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10:08 AM
A: Edit preview window is not displayed, possibly IP specific

Bill DubuqueThanks to Martin's link, I noticed the "show preview" button I don't know how the preview ever got into a hidden state, but now it works fine after re-enabling it. Unhiding it on one machine also unhid it on other machines (at the same IP). So it is somewhat puzzling what the scope is for this us...

@MartinSleziak Thanks much, your link helped me determine that the preview somehow got disabled, and I missed the "show preview" button that toggles it back on, sigh. — Bill Dubuque Feb 25 at 7:48
Q: Preview no longer showing when editing/composing questions and answers

xenoidI no longer see the previews when I compose or edit questions and answers; I only see the markdown input widget. When I edit I see a hide preview link at the bottom of the markdown input, but clicking on it doesn't do anything. This seems to coincide with another UI change: Copy code button at t...

@Martin The UI has changed since, now there is a eye icon to switch between editor and preview (all the better IMHO). — xenoid Feb 25 at 9:19
Maybe I am looking at wrong places, but I do not see "eye icon" or hide preview/show preview.
After searching a bit, I found a screenshot in this post:
A: Where has the "Preview" gone when editing posts?

GlorfindelBelow the edit box, there's an option 'Hide preview': Did you touch that by accident? This setting is stored per site, so that explains why you're having the problem on Stack Overflow but not here.

But I do not see anything in the place indicated in that screenshot.
10:28 AM
D'oh! I was trying it when composing a new post - and hide/show wasn't displayed there.
But I see it when I try editing an existing post.
Still, I do not see "the eye icon mentioned in the above comment. But perhaps there are different icons on different sites.
2 hours later…
12:23 PM
It seems that I wasn't the only one confused by this.
@MarkBennet: there is a check box to hide or show preview in current editor. I sometimes turn the preview off for long posts because too much of mathjax rendering makes my mobile browser really slow. Another option which I use for long posts is to type the post in some other app and then copy paste it back. — Paramanand Singh Feb 4 at 1:01
@ParamanandSingh: where is that checkbox, exactly? I have typed thousands of answers and I have never seen it. — Martin Argerami Feb 5 at 4:23
@MartinArgerami: sorry, that's not in the form of a checkbox. It is just a link below the edit window (on the left side). Below the edit on right side there is a checkbox for community wiki. — Paramanand Singh Feb 5 at 6:04
@MartinArgerami: also this is shown when you edit an existing post and not when creating a new answer. — Paramanand Singh Feb 5 at 6:06
@MartinArgerami: I checked further (at least on mathoverflow and this meta.se). The show / hide preview toggle link is not available in general (on MO and meta.se), but somehow available on math.se. I mostly use only math.se site and hence my experience is limited. — Paramanand Singh Feb 7 at 7:28
@ParamanandSingh: thanks. I had never noticed it. — Martin Argerami Feb 7 at 12:08
As mentioned above, I only see it when editing a post rather than in a new post.
But I do siee it on MathOverflow:
I see it also on Meta Stack Exchange.
Probably the distinction is that it is not displayed when somebody suggests an edit - but it is displayed when a users with full edit privileges edits a post.
Something along those lines is also mentioned here: Hide preview for editing.
Q: Hide preview for editing

APersonI notice that when reviewing posts, when the "Edit" link is clicked, the editing interface that comes up has a "Hide Preview" link. The ordinary editing interface doesn't have it. Why is this, and would it be possible to add a link like this to the ordinary interface? EDIT: By "ordinary editin...

@ParamanandSingh Actually, I do see hide preview on MathOverflow. I guess that the difference is that it is not shown if a user suggests an edit, it is only available to users with full edit privilege. Something like that is mentioned here: Hide preview for editing. I have posted some related comments (including a screenshot from MO) in the Math Meta Chat. — Martin 9 secs ago
1:23 PM
@Martin: thanks for letting me know. Anyway the only site where my rep exceeds 2k is mathse. — Paramanand Singh 33 mins ago

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