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1:23 AM
@Dimitrimx They work closely with the Internet Archive to make backups of at-risk sites or sites that are about to go down for good to archive them.
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4:12 AM
Q: What changes were done with Sailor Moon to make it heteronormative?

Ankit SharmaI have a blurred memory of watching Sailor Moon, American dub version, and had no memory of any homosexual story arc or characters. But lately I got to know it was considered one of the only strong positive homosexual representatios and had characters with lesbian and gay couples in prominent rol...

Such puritans Americans are...
4:41 AM
@Gallifreyan yeh @AnkitSharma pinged me about it thinking i could answer. which i could, but AJ got to it first
i think we have a more comprehensive list of changes which is more that just the gayness being censored
4:54 AM
@Memor-X I wanted to ask about forced hetronormativity into the show only @Gallifreyan
@AnkitSharma yeh that's fine. also i said i think because i can't remember where i recall reading the theme tone down in Death Busters and i spend alot of the time here
I was going through 90s inclusivity in animation and sailor moon came
@ton.yeung Mission accomplished:
Hopefully that laptop will last until Ice Lake laptops become a thing.
5:27 AM
5:38 AM
user image
@Gallifreyan Yes, a fully loaded gaming laptop from 2015. Recently replaced the battery and upgraded the ram to hopefully make it last a few more years.
6:28 AM
That's an awful lot of RAM
@Mysticial you are using it as ram disk?
Damn that's a lot of RAM for a laptop.
Is it ECC?
7:25 AM
Q: What's the purpose of Narancia Dance towards Zuccheros in episode 7?

GagantousI followed Jojo's Bizarre Adventure anime this season, it has episode 37 total. It's currently on episode 11 (per 12-14-2018). I am confused with the dance that Narancia did with Fugo and Mista, while torturing Zucchero's head that got seperated with his own body but still alive, thanks to Bucce...

