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12:19 AM
Q: Why did Veldora and Ifrit not talk about the crazy sprit?

YetAnotherRandomUserIn the anime, in episode 25, Veldora and Ifrit provide a smidgen of commentary as they play shogi. This episode is visually a recap, which was disappointing, but it has Veldora and Ifrit commenting on certain events throughout the series, which was entertaining. In episode 23, about halfway thr...

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3:20 AM
nice avatar @Scáthach
user image
@Memor-X thank you. I prefer the kakashi pfp more though
@Scáthach kakashi one?
@Memor-X guess you forgot xD. My old I'd was Zerix
@Scáthach *searches* oh hey look at that
new face + new name makes me think you're a new person
3:26 AM
Lol Ikr. I just started playing fgo and I really like scatach xD in it
@Scáthach you know your avatar isn't Scatach
Ah yes. I was talking about the name.
I couldn't find any good scathach pfp. Still trying to find some
@Scáthach either your too picky or google doesn't like you
Wow. All of them are awesome
seems like the latter lol
i search scatach in google, they came from just the first 2 resaults
3:34 AM
I don't know but I usually refrain using Google for anime picture. I usually use Anime or pixiv for them
@Scáthach if you use iqdb.org to reverse search those images. find a danbooru link. open it and replace dan with safe, click on the artist tag and check their wiki you can generally find their pixiv artists
ie with this one chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/49647498#49647498 i got https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2601489, chnaged it to https://safebooru.donmai.us/posts/2601489 and looked up the wiki i got pixiv.net/member.php?id=3202270
same artist
4:12 AM
@Memor-X First they need to rerelease the Gameboy color game because I was stupid and I listened to my friends instead of just buying it like I wanted to do. XP
Also I won't be around much for a while longer.
@Tonepoet have to wait for a remake of it then
@Memor-X Or maybe just an anniversary compilation. I'd prefer that since it'd be closer to the original, actually. She seems like she'd be due for one soon.
Then again I guess she doesn't have enough games for that, since she was dorment for so long. The best thing for it would be for a new gameboy color cartridge to be produced. I've seen companies like Retrobit and iam8bit making N.E.S. and S.N.E.S. cartridges, and Capcom's willing to license out their games, so it should be doable.
4:36 AM
@Tonepoet maybe on Virtual Console but Nintendo takes forever for that. like they only ever released the first Golden Sun game on it
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7:42 AM
2 hours later…
9:17 AM
a bit late
@Proxy *looks out the window into the darkness* yep
10.27 here
and it is sunny
@Proxy 8:27pm here
and nice and cold
want to trade?
9:28 AM
Wow, give me that dark coldness. I am fighting stupid sunrays that come through the blinds in my developer hole ._.
@Proxy nope. we're still in the summer end of Autumn so every cold day is a good thing
@Dimitrimx that's why i have curtains
:ponder: I should get my self some curtains for in the office
:O If I go to work in my cloak, I could use that
10:06 AM
@Dimitrimx lol
yeah get some cutains
10:25 AM
The worst part is, I already live in my new house for over a year. And I have yet to buy curtains there ;')
Those things are exspansive D;
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11:36 AM
Q: Why was lord Muu's fissioned clone not affected by the Earth Release: Ultra-Added-Weight Rock Technique?

BejDuring the 4th shinobi war, during Onoki vs Muu fight. Onoki makes Muu's body so heavy that he can't even lift his hands using the Earth Release: Ultra-Added-Weight Rock Technique. After this Lord Muu using his Fission jutsu to become as two people with halved power. My doubt is why is the fi...

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3:35 PM
Q: How strong is Hit?

PabloAt some point Hit was at least as strong as Goku super saiyan blue kaioken x10. Presumably he trained before the tournament of power, (since he developed a new technique) and he gave some resistance to Jiren though he was not a match for him. Are there more clues about how strong he's now? I'm as...

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4:45 PM
@Dimitrimx how expensive?
600/window (given that I have 2 very large windows)
And I would still need the materials to hang them
600 Euros right?
that is costly but still manageable considering you guys earn quite good
Well, considering all additional tools i'd need. I'd be looking at 3/4th of a months worth of salary.
5:28 PM
5 hours later…

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