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2:01 AM
Q: (Naruto): Outside of the core anime and manga, is there anything else which has Itachi scenes?

user30773I liked the character a lot, and I'm wondering if any of the movies, or perhaps some light novels are around that cover more of his story.

3 hours later…
@Hakase why not allow the thumbnail? for all i know you're trying to trick me with Rebecca Black
title spoiler imo
also do I look like someone who would pull that kind of lowlife scum shit?
5:09 AM
@Hakase i don't know i see the face of a mad scientist girl
5:46 AM
from the third Nanoha movie
6:08 AM
@Tonepoet i see, i always think of Marisa having more curly/wavy hair and i think Alice wears black and white like that so i got a bit confused
6:26 AM
@Memor-X Is this thing subbed yet?
@Mysticial officially yes because it was subtitled when it was screened in the US
can I see the movie without watching the anime?
I wouldn't.
Watch Nanoha from the start in chronological order.
@EarlGrey not at least watching the first 2 movies
Though you can skip Vivid Strike.
6:36 AM
the first 2 moves sorta cover the first 2 seasons though there is slight differences. you don't need to watch StrikerS or ViVid
The first 2 movies don't do much justice. They're too rushed as a summary of the main series.
user image
@Mysticial they are also more set in the context of much later chronological as like review reports for the TSAB. i think the first movie was a general review of the Jewel Seed Incident and the second one was a TSAB Review Module for Teaching about the Book of Darkness Incident
though the second movie does make differences in how the Book of Darkness worked
Uploaded (UTC): 03.09.2017 19:04:54 by (132581) Gao, tag: eromanga-sensei
http://iqdb.org/?url=https://i.imgur.com/d53xkaj.jpg | https://whatanime.ga/?url=https://i.imgur.com/d53xkaj.jpg | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=https://i.imgur.com/d53xkaj.jpg | http://tineye.com/search?url=https://i.imgur.com/d53xkaj.jpg | http://saucenao.com/search.php?url=https://i.imgur.com/d53xkaj.jpg
6:46 AM
generally I don't watch old anime but I might if I found the movie interesting
Q: What should I watch next in the Fate/Series?

The Boogie WormI have watched Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Unlimited Blade Works and am waiting for the release of Heaven's Feel on May, now I'm stuck with what to watch next! Should it be: *Fate/Extra *Fate/Apocrypha *Fate/Grand Order *Carnival Phantasm What do you think is the best order to watch the...

@EarlGrey i don't think Nanoha is that old
2004 is 14 years ago
although the oldest anime I ever watch is way back from 80s, nowadays I usually don't want to watch anime < 2010. I do, sometimes, but not much
7:28 AM
Q: Who are the top 20 strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super?

JasonMetrSince Dragon Ball series is over, who are the strongest characters and what are their power levels. Is Zeno the strongest character?

Q: Is this poem from Non Non Biyori Repeat a common poem/rhyme?

PrathameshIn Non Non Biyori Repeat Episode 4, Ren-chan sings this poem/rhyme which goes(translated/subtitled version) Frogs Frogs Frogs are grown ups, Tadpoles are children When they grow hindlegs they are moochers When they grow front legs they are rebellious So, is this a Japanese nursery...

8:11 AM
new PV
8:53 AM
@僕の彼女 that Hibike! Euphonium spin off?
It's that one
I think someone put a poster of that movie here a while ago
Q: Is it appropriate to email a professor saying you enjoyed their class, after doing well in it?

Inertial IgnoranceI recently finished taking an undergraduate class and I enjoyed it. I was thinking of emailing the prof and saying this, but I don't know if it's appropriate or not, for a few reasons... 1) I would have already said this in the class evaluations, which the prof will read. 2) More importantly, I...

