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1:11 AM
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1:44 AM
Q: Does Kana Akatsuki have any published works other than Violet Evergarden?

Tom ZychI have found very little information online about Kana Akatsuki, the author of the original light novel Violet Evergarden, and I can find nothing about any other works by her. Is this her only published work? It’s kind of a scary thought … getting hit with that much fame on her first published w...

Q: Is Meliodas REALLY stronger than Cusack and Chandler

SpiderNerd GamingMeliodas in his assault mode has a power level of 142,00 and is known as the most powerful demon other than the demon king. But when Cusack and Chandler go into there true forms, they have power levels over 160,000. Second thing, how is Ludociel when he is possessing margret have a power level of...

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4:26 AM
Q: My friend and I were discussing manga

Eamon CaullerMy friend and I were discussing manga and realized that there may or may not be a term for this. You may know the one when I get done explaining. You see it everywhere when it is used for comedic effect. The scenario is basically the main (usually goofy, like Kirito from MonMusu) protagonist (usu...

@Kiki'sExpressDelivery off-topic
4:54 AM
Q: What three things happen when the mangekyou sharingan awakens?

JakeemWhat three things happen when the mangekyou sharingan awakens?

5:10 AM
Q: Is there any anime similar to hunter x hunter?

kaylia eggeI am kinda picky about anime and hunter x hunter is by far the best anime ive watched. The 2011 reanimated version that is.

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6:25 AM
@Kiki'sExpressDelivery I remember a Zetsubou-sensei addressing this phenomenon
Itoshiki-sensei et al. were tired of this happening, so they decide to do the opposite and say mundane things in a dramatic manner
Zoku episode 3 part C
7:34 AM
7:58 AM
@Tonepoet Dark souls but reversed
@Sakamoto pleb
8:14 AM
Can anyone recommend me something light and a typical anime
Like you know kaguya sama whatnot
8:33 AM
@AvnishKabaj Oregairu.. Have you seen this
8:53 AM
9:09 AM
@Zerix nope thanks
8.1 should be nice
It's beyond nice. It's awesome
9:27 AM
@ahiijny i get the feeling their onomatopoeia
like how you see sometimes "doki doki" is supposed to be a heart beat during something emotional
@AvnishKabaj K-On
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11:28 AM
@Memor-X will check it out after I'm through with zerix's show
I want spicy curry again T_T
I haven't had any decent spicy curry since Wales, then since Japan before that
11:57 AM
@Morwenn likewise but i never eaten a curry in a restaurant. it always a freezer one or home made and the homemade ones, while more spicy, aren't doing it for me anymore. might be a built up tolerance
@Memor-X I need to learn to buy good curry & to make good curry
But I don't cook meat so there are things I only find in restaurants
The goat curry in Wales was so good *-*
In other news I really need to visit the Asian grocery someday
1 hour later…
1:21 PM
It's not about the spice it's the flavor
Ah I think you guys mean spice as in flavor only and not spice as in hot
@AvnishKabaj no, i mean heat
1:37 PM
@AvnishKabaj wrong, I know good non-spicy curry with tons of flavour
I want something extra hot (but also savoury of course)
I want my mouth to fucking burn
Because I like that sometimes and it's almost impossible to find hot stuff in restaurants in France, which is a shame
Because most of the population is used to eating such things so restaurants don't serve actually hot stuff v0v
The fire noodles from the eponymous challenge are fun when you want to cry, but the flavour is meh :/
You should try to get samyang 2x spice noodles.
Those are very tasty, and instead of using it on the noodles, you can also use it in curry to spice it up ;)
@Dimitrimx looks like the packaging of the ones I have somehow
I had a hard time to finishing noodles when I applied a full package of the spice ;p
I love spicy, but I hate the burning lip sensation
I still have some chili pepper my brother brought back from South Korea, but most of the things I know how to cook don't mesh well with extra spice :/
Most of the good things contain meat and I don't cook meat
We talking dinner, breakfast or lunch here. Because I know some meals that fit well with spice for each of those ;)
^ which won't contain meat.
1:45 PM
Breakfast is mostly sugary things here
So it would be lunch or dinner
But I almost always skip both breakfast & lunch, so make that dinner
gotcha, you count fish as meat btw?
of course
Either way, 1 meal I personally enjoy a bit more spicy.
toasted bread, avocado salad (several ways to prepare this)
Whisky sauce (real whisky to taste) (spice up to taste)
Sweet n Sour Cucumber slices,
as additional toppings you can get some diced tomato's, mixture of diced paprika
Hum, I was thinking more of hot meals I guess
I could probably hack something together with soy or tofu
But then I'd need to learn how to buy and cook tofu x)
Fuck, I'm really a poor cook xD
Hmm, for the warm meals, there ofc is pizza and a hamburger (at least here we have a vegetarian butcher, with lots of meat replacers that look and taste like meat)
Beyond that, I don't often eat hot & spicy vegetarian food
1:53 PM
We do cook pizzas & burgers sometimes, but somehow mostly use pepper in those
The rest I tend to spice up with garlic
The funniest part is that I'm not even a vegetarian >.>
But my brother is and I only cook extremely simple things when it's for myself
I put onion & pepper almost everywhere
For me it's union and garlic ;P
All though now a days my wife does most of the cooking,.
Like, a dead simple favourite of mine: I cook röstis in the oven, and make a sauce which is just made of a finely sliced shallot + olive oil + pepper + sometimes chili pepper
And I am only allowed to prepare the fish, if we eat fish xd.
1:56 PM
Do you actually mean "onion" whenever you say "union" or is it something different I've never heard of? ^^'
onion*, gotta love dyslexia -.-
ok, I wasn't sure anymore :p
I wish I could take fun cooking classes but I've no idea where I would do that
We tend to pronounce it as union here.
My dyslexia just makes me literally translate to that ;P
oh, a dead simple warm meal.
In French it's spelled oignon, which is dumb because we pronounce it "onion"
we call it "ui"
2:01 PM
apparently it's actually spelled ognon since 1990
I think I prefer the English spelling :p
Agreed ^^
Ugh, I just had lunch. But all the talk about food made me hungry again :|
2:16 PM
Hehe, me too ^^
I can eat something quickly in 3h30~4h00 TwT
2:44 PM
Well, my colleague just brought bubbles to celebrate a done deal
3:05 PM
@Memor-X @Morwenn you have my respec
tips hat
3:28 PM
@Dimitrimx that sounds cute :p
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9:10 PM
Q: Goku's eyes in Super Saiyan Blue darker in DBS Broly

Mr Anime doodHas anyone else saw that Goku's eyes in Super Saiyan Blue in DBS Broly turned Darker than it was. If you look close enough it looks darker.

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11:09 PM
Q: How does Alita battle angel manga end?

Bruce WayneI never read the manga but I have just watched the movie and now I'm curious about the next part of story. How does it continue? And, how does it end? Thank you.

@AvnishKabaj how so?

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