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12:00 AM
@madarauchiha Come over here! lol
12:13 AM
@Xeo Don't you think that a whole answer as spoiler is not that useful? I'll include some other wording.
Yeah... PSG is not really made for kids, eh? :P
@Alenanno I meant the specific spoiler part on Jiraya.
@Xeo Oh... What about Tsunade?
Wasn't that kinda mentioned when Jiraya talked about her or something?
I don't watch Naruto, so I only catch a glimpse of the occasional episode when a friend watches it.
When Jiraya first talks about Tsunade with Naruto, or somewhere along that time.
12:16 AM
After all it's not a major spoiler.
Yeah, by far not as much as the Jiraya one, I think.
Sorry, did I spoil that to you?
Nah, I knew it. Again, the occasional episode at a friend's place. :P
And even if, I'm not even remotely interested in Naruto.
If I was, I'd be up-to-date at the latest scanlated chapter, so... :P
Why would you say that! heart breaks
1:17 AM
'morning all
1:30 AM
wow am I the only person here with a real avatar?
I should change my to an anime avatar
@KenLi Yes you should.
Not like we changed ours specifically for Anime.SE
nope, but anime.se attracts certain type of people
that uses non-real avatar
ya think? :P
same can't be said about, CS.stackexchange for instance
1:32 AM
lol even in anime.se people still comment on our gravatars.
2:03 AM
@Mysticial Y'know, quoting a light novel is pretty similar to quoting a standard - I love it. :P
I have to admit this is a lot cooler than I expected
@Xeo You read the novels?
Sure do.
Up-to-date on the translated ones, Vol 10
upboated you
Vol 11 was just published in Japan, can't wait to read that.
2:04 AM
@Mysticial lol upboats?
This question made me realise how insane the timeline is for this series
A: How much time has passed?

RapptzI don't believe a whole year has passed, there have been several plot holes in the midst of it though. A good example would be using Holidays as a way to track time. The "first" actual Valentine episode was actually TV-only (Episode 6), yet there is another Valentine case (Episode 266-268, Volume...

you can already order it
amazon.co.jp does international shipping of books/movies
Q: Disney to release remaining Studio Ghibli films?

BeskaDisney has licenses to all of the Studio Ghibli films I believe, and has released most of them, but to date a couple remain (to the best of my knowledge) unreleased: Omohide Poroporo and Umi ga Kikoeru. These choices don't really surprise me, since they seem unlikely to be blockbusters (to say t...

We should get some close votes on that. See my comments.
tl;dr: Speculation, too localized, about Disneys release schedule (off-topic)
it'd argue it's more of too localized
rather than being a bad question itself
A: is dicussing Hentai allowed?

acolyteI would say, questions regarding the best material to wank off to should be 100% not allowed. However, discussions regarding some of the other aspects of hentai should be fine. Some of the highest animation qualities I've ever seen have been in hentai works, and the story-lines of some are surp...

