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@Memor-X Poor Ash *hahaha
@Memor-X Is he dying or depressing? XD
So guys, What is your thought about Weathering with You this film? Wanna see you guys opinion.
*by the way, in this chat can we talk about those spoiler? or do not?
@kit dying, that's nose blood coming from his hand
that guys also seems like laughing at some point XD
@kit we don't have a hard policy, best to use your discretion. like since it's not a yuri i'm not going to care too much but yeh try to avoid if need be incase of others
hmm gonna respect~ alright..
but after seeing that film, it really does put a lot question in my head as well~
as for my opinion.....i have none. not seen it. but if i'm correct that it's buy the same people who did Your Name then i assume it's going to be much talked about how great it is
@kit well good thing we have a site for that lol
3:29 AM
@Memor-X I would likely to find the director and have a sit with him and wanted to listen his explanation about all his masterpiece that he created. :D
@kit i think we all do with any director
chances are there might be an interview translated somewhere
Q: Why do the characters of Fire Force always say "Látom"?

PabloIn Fire Force there are some religious characters like a nun which is part of company 8, and her and other characters when are saying preaching-like sentences many times end the phrase with the word "Látom". What does this mean?

Q: Does Orange League not count official and making Aloha League his first-ever win?

Ankit SharmaAsh Ketchum just won Aloha League and the internet is on fire. From Twitter moments to all those articles claiming it to be Ash's first win ever: And if you wondering what did it cost then: But my point is what about Orange League? I know it's Anime only thing but as per my knowledge, even ...

@Memor-X Ash is on fire right now. *laughing facepalm
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5:16 AM
Somebody had better call the fire department to put it out:
5:38 AM
Q: Naruto-Can a uzumaki survive the use of the death seal

Tyrants StormCan the user of the reaper death seal live if their a full blood Uzumaki cause of the red hair.

5:49 AM
@Tonepoet How about 5 Blastoise? hahaha
@kit It'd take too long to level 'em up. Ash would be burnt to ashes by the time we leveled each one of those squirtles up 31 times. XP
@kit assuming they did evolve based on age, there'd be 4. the one with the cooler sunglasses ended up joining Ash if i recall
@Tonepoet XD
@Memor-X hmm, I remember that the cooler sunglasses also evolve to Blastoise isn't?
@kit It's one of Ash's pokemon, so I'm willing to bet not. XP
alright XD
5:59 AM
@Tonepoet we know some do evolve and not all became disobedient
@kit not that i recall. but then again i don't remember what happened to it
@Memor-X All I can think about is Charizard *laughing facepalm. Still got other pokemon that turn out didn't obey Ash too?
@Memor-X Yes, some do elvolve, but it's still a good bet nevertheless.
@Kit Butterfree is an example, but perhaps not a very meaningful one. Pidgeotto evolves into Pidgeot, but that's on its last episode.
He has a Greninja too, but I don't know if that's evolved or not. It looks evolved.
@kit Ash's Bayleef who still had a crush on him
@Memor-X Yeah, but that would only be equivalent to the squirtle evolving into a wartortle.
@Memor-X What the.... XD I totally forgot this one man. this really bring back the memories hahaha
6:08 AM
@Tonepoet yeh but Charmeleon disobeyed from the start
@Memor-X In an alternate universe Ashley and Bayleef are training in the Celadon City Gym. XP
@Tonepoet as tempting as that is i'm more for more humanoid closer human pokemon. ie Gardevior
hohoho Gardevior, I remember previous this pokemon suddenly got so hot just because her humanoid. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Rule**
@Memor-X Ash never had a Gardevoir though, and insofar as I know Bayleef was the only one to have such feelings towards him.
@Tonepoet true but if we're talking about alternate universe i'd rather Ashley x Gardevior
6:14 AM
@Memor-X It'd require a more extensive rewrite, and we probably have a female trainer with a Gardevoir in the main series show.
Besides, that there are plenty of human women in the Celadon city gym anyway.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) man of culture?
then again i'm biased. had a fan fic where Cynthia had 3 other sisters and her and the other 2 eldest were Champions on the 3 compilations (Cynthia = League, Saleen = Contest, Maley = Frontier) and all 3 were also "problem solvers" for the Pokemon League and their youngest sister Cassy would end up leaving home to be a Pokemon Master with the family Gardevoir, Arcadia who thanks to Maley had a necklace that allowed her to speak
i think you can guess what Cassy's and Arcadia 's relationship would become
@Tonepoet *smack* no. do not yuri bait with this
@Memor-X @Memor-X I found that you have say "Yuri" this word. Does it have any meaning for this?
@Memor-X Here also you have used yuri.
6:21 AM
@kit Basically anime lesbianism.
Yuri (百合, "lily"), also known by the wasei-eigo construction Girls' Love (ガールズラブ, gāruzu rabu), is a Japanese jargon term for content and a genre involving lesbian relationships or homoeroticism in light novels, manga, anime, video games and related Japanese media. Yuri focuses on the sexual orientation or the romantic orientation aspects of the relationship, or both, the latter of which is sometimes called shōjo-ai by Western fandom.The themes yuri deals with have their roots in the Japanese lesbian fiction of the early twentieth century, with pieces such as Yaneura no Nishojo by Nobuko Yoshiya...
i don't have to say it
*something is rising and it isn't the hero shield...
holy shit, learn something big today huh. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
yeh all those images i post every morning are yuri ones
@kit A little Yaoi can fix that... >_>
i pick them because they are yuri
6:24 AM
sometimes I also ship some Yuri, so its an okay for me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
yuri is a pure form of love that fills all with warmth
someday when i find a wifey i'll feel that warmth to
@Tonepoet I just found that Yaoi is not my type so, nah I'll skip @@
@kit The point is that whatever was rising has descended back to its proper place. XP
Balance is the key my friend. XD
6:41 AM
@Tonepoet reverse this :D
I get to summon one reversal type monster onto the field:
6:57 AM
@Tonepoet why are you using a proxy for zerochan?
@Memor-X I'm too lazy to visit Zerochan right now. I'm pulling images off of Duckduckgo.
@Tonepoet oh it's duckduckgo's doing
yeh it's broken for me
A.K.A. Seija.
7:04 AM
ahhh, much better
I also play Magical hats!
It's not quite a Gardevoir yet, but it's adorable. It's kind of strange really. I didn't really like how Kirlia originally looked in Ruby. It looked too insectoid for my liking, and not in a bug-typish way.
7:38 AM
@Tonepoet *nose bleeding....
7:55 AM
Good day~
8:18 AM
Q: Which information was correct?

