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Q: Fix the 'rep' bs

Shane ZwickerI know it's not a question but seriously... wtf public forum forces you to EARN the right to post a comment or even to upvote someone elses... I didn't signup as some form of event, activity or goal searching... I seen a post that I felt strongly about and wanted to upvote it but I can't even do ...

@Secret i just watched Sliders last night and this makes me think of Maximillian P. Arturo. did the guys tell you it was from something? or could it be that the image is similar to the sort of CEO/Processor/Scholar type character. ie. Hohenheim from Fullmetal Alchemist
and now. despite it being a day off for me, the daily rise and shine dose of yuri (only late because i had a flu job at 8 and only really just got back)
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@Memor-X Ah yeah, the good old "turn anyone into a pariah with a few simple words" trick. Much more effective at making someone unemployable.
Of course, it's just some dude who does dubs, so I don't particularly care...
Q: Is Kefla stronger than Vegito?

Chub CheckIt was said that Kefla was strong enough to kill Ultra Instinct Goku when they fought. Also, a lot of power scalers in the Dragon Ball Community are saying Kefla is even stronger than Super Saiyan Blue Vegito from the Future Trunks arc. How is that possible?

Hm, how much money does the guy have?
I need to know because I might have been abused by him too!
3:26 AM
user image
@forest to be honest i do find that sorta dismissive. yes there are people who make things like this up for horrible reasons but if we start dismissing stuff like this because of some bad actors we let the like of Harvey Weinstein get away with their shit
now i'm not saying that you can't be sceptical, it's healthy to be sometimes
@Memor-X I am dismissive because people should not be taking action based on accusations and accusations alone. If someone came up with evidence and it could be proven (whether in a court of law or a transparent and thorough investigation), then it would be acceptable to act on it. Otherwise, it's no more than a witch hunt.
It's even worse when accusations are made for events that occurred long ago, long after any evidence that could be used as an alibi or in defense have dried up.
The fact that multiple accusations come out at around the same time (which people with little understanding of statistics often point to as evidence) is meaningless, since it assumes that each and every accusation is statistically independent.
@forest true but accusations is generally what starts the process and you can get some side benefits. while not related to sexual misconduct Trump bitches about how the Mueller Probe was a witch hunt that should never have happened, but thanks to the wide scope several people's crimes were discovered in the process and it was started because of accusations that Trump colluded with Russia
I haven't kept up with the Mueller thing because there is too much motivation for either side to manipulate the results as presented in the (mass or social) media.
And accusations that start a process should be done at the time of the offense.
As for the whole silly Russia thing, the USA does the same crimes against other countries, even going so far as to assassinate politicians (at least, in the 60s and 70s).
The idea that, as soon as Russia does it, the entire world needs to come to a stop is downright hypocritical. While there may have been crimes involved, focusing on them and completely ignoring everything else irritates me to no end.
I guess it's just the Americentrism and American exceptionalism that I hate...
@forest unfortunately, and more so for influential people, some of the victims are intimidated and it can take years before they feel they have the courage to come out. and other victims see this and get a boost of courage to speak out as well
now i don't know how influential this guy is in the Anime Dubbing Industry but being a well know actor for one of the biggest Series can be intimidating
added to the fact that in the past if a woman was sexually assaulted, even when it was proven it would be her fault and nothing would get done by it
3:41 AM
Because the US can interfere with elections or political processes in other countries and even go to war for the sake of improving its economy, but GOD FORBID another country launches Twitter campaigns against a Russophobic politician.
@Memor-X That is indeed very unfortunate, but the fact that evidence vanishes over time is not something that can be wished away.
@forest yes which is an unfortunate thing. ideally we want people to come out as soon as it happens so that evidence can be collected
The problem occurs when the claim is made that you don't need to immediately press charges because "it's not the victim's fault" and "telling the victim they need to do something is victim blaming". As nice as it would be if that weren't the case, the simple fact is that, in order to be (rightfully) believed, evidence must be collected early and waiting for weeks, months, or even decades is counterproductive.
Which is why it's so harmful when various countries extend their statute of limitations.
It results in convictions with little or no evidence to back it up.
@Memor-X He only say it gives him a deja fu, will check with him to see whether it is that given how popular Fullmetal Alchemist is so he probably have watched it before
4:00 AM
@Secret oh Hohenheim was just an example of that kind of look, like this is Maximillian P. Arturo
similar in appearance. like your deja vu may be more seeing the type on TV or in anime
that's not so say that they might not actually be a character, but the appearance is fairly common to me
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Q: Is Madoka being a Hypocrite?

Memor-XAt the end of the Rebellion when Homura stops the Law of Cycles she asks her if laws or desires are more important to which Madoka says that Laws are more important and it's bad to break them for your own sake which leads Homura to think that one day they will be enemies (as she broke the Law of ...

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Q: Why fuhrer Bradley didn't just imprison Elrics and members of military plotting against him?

Pyjter HazokWhy fuhrer Bradley didn't just imprison Elrics and members of military plotting against him? He kinda blackmails them to obedience by threatening their close ones but lets them wander and communicate with each other. They had no problem killing Hughes or imprisoning Dr. Marcoh so I find it kinda ...

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Q: Is merged Zamasu fully inmortal in Dragon Ball Heroes?

PabloIn Dragon Ball Heroes episode 10 Jiren attacks merged Zamasu with a giant energy ball and merged Zamasu gets out of it unharmed, claiming he's inmortal. In Dragon Ball Super, merged Zamasu was half inmortal, because he was the fusion of an inmortal body with a mortal one, so his right side took h...

Q: What's the "super saiyan hair" power in Tiger and Bunny?

PabloIn the Tiger & Bunny wikia, one of the powers the heroes can have it's called "super saiyan hair" and it gives the user the appareance of a super saiyan, with spiky coloured hair and an aura and it also mentions a similarity with Dragon Ball's kaioken. What's this power about? Which advantages do...


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