> Some of the highest animation qualities I've ever seen have been in hentai works
^^ That's good to know...
2:08 AM
Clearly I don't watch any Hentai.
@Mysticial Well it's true. Sort of.
@Mysticial sure you don't
@KenLi He probably just reads them.
@KenLi I've seen 10 min. of one at a Panel at ACEN. But aside from that, that's it.
He's probably too hipster to watch the anime adaptation of his hentai manga.
2:09 AM
Where do you guys draw the line between ecchi and hentai?
I don't even read any manga.
@Rapptz There are some shows classified as "ecchi" under MAL that I would would probably consider as Hentai.
I don't think I'll ever get used to that plink.
Awesome. First user to earn the Nice Answer badge on meta.
@KenLi shipping at ¥2,700 + ¥300 per item isn't cheap :'<
@Mysticial Well you have to know that Western definition differs from the Japanese one.
2:12 AM
@Krazer nope, it's worth it if you want to READ it now though ^^
tenso.com also does shipping services, but they are more expensive than amazon i think
you can also get it from cough cough perfect dark cough cough
but I am not going there
@KenLi since it's a book I wish they released in in ebook format... I don't care if it has drm
what do you think light novel authors are, PROGRAMMERS?
@KenLi wut?
@Mystical I was referring to how there are so many programming books with an ebook version
2:15 AM
well, these days they have kindle too I guess
Some company just converts it?
programming books tend to have an "original" ebook version
On 8 October 2010, a 42-year-old woman was arrested for uploading the Mitsudomoe anime TV series.[6] >.> Japanese copyright laws
one of the reason why I am not in Japan is their archaic copyright law
2:45 AM
I'd upvote you, but I realized that I've already upvoted your two other answers.
Don't wanna get caught in a vote-ring.
heh, I don't know if something like that exists in a private beta with so few users.
But we might aswell ask a mod!
I just did the final VTC on this question anime.stackexchange.com/questions/130/cross-overs-in-anime
feels oddly satisfying
It is not possible to die in a duel. Your health gets reset. — Michael Spencer 1 min ago
^^ That's wrong right?
Otherwise there purpose of sleep-PK wouldn't exist.
@Mysticial Would it really be a vote ring if there aren't that many users anyway?
@Mysticial Note that dueling isn't the only way to kill a sleeping player. :)
2:51 AM
@Xeo Even in an inner-area?
You can also carry him out of the Safe Area on a specific "Stretcher" item.
@Xeo Then it's not technically an "inner-area" kill anymore is it? :P
Gawd that sound...
Someone ping me. I wanna hear it again.. :(
@Rapptz have fun...
Maybe we should just ping ourselves through the Lounge...
The face of the one on the cart wasn't shown but I do believe that it was Lelouch with CC. That's why I want to have proofs that Lelouch is already immortal by the time he was stabbed. I want to believe that Lelouch and CC will live together, forever (literally). I think the scene in the cart hinted that he is (already immortal). — xjshiya 39 secs ago
Quite some wish-thinking there.
3:08 AM
There is no such a thing as a player with a red Cursor. The Cursor can be green, and the cursor can be orange. It turns orange once you hit player with green cursor outside a duel and out of safe area. It doesn't matter if you killed him afterwards, robbed them, or just ran away. The cursor revert back overtime to green the first three times. On the fourth time, you have to complete a quest. It permanently turns orange the fifth time. Red guilds/players are something that made up by players to differentiate murderers. — Krazer 2 mins ago
^^ Weren't the guys who were sent to kill off the main characters in the inner-area PK arc all red?
@Mysticial They were orange.
@Krazer Not those guys, the guys at the end of the inner-area PK arc.
Episode 6 or 7 I believe.
Damn, I don't have my library in front of me to load it up and check.
@Mysticial the never had cursors...
@Krazer That I wouldn't know. I swear I've seen them on a player at some point. But the red cursors definitely exists - for monsters.
@Mysticial They are called Red Players but they never has red cursors. I agree with you that monsters have them, but not players.
3:22 AM
@Krazer Fair enough, but I can neither confirm nor deny that claim.
@Mysticial Search for "The killing guild «Laughing Coffin»" here
> The guild was established half a year after the death game called SAO was created. Before this, they were orange players who just surrounded solo players or a few players with a large number of them to steal col or items, and their extremist thoughts caused them to become such a radical group.
>> Before this, they were orange players
That implies that they were no longer orange later on.
At least the way it's worded.
3:38 AM
I ctrl-F'd through Vol1,2 and 8, but I really couldn't find a specific mentioning of "red players". :|
That part of my answer is guesswork, but I think I clearly marked it as such.
@Xeo I'm just saying PK guilds and players in SAO are dubbed "Red" by players to differentiate them from normal criminals, because their cursor color is orange, too.
Red is for regular monsters, and purple/magenta is for higher lvl monsters.
@Mysticial Did I ever link you this amv? It's super fucking amazing, IMO.
@Mysticial If you read up a bit more you'll see that Johnny Black had a orange cursor.
> The head had a mask that looked like a 'sack', leaving only circular holes at the eyes. Realizing that there was a sticky stare at him, Schmitt's sights showed the cursor of the player. It wasn't a normal green color, but a bright orange color.
3:53 AM
Good find.
@Krazer Removed the red player part of my answer.
It was guesswork anyways, I can't find any confirmation and there's hints that it doesn't exist, so I'll just leave it out.
@Xeo in ALO the act of killing was encouraged since there are territorial battles which reward items as well as other benefits such as territory and power. In the anime, Kirito mentions giving the Salamander gunt the items he got from killing the Salamanders that cornered Lyfa (in exchange for info). In the light novel they go a bit futher and explain the territorial battles.
@Krazer Ah, I couldn't remember what they were called.
And I just remembered that I never included that you also can fight outside of your nation's home town.
@Mysticial ah yes I see that
@Krazer That I included.
@Krazer Yeah, that was clear enough in the Anime that I had it in my answer.
4:08 AM
Hm, ctrl-f'ing "territorial" doesn't yield anything. :|
