8:09 PM
Hey mate
what is the framework you are developing?
its pretty cool
its art based
it scrolls over
that is wicked, how long have you been a flash developer
Hmm leme see
I started using flash 8 years ago for animation and dabbled a bit in code then, but in the last year I have been doing nothing but building my flash skills
I am working on really fast engines
you should read up on tile sheets
damn man that is awesome, you must be a pro :D
Oh, blitting, this is similar to creating gifs with adobe action ready isn't it
8:17 PM
except you can use movieclips
oh and there is code
8bitrocket.com/2008/7/2/… is what i am readin
Kind of
that is how to copyPixels to the game screen bitmapData
but you can use the draw() functionn to draw movieclip vectors to a sprite sheet
and then you can use them later
and no matter how complex the vectors are a character 300x300 would always run at over 60fps
ohI think I found the right resource now
because its written to a bitmap
8:23 PM
Yeah kind of
except I dont have any tile location bullshit
its just long movieclips
with what ever art
and it gets chopped and rendered up
as it goes along
its pretty awesome cause there are no hittesting stuff to set up on the landscape
it uses only the art
and for animation well i am right now trying out almost a flip book system with differnt bitmaps
brb lunch
9:16 PM
grabbing a bite too, brb
10:02 PM
am back
10:15 PM
11:12 PM