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3:48 AM
Q: Luffy from One Piece vs Gon from Hunter x Hunter?

Francis Amanihttps://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=ipCH4JOn&id=D8A08C97FDBB95999E3441 Gon takes this battle in the end. His hax, speed, and ample chances to exploit Luffy’s weaknesses, give Gon the edge in this battle. His abilities are especially dangerous against non-nen users. It’s almost l...

4:17 AM
Nichijou good
@ahiijny all the clips i have seen of it i would agree
especially Excalibur Dog
every time i see it i think of Excalibur
4:36 AM
@Memor-X This is from Nichijou? I don't remember ever seeing this.
I just finished Nichijou yesterday.
it's apparently episode 22
Oh the small dog. I remember now
@EddieKal i call it Excalibur Dog because it reminds me of Excalibur
just imagine it going "Fool! Fool! Fool! Fool! Fool! Fool! Fool! Fool! Fool!"
haha, good name
The girl with glasses is really cold.
Nichijou November is happening this month, so there's a lot of Nichijou fanart on my social media feeds :3
4:42 AM
ahh the fantastic world of fanart
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9:39 AM
10:10 AM
how's things @JNat
10:53 AM
@Memor-X good, good. Generally tired, but that's about it :P you?
11:26 AM
Don't know if I should be happy or scared at the idea.
@JNat good, end of sprint so was able to tie up some work as being completed. former team lead still frustrates me where he shows he knows nothing about the deploy process for one application thinking that the UrbanCode API is all we need to make it automated (that's not the issue). right now looking at Yuri on RightStuff to buy
@Derpy i don't know. giant ass snake isn't all that bad in terms of a video game
@Memor-X ...... you recognize the anime, right?
@Derpy i know what anime it's referencing
well, series
i don't see how giant ass snake is scary
I doubt that a Made in Abyss game would include only the snake.
If that series is known as "Emotional Trauma: the animation" there is a reason
And the "best" part? Most viewers only saw the anime. The manga gets FAR worse afterward.
So, what I fear is actually how traumatic a game could get.
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3:17 PM
@Memor-X have you watched Obsidian yet?
7 hours later…
10:27 PM
Q: Inconsistency about the AE86 engine power?

BoiethiosAfter Takumi breaks his 86's engine, it's replaced with an engine that is described as wonderful. For example, the other 86's driver Wataru Akiyama states that he could never buy such an overpowered engine. But: In a lot of battle, the other racers despise the AE86, implying it's not powerful. S...

@JNat not yet but i know it exists
i didn't even know it was already out when i saw the trailer
going to try and get all the Adventure Time episodes that has Bubblegum and/or Marceline and binge just those before i do

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