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Invite clap me clap to clap that clap room
@Unionhawk should've run for minority leader then
McKenzie Nicole Adams was nine years old and in the fourth grade. She was being called things like “black bitch” and being cajoled by bullies to kill herself. Then she did. https://nbcnews.to/2RLC9E4
shit this is awful
Proud to announce that I'll be running for senator of the burned territory of the Ohio valley against Rob Portman in 2022
@GodEmperorDune fuck.
@Ash yeah
@TimStone apparently alex jones was also at this hearing
12:43 AM
We're dying younger. That could be really good news for our employers https://bloom.bg/2vJdiIM
@Unionhawk uhhh except that employers don't do defined benefit plans anymore so...
1:10 AM
.@RickSantorum counts himself out as WH chief of staff: “It’s an honor even to be considered,” Santorum told @OutFrontCNN. “Just really like Nick Ayers, my family situation just doesn’t allow me to do that right now... At this point it just doesn’t fit for me and my family."
It wouldn't have fit for us either so thanks buddy
But also imagine being turned down by Santorum, lmao
BREAKING: We have obtained a photo of Mark Harris and McCrae Dowless together. The picture was taken in March at a political event in Bladen County. The person who took the photo has asked us to not identify them. #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
Just two very comfortable guys not thinking about election fraud at all
Big congratulations to the autistic activists (@autistichoya and others) who worked so long and hard for this: FDA is finally going to ban the electric-shock devices used at the Judge Rotenberg Center, tantamount to torture. https://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/FDAVoices/ucm623619.htm?fbclid=IwAR0ph-PolcmWSWw5kGpddlkI364QTHf1GIoOO98YGaqukquwk3AHxYSlgNc
@Ash goddamn how did it take so long
I don't know! Like I am so glad it's happening but horrified we are just getting that done
1:33 AM
Sarah Sanders says she hopes her legacy will be that she has tried to be "transparent and honest" every day. #WomenRuleSummit
vein warning @TimStone
context: sarah huckabee sanders lies multiple times per day in her role as white house spokesperson
2:01 AM
US accidentally refueled Saudi warplanes over Yemen http://dlvr.it/QtKd5v
@Unionhawk as one does
2:15 AM
#blessed timeline
@GodEmperorDune whaaaaaaaaaaaaat
@Ash i am not in a place to test it, but people in the replies apparently did
and this type of thing is why successfully banning nsfw content at scale is pretty much doomed
now you will get nsfw content pretending to be sfw to avoid a ban and thus render the tag meaningless
2:48 AM
it's apparently not true
@Unionhawk :(
even if it was i'm sure it would get fixed promptly
Remember when Nestlé wanted to bottle huge amounts of Michigan's water and during the public comment period, 80,000+ people opposed it vs. just 75 supporting? I FOIA'd the supporting comments and found it's: • actually way less than 75 • comedy gold https://tyt.com/stories/4vZLCHuQrYE4uKagy0oyMA/6VtC4169BSqka0EuUgUaUG
@Unionhawk lol 3rd krassenstein
Uhhh Iran, u up?
@_Saeen_ @virgiltexas I have visited @CHAPOTRAPHOUSE
3:06 AM
@GodEmperorDune this world is incredibly stupid and the odds James ahmadinejad adomian is on this Thursday is about 100%
@Unionhawk so the verified account of a world leader is being run by chapo bros?
3:24 AM
@GodEmperorDune no I'm saying James adomian is going to be on the show pretending to be the former president of iran
4:18 AM
UPDATE: DEA agent in Chicago charged with protecting a Puerto Rico-based gang that murdered rivals and once shot down a police helicopter in the middle of San Juan https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-evanston-cop-international-drug-conspiracy-20181211-story.html
Very legal & very cool
BREAKING: Panama City, FL police are evicting hundreds of workers & locals displaced by #HurricaneMichael from their tent encampment in a church parking lot *right now*. They've brought in a bulldozer to scoop up their belongings and dispose of them. Pics/vids to follow.
@TimStone uhhh, wut
The helicopter part is only related to the gang tbf but it does sound exciting
Not supporting a ban on offshore drilling (H.R. 2242 / S. 750): Sherrod Brown Cory Booker Kamala Harris Tim Kaine Joe Kennedy III Amy Klobuchar Chris Murphy Beto O'Rourke Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer
it's the entire 2020 shortlist lmao
@TimStone oh i thought the DEA agent shot down the helicopter in order to protect the gang
@Unionhawk uhhhh as a former prosecutor i like drilling?
