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2:40 AM
@Memor-X This is so nice
btw anybody home?
@Keale i know. at first i thought it was the female admiral and a KanColle or Azur Lane ship girl until i saw the series tag on danbooru
how's things with you
same old same old haha
how are you? :)
2:55 AM
@Keale good. see above a few posts about my shoulder which now, after a nights rest, is still sore but not as bad as it was yesterday
my mum got move to the long stay rooms. it's not her pancreas but that just means the doctors don't know what the issue is this time
cc @Dimitrimx
what anime are you watching @Keale
@Memor-X Oh that hurts. I have weak bones myself so I almost always avoid heavy physical activities. Hope you and your mom get well soon
@Memor-X lots haha. from the top of my head: oshi ga budoukan ni ittekuretara shinu, show by rock mashu-something, ishuzoku reviewers, neko para, koi suru asteroid, bang dream season 3
eizouken, bofuri, seton gakuen, isekai quartet, hatena illusion, rikei ga ochita, runway de waratte, 22/7
oof that's a lot. but just enough to de-stress from busy work
3:11 AM
@Keale i generally watch h one series at a time but i can pikc out Show by Rock and Bang Dream being yuri-esc or at the very least yuri-teasing with doujin picking up on it
going to watch Kase-san myself soon and then possibly either Citrus or Bloom into You for when i go to read the manga of each
@Memor-X Oh Kase-san was really good. I can't really explain it but when I saw that I HAD to buy all of the manga (which I did). Bloom into You was also really good. The CVs they selected to the anime were perfect for the roles. I liked Citrus too, but it doesn't seem to be for everyone
I recommend watching oshi ga budoukan if you're familiar with the idol culture. It's not strictly an idol anime like Love Live or iDOLM@STER, but more of an anime about the relationship of idols and their fans, also has a bit of yuri too
I believe the author of that wrote yuri manga before
Speaking of yuri.. I noticed for a while now that it has become like yaoi with top and bottom roles, is this a new (like 2-3 years new) trend?
@Keale yeh i read like the first 2 chapters a few years ago when Yuri Project was translating them. i already have all the current localized manga
Q: Looking for a name of a manga which mc is a retired knight

DavidThe Mc is a retired knight and was given land after he retired. He's very strong and uses a big axe. He found a village that hidden in that land and try to cooperate with. Later on, he gets a girl from that village and now he tries to build his own city. He tries to increase his city's population...

@Sakamoto go Mew Mew *throw hammer*
@Keale not noticed that myself but in the stuff i have read unlike Yaoi or Het it isn't about one being dominate, more one taking the lead
@Memor-X Ooh it's award-nominated. Didn't know that before. And gl_subtext? I think subtext might be an understatement hahahaha (though from what I've seen so far it's not explicitly stated)
3:25 AM
for instance, a senpai may seem dominate but more she's more experienced and thus using that to neture their kouhai in the relationship
or in the reverse, the kouhai is leading her dork senpai
@Memor-X Yep, that's one thing I noticed too. The difference between seme and top is that the top is just the one taking the lead, but I believe it's still reversible
seme seems to be different overall
after a while, if the story has progressed to that, they tend to be on the same level and just read what the other wants and expresses that so who is "leading" switches up in the middle of a scene
sure you might still see dominance but it's more "roleplay" rather than setting one has as the dom in the relationship
says the yuri herself with an obvious bias in how beautiful yuri is lol
I see, so in yuri it's still flexible and less rigid than it is on yaoi
3:42 AM
@Keale that's how i've seen it, though i've not read alot of yaoi in comparison
best example in my mind is Sono Hanabira where despite Yuuna being the one to lead Nanami in differ situations such as having sex in the classroom or trying out lingerie for their sleep over, Nanami does scold Yuuna when she gets a bit out of control with her affection (ie. wanting Nanami to keep saying Onee-sama to her) and it was Nanami who initiated sex in the lingerie store which took yuuna by surprise if i recall
@Memor-X Me too haha. I'm just going with info I heard from a certain fujoshi vtuber
@Memor-X This reminds, I still need to finish this game
@Keale yeh, i need to get back into it myself. well more checking that Locale Emulator works with the extra patch i have applied for the h scenes
like with AppLocale in Windows 7 my friend had to adjust it abit when i used HongFire's Context Menu shortcut because the patch wasn't actually working according to her benchmark
like it works now fine in Windows 10 but i think some of the weird text formatting is because i'm playing it in English Locale and i got Locale Emulator to avoid having to restart all the time when i switch
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@Memor-X Good to hear you doing better ^^, hope your mom gets well soon as well.
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Q: What does ガッポォオォイ mean?

Julio ArriagaI tried searching in jisho.org with different iteratons of the オ to no avail. Thanks in advance.

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i am not opposed to that ship despite it breaking canon
*looks at canons labeled Sasuke x Sakura and Ino x Psi in ruins*

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