> "Also, if they kill the Lord, they will get some amazing bonuses. They will unconditionally receive 30% of the lord's funds stored in the mansion, and for ten days, the territory that the lord rules over would become occupied, then they are free to set taxes and take that money. That is a tremendous amount of money. The reason why Salamander became the largest force in the game was because in the past, they had set a trap for Sylph's first Lord and killed him...
Wrong link? :P
But thanks.
Yeah, found it already. Stumbled upon the part were Suguha and Kirito find out about each other in ALO and couldn't resist reading until their duel, so I was on the page already
@Xeo That duel was cut very short in episode 23.
4:22 AM
The problem with anime is that you can't rely convey the thoughts of the characters.
SAO relies a big deal on the thoughts to explain the character's background / motivation / etc.
And I really liked that scene where Suguha could finally convey her feelings.
It was kinda agonizing knowing who was who all along.
@Xeo You actually can it's usually done by voice overs, but I agree a lot of the background and context as left on the cutting room floor.
The whole world tree raid part was cut short too
I heard about that.
Really a shame.
That was definitely rushed.
Since it was done so well in the novels.
@Xeo Hurry up and watch the damn episode.
4:26 AM
@Mysticial, you should really read them if you can.
@Mysticial *episodes, 23 of em. :P
@Xeo I barely have enough time just to watch Anime. Let alone read the manga or the novels.
They're also available in pdf and ebook formats, so you can read them when traveling.
(Provided you have a smart phone / kindle / whatever)
@Xeo I just watch shows while I'm traveling.
Drop SAO anime, read SAO novel!
@Mysticial read before bed :)
4:27 AM
I have a pretty large backlog of "to-do" shows anyway.
Drop 'em, drop 'em all!
@Krazer Nah, I just work until I drop.
And go read SAO and MuvLuv.
I do drop all the ones which aren't interesting.
Although this season, I'm watching an unusually small number of shows.
I usually watch more than 10 airing shows each seasons and maybe one or two older ones.
@Mysticial what's on your list this season?
4:30 AM
@Krazer check my MAL, same UN.
Damn, googling for my UN shows my SO, MAL, and Steam accounts... lol
@Mysticial oh I need to watch DnS: Ibarahime
@Krazer never heard of it
@Mysticial you watched it three weeks ago xD myanimelist.net/anime.php?id=12879 lest I got the wrong name
@Krazer Oh Dantilion on Shoka. Yes, I just didn't recognize it as "DnS: Ibarahime".
Yes, you have the right me.
Not enough C++ talk in here. Suspicious
4:40 AM
@Shog9 ahahaha
@Shog9 But yes, half the C++ room regulars are/were here. :)
@Shog9 Oh hai.
Good thing you're here, we got a question. :)
With so few users in a private beta, is there anything like the serial-vote script?
I've been upvoting most people.
For example, I upvoted 2/3 of @Xeo's answers. I'm afraid of upvoting the 3rd one because of the script.
@Xeo Yes, it exists. Generally, don't worry about the script (on any site) unless you're literally going through someone's profile voting on stuff.
It's ridiculously hard to trigger. Which just makes it even sadder when folks trigger it.
...which they do.
I see, thanks.
4:53 AM
...all the damn time.
ah ok
So I'm clear to upvote Xeo's 3rd answer.
If nothing else, if it trips during a private beta, it's pretty unlikely anyone's gonna care unless you happen to be sitting right next to the person you're voting for, sharing his email address and such.
FFS, I can think of one private beta where the only person on the "suspicious" list was one of the devs, voting for (I think) his wife.
Sweet, so @Mysticial, we can start our voting ring. /cc @Rapptz @StackedCrooked
Wait, should I not have said that while @Shog9 is here?
makes notes
4:56 AM
Damn that noise.
@Shog9 Want to be part of it too? :D
Pfft. I hate anime. Just ask @aarthi
(ok, so I only hate evangelion, but that still counts)
My condolences. :)
Did you watch the Rebuild movies?
4:58 AM
@Xeo Q is a pretty drastic departure I have to say...
@Xeo Naw. In truth, I've pretty much just ignored the whole trend. I'm neutral, born with a heart filled with neutrality.
@Krazer I want to watch it. :(
@Shog9 Chaotic or lawful?
I watched the two movies, didn't particularly find it that interesting.
4:59 AM
@Krazer neutral-neutral, it seems.
3 hours later…
8:15 AM
I love novel-quoting.
I think this will be my main source of answer - question about anime / manga of which I read the novel.
Too bad you can't go by clause, subclause, paragraph in a novel the way you can do in a standard. They're pretty hard to search through too, if you don't know exactly where the stuff is found. :(
8:39 AM
Man, meta questions take a long time for me to show up in the active list. @Mysticial same for you?
@Xeo Yes they do.
But I pull them off of the live-updates.
Hm... maybe I should go to... /questions! Instead of hanging on the main page.
9:13 AM
lol, 4 of 6 people currently in this room are all from the lounge.
> You need at least 500 reputation to review Suggested Edits.
Meh... my Anime knowledge is too narrow to get a lot of rep.
Don't worry, all the sub watcher will surely appear in the open beta. :)
Also, it's not all about the rep! :D Or so I think, anyways.
Hey rep matters until you have "enough". :) I have enough on SO. But not anywhere else. :P
9:55 AM
Sleep time, g'night
10:36 AM
@Xeo Alright for me. But is it allowed?
2 hours later…
12:20 PM
@StackedCrooked Voting ring? Not exactly, it's like gaming the system. You should not be voting the person, but the content.
2 hours later…
2:42 PM
We should REALLY agree on spoilers
Madara, even by the title I got spoilered. lol
Well, I actually suspected that.
So your question confirmed my views.
I guess.
It really is a problematic problem
Your question is good, but it's dangerous. :D
@MadaraUchiha Do you have any ideas?
Hello @JNat
I've reworded my question so it's slightly less spoilery
I thought about a solution for such questions
2:45 PM
We need to look about how they solved it on other sites
@JNat Do tell
maybe we should create a 'spoiler' tag
we then should agree on what a spoiler is
and then people could ignore such a tag
@JNat It has been shot down on other sites.
didn't realize that
It's considered a Meta tag, i.e. it defines the question type, not the content.
other than that I come up with nothing
2:46 PM
@Alenanno Yeah, but how did other sites deal with this problem?
Is the fact that these series have two version, one always ahead of the other unique to manga/anime?
@Alenanno: is it a problem that it just defines the question type?
Q: Spoiler alert: [spoiler] dies

