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4:08 AM
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8:47 AM
lmao at matrix and biohazard scenes in appleseed saga ex machina
9:24 AM
@Gao as in the second Appleseed movie?
9:35 AM
@Memor-X yes
10:05 AM
@Gao i've seen the first movie and i have that one of DVD in my collection somewhere and while i could imagine matrix stuff being in it not Resident Evil
ok...Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade works is being showing with Toradora, Kamisama Kiss, How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, Kimo no Todoke, Bride of the Water God etc as apart of the Singles Awareness Day Special on Rightstuf......is it just me or is Fate/Stay Night the odd one out
Appleseed 2nd movie > OVA > 1st movie
10:21 AM
@Gao hmmmm, might make sense if the second movie is set before Briareos became a mecha but i was sure i saw him as a mecha on the cover
@Memor-X but do you know what briareos' face looks like?
now only appleseed alpha remains...
@Gao nope, i've only seen him as a mecha in the first movie
@Memor-X haha then go watch the second movie
@Gao i'll do that after Aria
the first movie makes no sense, it's like a compilation movie and some scene transitions are so abrupt it's like cut version
10:34 AM
@Gao made sense to me. Deunan is found and recruited, she gets used to her new mech suit and Briareos being a robot, she goes off to find the Appleseed and then it's found out that she was manipulated in finding it and has to fight a giant ass spider mecha being controlled by the city's AI
3 hours later…
1:55 PM
Q: Need help remembering title of 80s-era sci fi anime featuring car combat with Star Wars inspired characters

RolandoBeen trying to track down some of my old favorites from the 80s era of anime, one that has refused to show up in search after search has brought me here with the hope that someone might know of it. Details: Sci-fi anime series (viewed on American TV early weekday mornings) during the 80s. Heroes...

2:32 PM
@Memor-X that's ridiculous
and the elders' motivation is just laughable
2 hours later…
4:06 PM
googled some chill anime playlists but they're just regular chill playlists!
5:05 PM
Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut is a terrible anime/manga but it's still better than IS if only because it takes place in a fantasy land and therefore avoid the whole "Japan is #1" nationalist bent that a lot of anime is doing these days.
3 hours later…
7:53 PM
Q: Why do characters in K-ON refer to each other by given names?

user30892In the anime characters seem to generally introduce themselves by their full names but immediately thereafter refer to each other by their given names. I haven't read the manga but I looked through the first few panels and Mio refers to Mugi by her nickname the first time she's mentioned, despite...

1 hour later…
9:20 PM
@Gao the Elders were bioroids too weren't they?
9:48 PM
> alot of us still haven't recovered from seeing what happened to the Band of the Hawk during the Eclipse in the original Berserk
yeh, if you stopped revisiting that same part we could begin the recovery process
that came from a "top 10 disturbing scenes in anime" youtube video i was curious to see if Higurashi still got 5 scenes and that scene in Akira when Tetsuo turns into that monstrosity
it only kept the Hugurashi scene of what's her face being forced to de-nail herself and there was a Akira but when Tetsuo is hallucinating giant toys trying to eat him or drown him in milk
but Fullmetal Alchemist got in....any guesses what scene is disturbing in that
also Elfen Lied got in. it was the scene when those kids beat Lucy's puppy to death. though the clip the guy is saying how seeing children get hurt is a bad thing but we have a sick joying seeing Lucy paint the walls with those little fuckers blood

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