8:21 AM
@Mysticial I am actually amazed by the 91% ram usage ;o
9:02 AM
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10:26 AM
@Dimitrimx easily done actually, just never close a Chrome Tab. that'll chew up any amount of RAM
@Memor-X This is why the great suspender exists
>not just doing periodic memory compaction
Or is that only a Firefox thing?
@forest Afaik, firefox is more efficient in memory usage. (given that the initial footprint is higher then chrome)
@Dimitrimx It's not that it's more efficient, it's that it's significantly less secure and so can get away with not using memory-hungry but vital sandboxing implementations.
Gotta love a compromised worker being able to read your X11 cookie, because Mozilla doesn't want to sacrifice a little memory (and manpower) for a GPU process sandbox!
@forest oh? I'd like to know more about this.
As far as I can recall, I have been living on the assumption firefox was more secure overall ;s
10:37 AM
Firefox is kind of a joke amount the infosec community due to the poor security.
A few examples: On *nix, FF uses jemalloc with 4 MiB heaps that makes it easier to bypass ASLR through heap spraying, whereas Chromium uses the system malloc. FF has no good sandbox, whereas Chromium uses seccomp, chroot, namespaces, process isolation/multithreading for security, GPU render sandboxing, etc. Chromium is also working on CFI (Control Flow Integrity) to break ROP attacks. Firefox is so bad that even Brad Spenger and PaxTeam couldn't patch it so the function pointer [...]
[...] signatures match, which is a prerequisite for CFI. FF uses the horribly insecure PresArena (see the famous "The Shadow Over Firefox on Phrack"), whereas Chromium uses a fairly hardened PartitionAlloc. FF almost never gets fuzzed, whereas Chromium is fuzzed by many hundreds of cores 24/7 with a dedicated team of researchers interpreting the results. FF has like two depressed people in their security team, whereas Chromium has a literal team.
Firefox bugs sell in the black market for $25k to $50k (more if you sell to a govt), whereas the last Chromium exploit chain I saw was sold for $300,000.
Firefox lacks a GPU render sandbox, and if I recall, devs said they would never implement it, whereas Chromium has a very powerful GPU sandbox which ensures that a compromised thread cannot keylog, move the mouse, or inject keystrokes.
Firefox uses Gecko, whereas Chromium uses the impressively secure Blink (engine).
One of the few things Firefox did right, which was manually audit all plugins that were submitted to them (actually fixing bugs manually!) was replaced with crappy static analysis (shortly after which malware started appearing in their plugins). So that was an edge they had over Chromium, but which they stopped doing.
That's sad :(
Firefox used to have their amazing XUL extension API which made it possible to have amazing plugins like NoScript, but now that they switched to WebExtensions, the power of their plugin system is as bad as Chromium's (the current NoScript is but a shadow of its previous self. Almost infuriatingly so).
@Dimitrimx The only thing Firefox has over Chromium right now is the fact that its ESR (an extended release) is easy to fork, and because its engine is easy to modify to avoid fingerprinting issues, which is why Tor Project uses Firefox as the platform for Tor Browser (it would be far harder to maintain a Chromium fork with the equivalent anonymity issues eliminated, IIRC they said something like 20x manpower).
Oh about the first thing I said wrt jemalloc, I believe jemalloc 4 is adding redzones (I honestly haven't kept up with its development lately), which will improve security a bit. And on Windows it doesn't matter anyway since Firefox uses the Windows system malloc (which is actually really secure for a memory allocator).
Oh yeah and another problem with Firefox ESR is that they only fix severe security issues. They intentionally do not backport fixes for minor to moderate issues, making it occasionally possible to chain unrelated exploits to gain control. So if you want it to move slow enough that you can maintain a fork of the project, you have to accept that only the most severe security bugs will be fixed...
@Dimitrimx It doesn't mean Chromium is great. The codebase makes my eyes bleed.
So overall: Firefox is stupid insecure but can be modified (in the form of Tor Browser) to reduce web fingerprints that would otherwise be capable of identifying individual hardware with 100% accuracy. Chromium is far more secure but has to be used as-is.
Anyway, that's about all I can think up off the top of my head. So there ya go. :P
tfw always used FF, never for the plug-ins
I do as well, because Tor Browser. :P
I don't use it either x)
10:52 AM
I just make sure to sandbox the hell out of it with a custom seccomp sandbox, Xephyr, AppArmor, rlimits, and auditd.
I just I just liked it before and never stopped using it ^^
It's not a bad browser. I love how configurable it is in about:config.
but I don't configure anything either xD
only the look & feel
I admit I prefer the look and feel as well.
my plug-ins are like ublock origin, https everywhere and that's pretty much it
10:53 AM
It always has a more... "professional" look in my opinion.
I really liked the series of articles about how the sped-up the rendering engine and other parts of the browser
Even though I wasn't able to notice any significant difference x)
Yeah speed-wise, they're both crazy fast.
considering the time it takes to do anything when there's a UI I'm always surprised at how fast browsers can be
I disable most of the speed features on my system lol
Most of them just reduce security too much for me. And I'm happy with slow.
I don't even have an SSD so I'm used to slow x)
Except at work where everything is like 100 times faster that on my home laptop
I'm more concerned with making my human parts better than my PC parts better xD
11:03 AM
Ever looked into Brave ?
The so claimed best of both world
Brave is worse than either of those. :D
It's an ad-supported browser that pretends to be against ads.
It's poorly maintained and has a host of security issues.
Just configure Firefox or Chromium for more secure defaults and be happy.
It's the browser I use on mobile ;)
The only browser on phone I can manage to get ad-free without having to bug around with rooting.
Do mobile phones not have adblock?
I installed Firefox Focus on my smartphone because for some reason the very presence of Chrome sometimes made it impossible to send SMS
I've still no idea why, but uninstalling Chrome did instantly fix my SMS issues
There are these nice roundabouts, using rooting, additional apps (which often require root) or just plain up using pihole.
But no real in browser solutions, as you have in desktop environements
11:11 AM
I don't use a mobile phone anyway so I have no idea how they do that.
Not being able to send SMS because of the presence of Chrome is a bit scary tbh, makes you wonder what they have access to x)
That is scary. What permissions does it have?
@Morwenn Tbh, the only way i could imagine google doing this. Is if they reroute your sms through their hangouts sms system somehow. But I believe they removed that quite a while ago already ;s
I don't remember which permissions it has
tbh I don't have time in my life to read every permission in the world or think about security x)
That's why I'm still in a job :D
11:19 AM
I try to be minimally safe because it's dumb not to do something safely when it's no work, but I don't really educate myself much more when it comes to security concerns
Except when something seems extra fishy of course
I'm just a hobby wise pentester/hacker.
Which obv. makes me the key spokesperson at work regards security.
I mostly did scripts for scientists and UI stuff, so security wasn't the highest request
Considering I often have few users and they sometimes put passwords in plain text in config files anyway v0v
I just mainly track and fix these kinda things ;p
I've always hated networking.
11:58 AM
@Dimitrimx this reminds me from back in uni when we was doing networking, out teacher was telling us how shit the university network was that if you set up a DHCP Server and plugged it up it would crash the network
crash being apparently nothing would connecting to anything
12:17 PM
amazing ;p
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1:35 PM
Q: Why was it so easy for Kichimura to tear the one-eyed owl kakuja apart?

