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1:43 AM
Q: Im trying to remember a videogame anime

AidanI dont remember much about it. All I remember is a scene where the main character is in this room full of computers.( like a public computer lab) and they were playing a videogame. But the anime made a big deal of how quickly they were able to type keystrokes and activate combos ect. They also pl...

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5:51 AM
Q: I need this anime name i watch 7 days (20/03/2020) ago!But forget what is the name of it

HaxDeaDI saw that a character was bullied by some guys at that moment a girl attack from the school rooftop to stop bullying than this guy gave her money to save him! I really don't remember pacific detail but this happens I think please help me to find it!! But surely remember that this girl was blonde...

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7:25 AM
Q: Does anyone know where i can watch the original FUNimation dub of dragon ball: curse of the blood rubies?

GavinAll i can find is the re dub with the kai voices The reason i want this is because its weird to go from Stephanie as the voice of Goku on the anime to Colleen on the 1st, 2th, 3th db movies AND THEN BACK TO STEPHANIE AGAIN on the 4th movie

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9:55 AM
Q: Bleach OST in episode 116 around 14:36

teemo starkThere's a song in episode 116 of Bleach from 14:36. I couldn't find anywhere on YouTube/Google, even after I checked all the soundtrack lists. What is this song?

No links included.
It's one of those where they compromise 1 email, and tell you to message another one included in the message body.
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5:49 PM
Q: I saw a mecha anime scene but i forgot the name

TanZhiThe scene was about around 3 to 4 mechas were defending a village from a large amount of enemy and their plan was to block another entrance of the village so they can focus on defending one entrance. And the 3 mechas will fight as the front line and the last one will be defending as the last line...

6:36 PM
@Sakamoto self-deleted by OP
7:34 PM
:53927537 I'd forsee more similar questions, considering mangarock going down as an illegal provider. And kissmanga dropping ip ban blocks on their userbase when people use external clients and/or block ads ;')
8:10 PM
YOLO EVERYONE! Got some little question wanna ask ya all
Anyone else have watch the Neon Genesis Evangelion? *the netflix series that one
I am kinda confuse a bit because I have done some search an find that in the episode of 26, the third impact is success and all of the human was dead right?
but still got another more movie came out like evangelion movie 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and also on....
so does it mean that the movie series timeline in 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 are before the third impact?
can someone spoil a bit for me? XD *right now I;m watching the 13 episode.
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11:33 PM
:53927537 or you do what i do and write a script that download the manga and to rely on online platforms? more so unofficial platforms like Manga Rock and the Kiss Sites
huh, it actually knew it was Sakamoto unlike @Dimitrimx's post
@Dimitrimx i'm surprised kiss did anything like that, like isn't it easier just to make temp emails and use MAL to record where you're up to?
Yeah, it's the solution most people are going for.
Especially people that use the tachiyomi client, as it offers easy migration of sources.
and can auto sync with mal ;)
@kit assuming that "the nextflix series" is just the original anime series then the anime series ends....weirdly but they fix it up in the End of Evangelion movie and the Rebuild films (you are (not) alone and the like), they are sorta a redo(?), like there's some speculation that Rebuild that the effects to the world remained but time for people reversed because of the red sea and the white outlines and the mention that the Chamber of Guf was empty
still need to watch the third rebuild film but been putting it off until the 4th one comes out......but guess COVID-19 just have it a way out to delay again
@Dimitrimx the question mentioned tachiyomi, not sure why chapter recording is needed because don't people generally get a new favourite, binge read all current chapter and then wait for the next release? sounds like you can just assume that you're at the end and waiting for the next chapter
@Memor-X really depends on the usage. I usually have 20-30 at the same time, and for sure I ain't up to date with all of them.
But once you link MAL, it auto tracks chapters read.
But yeah, if you didn't link mal, or a equivelant tracker.
You won't be able to migrate as easily

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