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1:42 AM
Q: What’s the name of the song that plays in the hunter x hunter movie last mission at around 58:17?

Summerhttps://animedao28.stream/view/194779020/ that’s where I watched the movie. The song also played a few times in other episodes of hunter x hunter but I forgot the episodes. It sounds kind of suspenseful in the beginning, with just cellos or something, and then it explodes into a mixture of drums...

7 hours later…
8:36 AM
Gud morni~
@Memor-X hows the weekend been ?
also downloaded the Atelier Dusk Trilogy so i'll reply Ayesha before continuing with the series and also tried out Echo which aside from the interesting story also has a interesting mechanic how the Echos learn from your actions, so if you use your gun alot of walk through water, the next "reboot" they'll start shooting you and not avoid water like they used to
@Dimitrimx good. played alot of Grim Dawn and Final Fantasy XIII-2, worked out why the latter crashes seemingly at random, it seems to be when it saves, either at the same time or before something happens to Steam that causes it to freeze up. though up to Episode 4 and i'm getting this feeling that most of the paid DLC is missing because i have not gotten the Coliseum yet or see any indication of Sahz's DLC or Requiem of the Goddess
how about yourself @Dimitrimx
9:39 AM
Weekend was fun, sis came over to visit, gamed and relaxed.
Today, I came to the office with dying servers, so it was a spicy morning.
@JNat Morning~, how have you been this weekend
good. It was a restful weekend :)
how 'bout you, @Dimitrimx?
Basically as mentioned above. Sis visited, which was fun. Came to the office with dying servers, so a nice and active morning albeit very rushed.
ah, yeah, it helps when you read the transcript a bit ;P
9:50 AM
10:26 AM
@Dimitrimx why where the servers dying
Well, server 1) blame azure, they made some breaking changes without announcement.

