format (not broken)
3 hours later…
7:38 AM
8:19 AM
Q: What happens in volume 6 of Though you may burn to ash?

Leggo MoomooI am aware that the mangaka passed away (so unfortunate) but I still want to read anything about this manga that's available but I can't find anything after volume 5. I know for a fact that there is volume 6 so can someone tel

8:35 AM
Oregairu 3rd season release got delayed
2 hours later…
10:24 AM
@JNat i wonder what other anime have gotten delayed
@Memor-X myanimelist.net/news/59535681 lists a few
i know that some western stuff has such as Black Widow, The Walking Dead, all the CW Series including Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow and the second season to Harley Quinn has apparently started with the creators hinting that we are going to get Harley x Ivy this season (i'll watch it when it does happen)
@JNat oooo, Fate/Stay Night and Violet Evergreen, that's going to hurt some people
1 hour later…
11:46 AM
Q: Yamada-kun and the seven witches

Otaku uchihhaYamada kun and the seven witches Rika Saionji(one of the seven witches)why she erased the memories of other six witches?

5 hours later…
4:29 PM
Q: In Overlord, would Enri survive resurrection given she's level 6 as of Volume 8?

David HobsIn Yggdrasil, a player loses 5 levels on death, so since Enri is a level 6, does that suggest she could withstand resurrection? In the New World it's stated that resurrection costs vitality and without enough, the person would turn to ash. The person also has to be willing to be resurrected. ...

1 hour later…
5:53 PM
@Sakamoto based on Smoke Detector: known spammed website.

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