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12:02 AM
These insurgents are not especially clever people, what with carrying tracking devices on their own persons and even posting videos of their involvement. And that was all before the federal government turned its full attention to them. They'll know what vehicles they came and left in this time, and where those went, all without even getting cell records. That's what the surveillance will help with.
Another make work plan for the FBI/CIA :-)
The Bureau. It's domestic.
The Bureau is a law enforcement organization. The Agency is not.
12:11 AM
The Bureau will track these people down. For all their faults, this is something they're really very, very good at. Investigation is their middle name.
@tchrist It isn't "Bureau of"?
12:27 AM
@PrivatePansy "Danger is his middle name" and the like are all a patterned idiom.
I know, I'm making a bad joke
> Later, the FBI said, she posted a video of herself entering the building and saying: “Life or death, it doesn’t matter. Here we go.” She added, turning the camera to her face, “y’all know who to hire for your Realtor. Jenna Ryan for your Realtor.”
now that^ is a bad joke
1 hour later…
1:37 AM
Oh hm, my friend now lives in the red zone not the green zone.
Good thing he won't be driving anywhere.
@tchrist tldr if what red and green zones mean?
1:52 AM
@tchrist thanks!
I knew it had to do with the inauguration but wasn't sure if how the zones differed
@TimStone from a video i saw yesterday apparently no one from the public should have been inside the capital building because of the pandemic so it should be easy to spot any "tour"
3 hours later…
4:43 AM
On inaug day:

-FB is transferring @JoeBiden's followers over to POTUS

-Snap is handing us @WhiteHouse

-YT is giving us all of the @WhiteHouse Subs

-Twitter is starting us at zero...but recommended the President of the United States tag other accounts to encourage growth
Obama made it and transferred it to Trump, then archived his tweets on POTUS44 I think
I mean
To be fair a lot of the followers of @POTUS at the time of 1/21/17 were like "fuck this and fuck you twitter I don't want this"
You know you don't always have to do the same thing if the thing you did last time had bad feedback
and likely will again
yup, as they say live and learn
In fact it's probably harder to do it this way
They're doing it on purpose for sure
is it a way to keep a "fan base" mentality?
4:58 AM
I mean
twitter dot com is by its nature a website where you follow people
I don't know how many people are fans of the generic "the president of the united states"
Neither approach is wrong per se, twitter is taking a different approach than just the lazy "account control will transfer and that's all we're going to do"
but also
how many people are subscribed to the president on youtube and snapchat
@Unionhawk 1.86 million, apparently
No idea about Snapchat, I don't know what the White House posts there
I think, people like to follow the latest trends.
but yeah, following people is an extension of that mentality
@TimStone with any luck, nothing
because why the fuck is the president on snapchat
oh god
@potus tiktok account coming 1/21/21
I take no pleasure in reporting this
but it's absolutely happening
and I hate it
5:11 AM
Joe Biden sea shanty
times are a changin'
I will neither confirm nor deny that I was confirming with wikipedia that joe was of I'd say mostly irish descent to make a similar joke
Actually I'll deny it come to think of it
I was not doing that extremely specific thing I said
> Azar said his resignation would become effective on Jan. 20th, which is the same date he would have been leaving office once President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in
I was too busy looking at my cpu temperatures to be doing this thing
Okay I don't think this how words work
5:25 AM
we learn out of life only what we want
7 hours later…
12:36 PM
1:31 PM
For a society obsessed with spoon-feeding their kids:
enter "generation spoon-shape"
1:53 PM
Not to be confused with spoon class theory
4 hours later…
Business Insider: Trump is planning an 'elaborate' send-off for himself before Biden's inauguration. He wants a red carpet, military band, and a 21-gun salute, reports say..
Yes, those are stories in collision.
1 hour later…
7:24 PM
Trump’s current approval rating is 29%, which is still 5% higher than Nixon’s was when the latter left office in disgrace.
4 hours later…
11:38 PM
@tchrist i think this was what my mum was referring to
she was saying how Trump wanted to have a Military Band and a 21-gun salute to farewell him like a grand party. i though she was referring to Trump wanting to make it happen for him alone like his desire to have a Military Parade
@Wipqozn and then i read this and now confused

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