server 2) ran out of disk space, which is kind of special, as it has a full AWS S3 bucket to it's availability. But a simple reboot fixed that, for now at least.
11:01 AM
@HellButterfly this user tho
testing the boundaries of how long serial fringe troll behavior can be tolerated
any of you playing Diablo 3 recently?
I hear it was very bad at the launch when I got into it and today they say it's a lot better
idk if I should resurrect my battlenet account and see what's up
but I don't have any dlcs bought and they're hella expensive for a "let's see"
@Hakase they've been suspended 3 times for similar behavior
less testing the boundaries and more not learning
yea that's what I was referring to, I keep seeing this user get in trouble all over the network
would not be surprised if the other mods on said sites watch their behavior
so from the starboard I get the impression that this season is high time to finally watch lil witch academia
I'm gonna get to it eventually
I've got things to do first
@mem how's your game going?
11:16 AM
@Hakase slowly but good. fixing up my website at the moment so that the artist i got doing artwork for me can link back to it if they post it online, then back onto fixing up the final camp levels before i can start fixing up some of the Battle Processes
@Hakase lol, the first 4 years was when i was in uni and it was a different game then
funny enough that the footage there makes me think of Megaman Battle Network and the very first concept of my game was an alteration of a Megaman Fan Game i was playing around with at the time
ye gamedev's ways are mysterious
I can't honestly say I've been actively working on my game for the entire 9 years by this point, but I kinda started it 9 years ago and that's what got me to google more for coding questions and when I discovered SO
it's been on and off throughout the years and I never had a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish in the end
@Hakase yeh but i don't regret all the restart, each time i began anew my refined the system more, less relying on community scripts and more doing things myself. could call it extreme refactoring lol
last year I kinda started figuring it out but it's still too unclear
yea I've rewritten EVERYTHING 5 honest times by now
last time was in 2017 or 18 and this current version is clean enough to not warrant a huge rewrite
I want to have the most control over every aspect of the game engine, but that means having to write everything
the way I do things and with what I want, it's basically useless for me to go to any common gamedev forums or communities
almost everybody uses some framework or engine that is not their own
unity or gamemaker studio
but that's technical stuff
@Hakase yeh but it does makes a good starting point to understand what you need to know how to develop your own one day
what I'm struggling with the most is figuring out what is fun in games in general and what I would like to play myself and what I could play basically forever, like some of the games I keep coming back to through the years still (except I'm never making anything like those myself)
I suppose by the time I started my development I already knew enough about how other game engines work that I didn't need that experience
11:27 AM
for instance i now know sorta what i need to do to have RPG Mechanics for damage calculation and thanks to RPG Maker XP doing the Database Import i saw how it did it and work out how to make DLC/Patches from that
I guess if you find it fun
I've been looking at different kinds of health bar systems like with damage absorbing shields, reduction by exact number, by percentage, filters by damage type, and sometimes it's interesting and fun but other times the game experience just might be better with an invisible "red screen" health indication and fast health regen
@Hakase personally when i wanted to answer that i looked at the game in individual pieces and what i liked about them. for instance i loved how the Sphere Grid worked in Final Fantasy X and wanted something with a bit more freedom. and then in Grandia the whole "dining" parts where you can talk to the characters before resting finding out more about them or what's currently happening
hmm I guess I've been doing a lot of that too
and I've just decided to pick the best of these systems (most fun to me personally) and just slap em together and see if I like it
so far I've not slapped together even 3 of them :s
but it's going, progress this year is surprisingly quick
at least I've got several of them identified which is good compared to say 2017 when I was not sure in anything
every time I see someone release a somewhat fun-looking game based on a simple set of mechanics it gives me debilitating stress for 10 minutes x.x
this is why I have a real hard time browsing indie game stores like itch.io which are a treasure trove for ideas for inspiration but also can kill your mood for a week
every time I see some small success story I just can't, even though I realize it's not what I would do and it's not what I'm aiming for, some animal brain instinct takes over
I don't know if most developers overthink these things like I do
probably most of them don't
is MAL any good for manga ratings?
I feel like it's all too compressed into an average 7.5 /10 score which doesn't mean anything anymore
I get disappointed basically every time I try out a new manga with a high score
and those I like which I find in the wild turn out to have a score of 6.x or something on mal
and that's like the middle 80% of the scores on mal
impossible to navigate
maybe there just isn't a good rating site for mangas at all
11:51 AM
@Hakase or could be a problem with ratings in general
that too but with manga especially
anime is not that compressed into 7.5, there's a… sufficient range between 6.0 and 8.8
there's no guarantee that your likes align and there's always the possibility that it was just an off day for a reviewer
everyone is having a day off in the manga section of the site >.<
I mostly read text reviews now and see where the poster is coming from
a lot of the times there are no reviews at all
sometimes it's a controversial situation where a superfan of the genre writes an essay on every single flaw and what-could-have-been and gives it a 4 and the next review says "I get it, it's not perfect, nothing is, but I enjoyed it" and gives it 8
then I read it and it's kinda boring and I've read stuff like this before, so I pause at page 70 and never pick it up again :p
I tried looking up other people's lists and seeing if we match in tastes and that also doesn't work for me
anyway I guess that's tastes for you
what do you want to read?
something new and not a common trope thing as usual
12:03 PM
@Hakase Road Queen
@Hakase have you seen Extra Credits on Youtube?
@ITGremlin yea I followed their channel for a couple years and then kinda lost interest after I started focusing on my game and work more and never got back to it
12:05 PM
Their one on depth vs complexity is particularly good to keep in mind for game development, I think.
@Proxy well yea this one I know about :p
Are you using RPG maker or going to code in something like Unity3D?
@ITGremlin thing is it's easy to develop a game if you know everything about the mechanic it's centered around because it's popular and well know, tried and tested
but if you want to make a new mechanic or a new combination of them, it's not easy because there are no examples to copy from or learn lessons from
I'm using monogame which is an evolution of XNA framework but all I'm using is the game loop method and the drawing window, the rest if my own code
I don't want to use any of those engines because they provide no use to me
Break it down into its smaller structures. Like if you were doing Meat Boy's jump and stick climb, then make sure you jump and hit the wall where you want it to go. Then do a test of the stick with a timer you like. Test if you can climb while sticking. Then put all three together.
all I really need is a variable timestep update loop, a drawing library (also input, sound, gamepad etc) and I'm going to be testing different 2d physics libraries later down the road, but for now it's basic collision detection/resolution code which is not as complicated and works for now
coding is not the problem here
I'm having a hard time finding mechanics which I would personally enjoy playing with for a long time
the thing I found about what I like is that most of my favorite games are fairly complicated and there's always different things (in different mechanics) to do in the game, so that's why it keeps being interesting for a long time
12:12 PM
@Hakase sorry, it was one word
which means, counter to what all these Extra Credits vids for newbie game devs and basically any gamedev 101 crash course teaches you, that what I need for my project is to not try to oversimplify everything
@Memor-X oh ok so there aren't many chapters out yet
Try maybe using your basic mechanics then seeing how many of them can be combined. A, B and O being combined as AA AO AB BB BO
yea I'm doing that this year
@Hakase possibly. it was a web comic before it was released
just added basic character dialogs and trying to add 2d physics which is a big shitshow at the moment because my old values are not matching any of the values of this library
@Memor-X oh... in that case I might read that, thanks
really don't like waiting for next chapters
12:15 PM
Unity3D is built on Unity and it was based on how good their 2D engine is / was. >.>
@Hakase from what i can tell it's complete now. i brought it from RightStuff and it's not like Vol # and looking at the chapter titles i suspect it does end
I had some experience with unity around 2018 and it was really bad at debug breaking and Edit&Continue if you know what that means
basically it's like using Visual Studio 2010 today
I just can't do that now that I've tasted the forbidden fruits of modern technology
like the premise also doesn't let it continue on forever. Vega comes back after the first chapter and tells Leo that she'll give her a week to prove that she can be a decent lesbian and if she can she gets her bike back and the Chapter Titles have been Day 0, Day 1, second last chapter is Day ??? and there's a different title last off which i take is the epilogue
I am still coding in Notepad++ and BCL, so what would I know about modern? ;P
12:18 PM
well if you have syntax suggestions or something like Intellisense in NPP then it's all good
have you tried VSCode?
some people like it, I can't stand it personally but to each their own
@Hakase i think Notepad++ has the former but not the latter
BCL = Before C Language. It wasn't named before it became C, C+, C++, C#, so it was reverse named.
I'm on Visual Studio 2019 Preview right now like it's untested experimental drugs >.<
unless there's a a thing for creating a project
I have a limited number of variables of fixed character length and decimal places. Consider just how carefully, I have to recycle them ... that is with the crudest of syntax checkers. Zero logic debugging.
12:21 PM
I wonder if Hazbin Hotel will get a serialization in the next couple years
However, having to use such an old language, I think it is making me a better coder, for optimising and overall logic structure.
@ITGremlin this sounds like a vague description of Exapunks
I think BCL was used on the Atari.
you know, what I found at work, is that all your optimization ends at the human operator throughput
and it basically makes no sense with modern computing powers to optimize almost 90% of the time
just don't write atrociously slow SQL queries and you're fine
Does depend, some of the worst spuds here process very quickly because I have laid out their tab orders and error checking very thoroughly. They can trust the system to punch them if they do something wrong before submitting a form.
12:24 PM
and with household hardware you also don't have to optimize these days either, those RasPi units are super fast
SQL? I get to use that only for reports for an ejector. :P
I can't blame you if you really enjoy it :p
oh, well, I get to do many things, and most of the time it's "just make it work and see if it needs any optimizations" and it rarely does
My frames layout and references have to fit into a 512 kilobyte allocation.
Each one, that is.
so you must be Zach from Zachtronics then, nice to make your acquaintance :p
It would look like this: [99999.99] Total [XXXXXXXXX] Name [Y/N] Live
Don't know who Zach is.
12:27 PM
I'm telling you check out his games
Just a work system that is built on a very old system.
especially Exapunks
I frequently have to delete and remake frames if it turns out that a figure from another frame is being passed to the subject one and it is too large or has too many decimal places. I also figured out that when working out percentages, I can't divide by 100 first, I have to multiply up then divide down or decimal places just fall off and money is lost from the system.
Speaking of SQL, I did take a horrible 3000 line query and re-write it down to less than half of that, it now runs in less than a minute instead of 10+
Heading out to lunch, catch you later. o7
well I'm gonna go eat something too
1 hour later…
1:55 PM
@ITGremlin A sin I sometimes am guilty of as well ;')
2:19 PM
Q: Can somebody use Rasen-Chidori?

