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A: What is the difference in nuance between 間違う and 間違える?

Tsuyoshi ItoWhen we say that someone makes a mistake about something, we can use both 間違う and 間違える and there is no difference in meaning or nuance. For example, 計算を間違えた and 計算を間違った mean the same thing. When we say that something is in a wrong state, we can only use 間違う. Examples from Daijisen with my Engl...

I'm sorry but 計算を間違った is incorrect (although probably widely used). See my answer.
@repecmps: Are you claiming that the dictionary I linked to is incorrect?
@Tsuyoshi Ito: It's funny how you feel hurt whenever I say something. I tried not to sound rude though. I'm claiming "計算を間違った" is not grammatically correct. (I thought my comment was clear). The Daijisen examples are correct.
@repecmps: Your comments are contradictory. Daijisen states that 間違う can be used in the same way as 間違える, you claim that it cannot be, and you also claim that Daijisen is correct. You can believe that 間違う cannot be used as a transitive verb as much as you want, but you are simply wrong.
@Tsuyoshi Ito: [detail.chiebukuro.yahoo.co.jp/qa/question_detail/…](http://detail.chiebukuro.yahoo.co.jp/qa/question_detail/q1214351857&quot);「字を間違う」というのは‌​まちがい、なのですが、
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@repecmps: Thanks for the link. By the way, have you understood that your comments were contradictory?
I searched but I cannot find "計算を間違った" in the dictionary link.
What did you search? Are you claiming that 勘定を間違う is correct but 計算を間違った is incorrect?
let me check the dictionary link again
oh, yes... i've overseen that...
i don't understand how they can write an example like this
I do not know whether the use of 間違う as a transitive verb arose from misuse or not. But this use indeed exists, and dictionaries list this use.
yes, my first comment wasn't mean to be rude. I said 'it's widely used'
but in my opinion, it shouldn't be grammatically correct
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I know that you did not mean to be rude.
I do not know about “shouldn’t be grammatically correct.”
I understand why you think so, but I find it difficult to justify.
simply the transitive/intransitive thing? Does 計算を間違えた sound strange in Japanese?
計算を間違えた is perfectly fine.
I think that 計算を間違った is equally fine.
and you say that the other sentence is not choking to japanese people
ok then, i didn't make the link between your example and daijisen's
but i cannot remove the downvote
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I think that this is an interesting point.
Do not worry about downvote
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ok good. I cannot stay too long at the moment. Sorry for argument.
Me either. Thank for the link, that is really interesting.