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3:12 AM
> 00:00 - Ohio Republicans Set August Election on Measure to Make it Harder for Voters to Pass Ballot Initiatives
Ohio Republicans also tripped themselves because they banned August Elections because, to paraphrase "only special interest groups that want their way set things to august when most people wont vote" which, projection much?
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1:07 PM
Q: Academia.SE Moderation Strike

cag51Effective immediately, the moderators of Academia.SE (wrzlprmft, cag51, and Bryan Krause) are on strike. This is part of the network-wide action described here, and follows an Academia moderator resignation a few days ago. We will not perform any moderation functions until this situation is resol...

Classic union flick ✊
1:19 PM
Q: Moderation Strike: Stack Overflow, Inc. cannot consistently ignore, mistreat, and malign its volunteers

Mithical Introduction As of today, June 5th, 2023, a large number of moderators, curators, contributors, and users from around Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network are initiating a general moderation strike. This strike is in protest of recent and upcoming changes to policy and the platform that...

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2:33 PM
Kinda funny to see posts in This is fine... about ourselves.
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6:35 PM
So a ton of reporting about Trump attorneys spotted heading into a meeting with the DOJ. Lots of speculation that a charging decision is imminent, of course.
A few headlines are reporting more, I can't tell if this WaPo article is claiming inside info, or if its just further speculation (I can't read the article):
6:49 PM
Here's a slighlty less speculative headline from CBS News:
7:24 PM
$3500, available "next year"
hardware is cool, but the demos were a lot of "what if there was a giant virtual SCREEN in front of your eyes?!" which... might frankly be the most common use case but isn't what people usually focus on when they talk about VR and AR
But part of announcing this at the Apple developer conference is to give people and companies time to build the apps
8:05 PM
The NYTimes is reporting (via this Maggie Haberman tweet) that special counsel Jack Smith was at the meeting:
> “Lawyers for former President Donald J. Trump met on Monday at the Justice Department with officials, including the special counsel Jack Smith, two weeks after requesting a meeting to discuss their concerns about Mr. Smith’s investigations into Mr. Trump”
1 hour later…
9:06 PM
So... you're telling me that the same maintenance worker who had just extensively questioned the IT guy about surveillance footage retention details just happened to accidentally drain the pool into the room holding the archive of security footage?
@BradC And apparently was still incompetent enough that it didn't damage any of the servers
I'll stop there, but there sure are a lot of good "ok sure" meme gifs
2 hours later…
11:08 PM
@BradC i like the mental image that line tries to paint
Lawyer: can you please not charge our client? he's an idiot you see, he was raised wrong on purpose as a joke
DoJ: yeh, a joke that's a threat to national security

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