ABDWhat would happen if Kakashi tried to use rasengan at the same moment he used chidori? I mean, rasengan doesn't need hand signs. So once Kakashi activate chidori can't he try to use rasengan without cancelling chidori? Won't it become a new powerful Rasen-Chidori?

3:04 PM
@Dimitrimx It wasn't my 3000 lines of bloated mess. :P
3:20 PM
lucky you hehe
fixing your own messy sql at times is even worse then fixing somebody else's sql mes.
2 hours later…
5:04 PM
It is important to determine sub query method.

sub query


left / right / etc join
sub query

One of them hits RAM more and the other hits CPU, knowing your machine's capabilities is important and the quantity of data involved.
Also it is better to use
When table.column = 'blah' or table.column = 'blah2' or table.column = 'blah'
When table.column in ('blah1', 'blah2', etc)
You can obviously also use brackets to group your conditions
When (table.column = 'blah' or table.column = 'blah2' or table.column = 'blah') and (table.column2 = 'blah' or table.column2 = 'blah2' or table.column2 = 'blah')
Ciao o7
5:22 PM
Q: I try to find some old anime OAV title

coredoThere was a movie about Tokio in near future. Main character is guy with samurai sword, who fight with deamons. They fight are so quick, that normal people even can't see this. In this movie infected / parasited human becoming a machines and eat other people. I remember gore scene, when policeman...

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7:45 PM
Q: Alluka and Nanika's gender

The Determined NinjaIf I had to say what their gender is I believe Alluka and Nanika are both female It's clear when Killua has to apologize to Nanika specifically for making 'her' cry Alluka said: "she's all curled up now...". Also, Killua specifically said in front of the Zoldic Mansion Alluka is a girl. So to me,...

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8:47 PM
Q: Can a Demon Slayer use Multiple Breath Styles?

heroinfatherCan Demon Slayers use multiple breathing techniques like fire and water or are demon slayer corps all capable of just 1? Also is the ability to use certain techniques passed on by the parents through genetics or does it just depend on what the Demon Slayer learned first?

1 hour later…
9:48 PM
Q: One piece world travel

user1673216How does one travel across different blues in one piece? Consider this for example: A person from north blue wishes to go 1: West blue- but that means he will have to cross calm belt and then grand line (new world) perpendicular to the current and then again calm belt. I understand that navy ...

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11:30 PM
Q: Is Light insanity influenced by the Death Note or he made himself that

USerNAmeSome were saying that Light's insanity and his madness were influenced by the use of the Death Note, taking for note Ryuk tells Light about what the Death Note makes people fear and etc. but once rewatching the first episode Light tells Ryuk that to make utopia with the Death Note need to be done...


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