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12:45 AM
Q: I just got banned from asking questions

Yubin-chanWhy do cross-dressing characters like Hideri Kanzaki usually have high voices? I have significantly improved this question. But now it got more downvotes. Now there are a lot of recent questions of mine that are heavily downvoted. Now I am banned from asking questions. What can I do?

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2:19 AM
Q: Does anyone know this Manga?

Andrea_G01It’s an isekai manga about a boy who gets reincarnated in the body of a child in a duke or count family. Him and his mother get mistreated by the main wife and her child. After the mom of the MC divorces his dad, he finds out his mom is actually a princess and that makes him royalty by default.

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8:55 AM
morning ^_^
oh, I just noticed this announcement about MAL's new anti-troll score recalculations: myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1824703
> Pingu in the City will also have its score adjusted for the vote brigading it received in 2017, moving from its current 8.43 to 6.80.
> Likewise, Pingu in the City (2018) moves from 7.80 to 6.68.
> Ishuzoku Reviewers' score is returned to ~7.6—nearly identical to the score from January 31.
oof, and I knew Symphogear XV got hit by a bunch of 10 voting bots/trolls while it was airing, so its adjusted score is lower now
dropped from 8.47 to 8.35
of course, Symphogear's first season is only rated 7.04 on MAL, even though it's like, awesome, so I don't give the MAL ratings too much weight when making my watching decisions anyway
though... when Mob Psycho 100 season II was still airing, the anime's score on MAL went up over 9.00 at one point, and in response, the official mp100 Twitter account posted this (super wholesome): twitter.com/mobpsycho_anime/status/1112966443518160896
10:14 AM
@ahiijny so not too much of a drop
@ahiijny i half expected it to have a bigger change from bots/trolls giving it 10/10 reviews after Funimation canned it
@ahiijny ewww, flaunting muscles like that without diamonds. a disgrace to the Armstrong name
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12:54 PM
Q: Question in programming

Reem BalharithClass Pet has name, age, weight and breed as attributes. Give your class a default and another constructor that initializes all attributes. Add the necessary set and get methods in addition to a toString method. Create a new class called Dog that is derived from the Pet class. The new class Dog h...

Good afternoon~
hows things @Memor-X
1:11 PM
@Dimitrimx good. Mum's back, though more because she insisted to come back home while the doctors wanted to keep her in longer. found out Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been left broken by Square so it just makes the Console Version superior and just watching The Green Mile on TV
1:38 PM
Bit under the weather. Like the beginning of a cold.
1:54 PM
Q: Update: I am suspending my activity on this site (as well as in some other sites)

Yubin-chanI am suspending my activity on this site for a few months, as well as in certain other sites. Recently, I have been going through many conflicts which was causing me a massive amount of stress. The incidents are listed below: 8/16/19: Suspended from Music SE (my "home" site) for a year. 9/27/...

@Dimitrimx and given what's been going around the world of late lets hope it is just that
it would be the season for it though where you are
> I am scheduling my A&M SE profile for deletion. My account will appear to remain alive for about 2-3 days. When it is deleted, I will make a new profile on this site and suspend my activity for a few months.
Even if it where to be the o so feared one. I don't particularly fear it.
ummmmm, i don't think you should be doing that
@Memor-X Yubin remains a... Special kind of person.
But I am happy they at least realise that if it is causing them stress, they should not continue with it.
@Dimitrimx yeh i'm not too scared by it either for myself, despite the high rate of infection the mortality rate isn't as bad as SARS and once we have a vaccine i suspect it will just be like the Flu, except the Flu kills more people
but mainly my fear if for people i know
@Dimitrimx true, though i was more pointing out that even if there is a good intention behind it, it looks like ban avoiding
2:05 PM
afaik it's a mutation on sars right? Or was it just strongly related to it?

In my eyes it's just a new type of flu, which happens every so often. It's good to give it attention to prevent any catasrophes, but non the less the way it's reported is just fearmongering, which is less nice.
@Memor-X Unless proxies or VPNs are involved, the bans will just carry over to the new account
IIRC, it would even extend the ban for ban evasion
@Dimitrimx strongly related. Coronovirus is just a wide group of like viruses that SARS also falls under which is why the WHO gave the Virus a very similar name
> Disease

coronavirus disease


severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
Ic Ic
thinking about it as if it's just another Flu might be good actually. like i know in Australia we've gotten it lab and human grown so might not be long before we have a vaccine that we can get with the Flu Jabs
@Dimitrimx huh, i didn't know that. thought that if that could happen they would need to use the same email as before
Didn't they already confirm there was a cure?
I remember something along those lines due to it being horribly miss reported as a "white people only cure"
@Dimitrimx have not heard of a cure, just the success in getting it lab grown which means they could start and being able to grow it in a human to give them a better understanding
i have no idea what the latter one actually involves
2:15 PM
@Memor-X Oh that could also be yes. I am not too great in remembering what is and what isn't automated xd
@Dimitrimx well to be honest i didn't really think it could even happen. just a suspicion that if they used the same email the mods would get flagged and confrim the account merge or something
It wouldn't surprise me if there is some smart logic in place in regards to cookies, fingerprints and the likes. Non the less, usually if people really want to evade they will try hard.

But if their behavior doesn't improve as opposed to the first time they got banned, it probably wouldn't take too long for them to get there once again.
5 hours later…
7:39 PM
@HellButterfly want to bet how long the user will suspend their SE activity on their own...
3 hours later…
10:20 PM
@AndrewT. yeh there is apart in me that's skeptical. they've only posted this on Anime and Manga despite also being active on Life Hacks, Politics and Android
Q: What is the song playing in My Hero Academia season 4 episode 12 (or episode 75) at 7:00?

RecruitNikkiDoes anyone know what song is playing in My Hero Academia, season 4 episode 75, at approximately 7 minutes into the episode? It's when Nighteye, Eraserhead and Deku catch up to Lemillion and Overhaul. I think it sounds really cool and I've been searching for it but I can't find it anywhere.

like when someone is stepping back because they are feeling stressed i want to give them the benefit of the doubt, so only time will tell if they are being genuine an not trying to get around a ban and claim it to be of good faith

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