kit*And again another SPOILER CONTENT...

8:28 AM
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10:58 AM
Hey there, @kit! I'd like to invite you to read this Meta post and consider editing the posts above (and your other questions on the same movie) accordingly :)
@Sakamoto this one, in particular, is completely unsearchable
see this too
11:19 AM
Q: Which rank is Tanjiro by the time he fights the spider demon twelve demon moon?

PabloBy the time Tanjiro puts a fight to the spider demon twelve demon moon with the help of his sister (finally defeated by Giyu Tomioka) , Tanjiro already defeated an ex twelve demon moon. Later in the manga is revealed that, Is there an official guide, audiobook, interview or something which sho...

@Tonepoet likewise but i only put up with it because i would start with a female Ralts to rise into my Gardevoir
11:59 AM
Q: Is twelve moon upper demon moon 1 in a whole completely different level than the rest of the upper demon moons?

PabloCurrently in the manga twelve moon upper demon moon 1 is , and before, Is twelve moon upper demon moon 1 in a whole completely different level than the rest of the upper demon moons, or is there any other upper moon which comes close to his level?

12:19 PM
Q: Is Genya in hashira like level like the rest of students who were in the final selection with him or not?

PabloIn the manga, for Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke, Tsuyuri, How about Genya? Is Genya in hashira like level like the rest of students who were in the final selection with him or not?

Q: Was Zenitsu automatically promoted to a Hashira?

PabloIt is said that to become a Hashira you need to defeat a twelve moon or 50 demons. And Zenitsu, Was Zenitsu automatically promoted to a Hashira?

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2:00 PM
Q: Why is Fist of the North Star 476p?

Chris SlojkowskiI was recently watching Fist of the North Star, when I noticed it's resolution wasn't a standard 480p. My attempts at Googling what this strange and mysterious resolution was failed. The only remotely relevant results I could find were for a Persona mod that lets you run at a higher resolution. W...

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7:01 PM
Q: What order do the events from the "Inuyasha" series (movies included) timeline?

Triple SI'm wondering what order I should watch everything from the "Inuyasha" series in? I know there's the main series ("Inuyasha") to watch, but I don't know what point in the timeline the movies are supposed to take place. I also don't know if there's another series that continues on from the main se...

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9:35 PM
@JNat yeet! Thanks
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@Memor-X Only one huh?
@Tonepoet it's hard trying to find a ralts > find a female > catch it
@Memor-X Wouldn't it be worthwhile to have a shiny female ralts that you could evolve into a Sirnight (Japanese name) and name Arturia? XP
And this Melleottea would be Miku:

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