6:27 PM
I can't be 100% responsive because I'm at work. But I can do my best.
Hello, Nice to meet you ;)
nice to meet you as well
I use it quite straightforward in my template.
Yeah your code looks fine
try using {% if 'Android' in content.field_app_os|field_value %}
This will check if Android appears anywhere in the string
Thanks, I test it, doesn't it work.
6:36 PM
What do you get when you do {{ dump(content.field_app_os|field_value) }}
doesn't show anything.
I think this error refers to the module.
6:51 PM
Yeah there's your problem
It's not the comparison
It's the field
What happens when you do just {{ content.field_app_os }}
When I use {% if content.field_app_os %}, thats work correctly.
yeah I don't think you're supposed to do |field_value
So do you have it working now?
When I use {% if 'Android' == content.field_app_os %} this also not works.
What does {{ content.field_app_os }} product?
displays "Android".
7:08 PM
{{ content.field_app_os }} produces android but {% if content.field_app_os == 'Android' %} It worked {% endif %} doesn't work?
No, Doesn't work.
Don't know what to tell you then. Something is very wrong is a variable is Android but does not equal Android
I confused totally.