Grace NoteTechnically, does that count as putting a tag in the title? ♪ I mean, beyond the actual literal tag in the title. Jeff consulted me to bring up this subject on Meta in advance. spoiler is, by many means, a terrible tag. There are a number of reasons for this. It's an actual meta-tag. That is, ...

because other tags would be in use also
@JNat Yes, it is.
2:47 PM
That linked question explains everything in depth.
You could also use the spoiler tag in the body of your question as shown here: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/69573/…
but here should be a way to have some tag that could be ignored, and such a tag should always be used on questions that are consider spoilers
We should still be able to mark an entire question as a spoiler somehow
I don't think there is a perfect solution. :S
I agree with madara
2:49 PM
If you can word the title so it stays "general", then do so.
you altered it to tobi
but then it does not make as much sense as it did
but I guess it is better than the spoiler
By the way, @MadaraUchiha Nice question about Hidan. The Immortals saga is one of the best.
@Alenanno It was, but he's still the largest walking plot hole on the planet.
Especially what Shikamaru does -> BADASS.
@MadaraUchiha Perhaps it will be explained later.
@Alenanno The best battle on Naruto though was vs Pain, which was completely annihilated in the Anime :(
2:52 PM
@MadaraUchiha: indeed
@MadaraUchiha As in, worse than the Manga?
@Alenanno I doubt it, Hidan is well buried... lol
@Alenanno My theory on what happened was, they overslept, and found out that it was Wednesday, and they still haven't started the episode
So they finished it in 2 hours and shipped it away
@MadaraUchiha You mean the drawings suck?
Sucker than Naruto vs Sasuke
2:53 PM
Yes sometimes they... suck. But usually Naruto is one of the best drawn Anime along with FMA.
And I honestly expect a redo of these episodes, if they have any sort of dignity left for the job they do
@Alenanno Death Note gets a 10/10 out of me
On all possible criteria
@MadaraUchiha Ah right! Also Death Note.
FMA:Brotherhood has better drawings than naruto IMO
2:54 PM
@JNat Agreed
and the whole animation tech as well
Oh well, Naruto, in general is my #1 fave... More for the plot and message than other things.
movements flow much better in FMA:B
@JNat I haven't seen it in a while, but I loved it.
@MadaraUchiha: how does it feel to be number 1 in the site?
2:56 PM
Madara is #1 at everything, not just this site
You wish... :P
They said my Ego was my greatest weakness, I'm still alive though.
not really
you are dead
2:57 PM
Time will tell. :P
@Alenanno Get me one character, from any anime/manga you know (except Rikudo Sennin and Truth), that can take me on a one-on-one battle
And don't say Hashirama because I honestly have no idea how he beat me.
or father
Minato. XD
2:58 PM
@JNat I had a very heated discussion with my brother about it, we came to agree that I'd kick their asses even if they combined forces against me
@Alenanno Minato? Really? What can he do against Susano'o?
what about Kira?
he'd kill you in a second
@JNat Like you said, I'm already dead :) Death note won't kill me, my soul is bound.
@MadaraUchiha I guess we won't ever know. :P
but not in a fair fight
2:59 PM
@MadaraUchiha: indeed. but if you were still alive...

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