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1:16 AM
Halifax gives green light to ride-hailing services such as Uber, Lyft cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/…
> Drivers will need criminal background, child abuse registry and vulnerable persons checks every year
Okay well that's something
> Operators like Uber and Lyft will be subject to an annual licensing fee.

> The price depends on how many vehicles a company has in service. It ranges as low as $2,000 for up to 10 vehicles and as high as $25,000 for more than 100 vehicles.
That's also...something
> Cleary said he voted against the motion because a "per-trip fee" was not included in the new rules. A per-trip fee would allow the municipality to charge the transportation network companies a fee to operate.

> "Unfortunately, without the per-trip fee, we're not actually building a sustainable transportation solution for Halifax," he said, adding that he would support it if the fee were added in the future.
What I'd really like to see is some actual laws around are the drivers contractors or not
Like fuck the GIG economy. Although if they're forced to register how any drivers they have, that could be a pathway to that...
Won't hold my breath. I feel like if Halfiax did anything these companies would just leave. IT's something that needs to be done at a Federal level.
IDeally in the US, but that'll never happen./
6 hours later…
7:47 AM
A bunch of people seem awfully upset about two seconds of cartoon male genitalia.
Of course, it was the NSFW warning that ensured that I'd watch it.
@Jolenealaska Still one of the best ways to get people to watch something you created: tell them it's something they probably shouldn't be watching
The best way is to say "probably NSFW?", then there's even more incentive to find out why it's considered borderline
8:10 AM
@fredley yeah, but then it should ACTUALLY be borderline. Putin punching puppet penis is not "probably NSFW"
It's a nice alliteration though
@Nzall I mean I wouldn't call that a punch, technically
5 hours later…
1:11 PM
@fredley I've never heard of this thing before. I assume it's a UK thing.
Looks kinda like the muppets
@Wipqozn Yeah, was originally a show in the 80s (maybe earlier)?
@BradC Just thinking about this a bit more, and the real solution ends up being a reasonable exceptions clause in the constitution. That and making higher court (including Federal Appeals) challenges harder and costlier.
2:20 PM
@MBraedley but the entire point of what the judiciary does is figure out what exceptions are deemed "reasonable". What arbitration body are you going to appeal to to decide if your exception is reasonable, and therefore outside of judicial review?
I do think there are lots of things that Congress can do to fix or to head off problems with court cases, without having to resort to a constitutional amendment or something insanely difficult to get
For example: Congress can specifically define certain areas of law that are not subject to judicial review
Secondly, if the court finds that a certain law has a problem, then at least 80% of the time Congress just needs to enact legislation to fix the problem
The problem is that everything is viewed as binary, and a reasonable exceptions clause can help mitigate that.
For example, when SCOTUS struck down portions of the voting rights act, they did so because congress hadn't recently updated the list of what states are subject to oversight
So, pass a revision to the votings rights act that updates the list (or says that all states are subject to oversight for changes to local voting laws)
@Nzall We're watching the coup, in real time, in our country.
3 hours later…
5:25 PM
Vancouver Island couple triumphs over 'garden-variety bully' in battle for renowned hotel cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/…
> In a blistering decision Tuesday, a B.C. Supreme Court judge awarded Frederique and Sinclair Philip — now in their 70s — more than $4 million for the "six-year odyssey of lies, excuses, threats, intimidation and bullying" they suffered at the hands of Timothy Durkin and his partner Rodger Gregory.
In today's edition of garbage human being: These people.
> The judge reserved especially harsh words for Durkin, who — according to the judgment — swore a false affidavit in order to obtain an injunction that kept the Philips away from the hotel while he fought them in court.

> "His view of the truth is whatever will serve his interests in the moment. He is entirely unencumbered by ordinary norms of morality, integrity and decency. He is a garden-variety bully who preys upon those whom he perceives to be weaker than himself and vulnerable to his mistruths and manipulation," Basran wrote.
> Durkin — who came to Canada from the United Kingdom as a child — faces possible deportation over an indictment issued in Alabama in 2013 that claims he and others defrauded U.S. investors of more than $4 million.
5:42 PM
> Only one officer is criminally charged - for wanton endangerment - in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor on March 13.

None of the officers will be charged for the actual death of Breonna Taylor.
> It is important to note that the wanton endangerment charges are for the other three apartment impacted by the shooting not for the actual death of Breonna Taylor
3 hours later…
@TimStone lol. They don't have good detergent in Israel, maybe??
They just seem to not want to do the work themselves but they're corrupt AF so they want to push the cost on not only their government but foreign governments too?
9:09 PM
@TimStone It's very 2020
@TimStone so he gets the us to wash his dirty laundry? i would think there's such a thing as "too on the nose" but it seems like nothing is too obvious for 2020
9:26 PM
I can just picture the homeowner getting interviewed by the local TV station about this horrible event, then reaching up to scratch their nose with a purple-stained finger.
Yeah unless like, Nancy Pelosi or someone started doing arsons they definitely did this themselves, as always!
(Fox News warning)
I... don't understand how that's a threat.
Sure, raise the motion, the dems (who have a majority) will just vote it down. Done?
@BradC I find it much easier to understand the current time once I accepted that things don't have to make sense at all
9:48 PM
@TimStone if I were to commit insurance fraud I'd simply do a little more research
Insurance fraud? Political propaganda? Why not both?
Yeah I know what's next are we going to find out that that one video of a landlord walking through a few thousand dollars worth of superficial damage was also fraudulent
Simultaneously filing an insurance claim and posting progress pictures of my remodel to instagram
And it's just the same picture
Relatedly we had some kind of executive town hall and someone asked something to the effect of "are we going to try to hold cities liable for blm marxist rioting type claims" and the cfo on the call was just kind of like "uh, I mean we have had claims but... You know what I'm going to leave that alone"
10:26 PM
@Nzall ultimately this result was inevitable from a system that is designed to protect killer cops.
And like we knew this was coming
The city would rather spend extra money on barricades and overtime than hold 3 guys accountable for breaking into someone's house and killing them.
10:44 PM
@TimStone That's cops and haters' wet dream.
With such a picture they can prove everything they wanted to prove.
@BradC That's Mr. I-will-pardon-white-gun-brandishing-haters-no-matter-what and his wife.

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