Human beings like positive feedback and expressions of gratitude and appreciation. Professors are also humans, so yes. — Sverre yesterday
am i… humans?
@nhahtdh 'twas me
Apr 4 at 15:07, by 僕の彼女
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@僕の彼女 Yeah
3 hours later…
11:47 AM
user image
my (late) birthday gift is here. It's bit hard to assemble her, but the paint job is really nice. love it
looks like I made a right decision with buying this than the other
I read it somewhere AGP Bandai did a bad paint job with Yamato
and it's too big anyway
@EarlGrey nice
12:10 PM
dat armament tho
12:34 PM
@EarlGrey that was the other one you could have gotten right?
yea I wish. If this even my choice I would buy this without second thought
> Price
¥18,333 (Before Tax)
the other one is Yamato from AGP Bandai. this one is from GSC
12:52 PM
just ~1 hour more to Darling ep 15
I can almost smell my healing episode coming
I have no idea what im even watching
1:21 PM
wtf, why are they making gyouza in a card game show
1:54 PM
30 more minutes
2:09 PM
2:28 PM
my body can only take so much
2:57 PM
Take so much what?
the power of love of 02 and hiro
......... and the episode's over
/cc @Gao this episode is a masterpiece
too bad now you have to wait for a few hours for the sub :B
3:16 PM
Well nevermind
3:40 PM
sorry electricity died at home for a while
maybe for a second
@Taisho watch franxx
only when all the hype dies down
4:31 PM
@Hakase is a mess
4:55 PM
lol where did this come from? :p @iKlsR
5:08 PM
oh hi @iKlsR
long time no see
5:20 PM
@iKlsR what do you got nobody else to meme lately?
oh, are we meming @Hakase?
an attempt was made
@Hakase dat IME :p
Ime is a village in Mandal municipality in Vest-Agder county, Norway. The village is located on the east side of the river Mandalselva, along the European route E39 highway. Ime is an eastern suburb of the town of Mandal. Ime might be considered to be a "commuter town" with its residents living here, but working in Mandal. There is a school in Ime. == References... ==
input method error?
that's the closest one I can imagine
5:36 PM
windows ime
that multi language input thingy
@僕の彼女 Wow! Gorgeous animation!
watched the episode? ^^
Watching it now
you're in for a treat
5:53 PM
omg ichigo and hiro held hands!
it's got a movie or game opening feel
haha, that's nothing compared to what's gonna happen next :B
02 x Hiro confirmed 4 life
It's SQUAD 13! Captain Ichigo Rukia!
6:11 PM
lol at hiro's memories
also, I'm yet to watch the subbed episode yet, so my knowledge might vary
you watched it raw?
yeah, live
at like 23:30 JST
I was too much excited for the healing
it's like the finale already
that's the cruelist public display of affection i've seen
6:26 PM
how? :P
breaking the horns?
broadcasting "darling, i love you hahahahaha!" to everyone including ichigo
@僕の彼女 don't know about that
it's just regular old language switching
2 decades of it
@Gao that's the best way imo
@僕の彼女 i wouldn't be able to take that, ichigo is a monster
she indeed is
for trying to take away daa~lin from 02
6:37 PM
;_; ichigo, you've got goro, look at him, he's so much better than hiro
yeah, Goro is such a bro tho
courtesy of 2ch
Uploaded (UTC): 03.09.2017 20:00:20 by (132581) Gao, tag: sakura-wars
http://iqdb.org/?url=https://u.teknik.io/mY4lz.jpg | https://whatanime.ga/?url=https://u.teknik.io/mY4lz.jpg | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=https://u.teknik.io/mY4lz.jpg | http://tineye.com/search?url=https://u.teknik.io/mY4lz.jpg | http://saucenao.com/search.php?url=https://u.teknik.io/mY4lz.jpg
6:42 PM
user image
@僕の彼女 lol hiro is a girl compared to GARo
haha, I see what you did there
best couple 10/10
I've been trying to write some code all week...
Haven't written a single one yet
next project pls
fucc spoilers probably
6:56 PM
yea my one colleage at work wouldn't believe this :x
we got orange danger level winds
windy af here
slightly whistling through closed windows
it rained here this evening as well
a little bit of thunderstorm as well
dayum I shoulda bought the packets
this herb tea is all dust
I'll be eating pizza and convincing myself I've done something useful today >.>
ohwait I actually did but that doesn't count
7:15 PM
this broke my heart ;_;
these [spoilers] made me feel [emotions]
we used to have a spoiler room but for obvious reasons nobody was in it all the time, people just dropped off their spoilers in there and others were afraid to go in
idk what that says about anything, but it's food for thought
oh... sorry for the spoiler :(
it's fine I'm not paying attention to these anyway
that's why I said I'll watch it when all the hype dies down
and I forget all the spoiler images
I'm just too ecstatic about this episode that aired today
forguette du fromage
7:29 PM
the part when the op starts playing is so fucking epic
you mean the start of the episode?
ye that's usually their intention >.>
the op plays at the last in this episode
while something really epic happening in the foreground
I got it it was a joke
7:31 PM
hai hai, nandemonai
but to be clear I have no idea what that anime is
7:34 PM
which one, the reddit image?
some of my favorite shows have such poor meme potential
like death eater not
I know they tried but it couldn't possibly work
@Taisho Futari no Kyoukaisen... But the characters looks like they are from Kabaneri
@Taisho Who
Uploaded (UTC): 02.09.2017 9:05:25 by (132581) Gao, tag: koutetsujou-no-kabaneri
http://iqdb.org/?url=https://u.teknik.io/V9IoH.jpg | https://whatanime.ga/?url=https://u.teknik.io/V9IoH.jpg | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=https://u.teknik.io/V9IoH.jpg | http://tineye.com/search?url=https://u.teknik.io/V9IoH.jpg | http://saucenao.com/search.php?url=https://u.teknik.io/V9IoH.jpg
read as futanari, got intrigued, reread, intrigue has faded
7:37 PM
Looks like Mahou Shoujo Site is Madoka 2.0.
Looks like it a cover for 18+ doujin manga of Koutetsu no Kabaneri
the anime didn't have much sexual potential anyway
except maybe for some niche zombie fuckers
and i mean restrained agressive murderous zombies
I've only seen a couple like that
and I've seen a lot
(thinking about my life choices)
@Mysticial from what I've heard, Site is just gore, and garbage. :/
@僕の彼女 I don't deny either...
Lots of both.
Plotwise, it's on the same level as Madoka-level darkness.
have any of you guys tried using a bluetooth keyboard or mouse with a tablet or a phone?
no root, no usb host wires
7:44 PM
hmm, I'll probably give it a shot once it's completed
7:58 PM
writing dat finals exam at the last second
@僕の彼女 I think I have seen the manga before? Let me check...
Nope, perhaps the first few pages, but not even the first chapter
There was another gore + doll manga which I dropped after a few chapters, since I don't like reading stuffs where people are killed without any reason
looks like /a/ somehow prevented an apocalypse today
but still there's a hell lot of threads about DitF
my sides
8:16 PM
I won this hand in a mahjong app, lol
3 hours later…
11:37 PM
franxx ep15 is meh =\
too rushed; quite anticlimactic.
11:59 PM
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