PabloIn Tokyo Ghoul:Re 2, episode 2 Kichimura tears the one-eyed owl kakuja apart easily, when she was supposed to be the strongest Ghoul until that point in the anime series. Why was it so easy for Kichimura to tear the one-eyed owl kakuja apart?

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3:14 PM
In case anyone here know the answer to this question asked on Movies...
Q: What changes were done with Sailor Moon to make it heteronormative?

Ankit SharmaI have a blurred memory of watching Sailor Moon, American dub version, and had no memory of any homosexual story arc or characters. But lately I got to know it was considered one of the only strong positive homosexual representatios and had characters with lesbian and gay couples in prominent rol...

@Proxy When I travel, I turn on a 16GB ram disk. But when I'm at home, all 64GB is fair game.
@forest No. Just normal laptop memory. 4 x 16GB SODIMM.
@Dimitrimx Was running a stress test to make sure the ram was good. Otherwise, I'll easily hit that amount from just compiling code.
In the past, I was never able to do a full compile with the 16GB ram drive enabled. Now I can - though still with some amount of swapping.
@Mysticial I dunno how big of a code base you have that it compiles into 64gb of ram, but dang
I didn't even require that during my game dev days ;o
Half a million lines. But compiled 13 different ways simultaneously.
Ah, that explains
My 2 desktops have 128GB with a 48GB ram drive each. So the machine I'm typing on right now is idling with 67 GB / 128GB usage.
3:30 PM
hehe nice
@Dimitrimx I hate doing full compiles on my laptop anyways.
Takes forever and I can't really use the machine during that time. So it's something I usually only do overnight.
I don't even have my IDE open atm, and hit 11/16 gb on my laptop xd
After I upgraded the memory, that laptop would boot up with 11 GB of idle memory usage.
Took some time to trace it down to some stupid networking driver that would always allocate a fixed % of total memory.
After getting rid of that, it dropped it down to about 4 GB. ~1.5GB of that is the VTune sample driver which unfortunately I do need. So I'm stuck at 4GB gone.
Next laptop I get probably won't be another MSI laptop. MSI gaming laptops might loop really nice with all the RGB and such, but the software support is complete shit (memory leaking drivers) and I've never gotten Linux to work on it.
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4:40 PM
@Mysticial how did you find it?
@Abyx Had to download this Windows driver dev kit.
and? is there a tool or did you just log all the allocs?
It has a tool that lets you list all drivers and how much memory they're consuming.
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8:19 PM
Q: What show would you recommend after watching Naruto Shippuden and Hunter x Hunter?

Good OneSo i've started watching anime about half a year ago, and so far, I have watched Naruto p1 & Shippuden, & Hunter X Hunter. Soon as I finished Hunter x Hunter(amazing btw) I've tried to find another show kind of like these and havent found any luck. Tried to watch... One punch man (Funny,but bori...

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10:53 PM
Q: How do hybrids half humans - half ghouls rate in strenght compared to ghouls?

PabloIn the anime series there are several types of hybrids, artificial half ghouls like Kaneki, biological half ghouls like Eto and half humans like Arima. How are they supposed to rate in strenght compared to regular ghouls? Are they stronger, weaker, equal , is this stated in the series?

@Sakamoto been waiting for an id request to close to see if i get a hat and nope, they just wont come up. this will have to do lol
11:29 PM
@JNat yeh found our broader one the series in general
Q: How does the English version of Sailor Moon differ from the original?

kuwalyI know that some changes were made to Sailor Moon when it was translated into English, like that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are changed from lovers to cousins. What other changes were made? I'm not asking about name changes, only plot and character changes.


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