4:30 AM
I mean to be fair "Keep it in the ground act" is a bad name
Customs Border And Protection Paid A Firm $13.6 Million To Hire Recruits. It Hired 2 https://n.pr/2QPetkK
love to save the govt money
Wait what really? I didn't even know Accenture provided resources for that kind of work
I mean I guess technically they don't, apparently, but
4:53 AM
all buildings cleared. final update from fb Spox:
5:09 AM
> "While we take some exception to the OIG's characterization of the contract, we do agree the contract has been a challenge, primarily due to the innovative efforts by both parties and we are reviewing how best to use it moving forward," a CBP spokesperson told NPR in an emailed statement.
yep, i too am hard to evaluate because of my innovative efforts
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6:14 AM
@Unionhawk "No one country can drink this much water"
6:27 AM
After @SteveKingIA raises inscrutable concerns about iPhones, Google CEO Sunday Pichai patiently informs him, "Congressman, iPhone is made by a different company." https://t.co/TiNZ1t3VRo
5 hours later…
11:35 AM
Theresa May facing party leadership challenge amid Brexit troubles
Shared via the CBC News Android App
Learnings from today: don't assume it can't get worse
1 hour later…
12:52 PM
@fredley I'm pretty sure that's the lesson 2017 was trying to teach us
@Wipqozn when is she not?
i'm piss myself laughing if Theresa May was deposed by a no confidence vote and then the new PM goes to the EU and they tell them "we made this deal with Theresa May so you can fuck right off"
though in reality they'd probably just tell whoever the new PM could be the same thing May is getting told, this is the only deal for Brexit, take it or leave the EU with nothing
@Memor-X Well the EU has made it clear they have no objections to UK doing a complete 180 on this disaster
@Wipqozn 180 as in no deal or 180 as in "whoops, we changed our minds, we don't want to leave the EU, sorry we wasted all this time for nothing"
because i read that there might be another referendum just to make sure people do want to leave
@Memor-X the latter
@Memor-X That's just what some folks want, but currently isn't planned or voted on
It's also the only option that makes any sense, so it probably won't happen
1 hour later…
2:18 PM
huffs paint thinner
Once-upon-a-time rising star in Florida Democratic Party, Scott Maddox, indicted on public corruption charges. https://www.tallahassee.com/story/news/local/fbi/2018/12/11/scott-maddox-paige-carter-smith-indicted-fbi-corruption-probe-tallahassee-city-hall/2284777002/
Corruption: We All Do It!
1 hour later…
3:36 PM
The first U.S. charter school teacher strike just landed a deal https://thinkprogress.org/chicago-charter-school-teachers-reach-deal-after-strike-5ff5cc474034/ via @thinkprogress
@Unionhawk Uhhh, why would Beto O'Rourke have anything to do with a Congressional bill? People do remember that he lost his election, right?
Or is that a traumatic memory that we're suppressing?
he is still the representative of TX-16 until january
Meh, who cares about El Paso.
More seriously, supporting a ban on drilling shortly after losing a close election is a pretty easy way to literally disappear off the face of Texas politics.
Or never win any election again, even local.
I suppose if he wants to run for office in Nebraska or something next year, it wouldn't be a dumb idea.
I'd like things to be different, but things will have to change a lot more before you see Texas representatives be anything more than ambivalent on fossil fuels.
a ban on drilling is also likely a bare minimum for long term survival
so it is disappointing that the entire list of "oh look these people could be 2020" made a frankly climate denialist vote
including one who ostensibly pledged not to take oil and gas money (but who did anyway 24 times)
I don't like it either, but from a strictly strategic standpoint reps from other states are going to have to pick up the slack though because supporting a ban on drilling is an easy way to lose your office in Texas and now your district is represented by someone who's all for drilling and wants to defund Planned Parenthood and throw all the immigrants out to sea on a cardboard raft.
3:49 PM
his district is secure and also being taken by someone else
but it's something like a +17 district
Well, then that's definitely a problem.
Even if you discount the representative from Texas, what the hell is the rest of their excuses
Cory Booker has none
All the Atlantic seaboard states oppose offshore drilling
(New Jersey)
(spoiler alert: it's exactly the same excuse only without the additional "texas" plausible deniability)
I'm a Cory Booker fan
@Unionhawk Telling it like it is
3:56 PM
SHERROD BROWN: skip I want to ADDRESS this issue
[BAYLESS nods]
You KNOW I am sensitive to climate change
BAYLESS: Absolutely
But as a side note, this whole focus on who'd be running in 2020 is super-dumb and indicative of serious issues with people's views on politics. It's like everyone wants some Messianic figure to fix all their problems, ignoring the whole history of that being how literally every dictator in history has risen to power.
The bill isn't bad but I'm not really sure what it's practical impact is. It doesn't do anything with regard to current extraction, and any attempts at new drilling on the eastern seaboard are likely to meet with legal challenges anyway. Preventing drilling in Alaska seems positive but I don't know offhand how attractive new drilling there actually is right now
Senator Hatch is 1 of 4 remaining current Senators who were in Senate on first day of TV Cameras in the Senate on C-SPAN2 (6/2/86). The others: Leahy, Grassley and McConnell. See all of Sen. Hatch's 2,377 @cspan appearances here: https://www.c-span.org/person/?orrinhatch https://t.co/N1O1PyUdxR
Senator Hatch reti...ah, right, okay
@TimStone Attractive or not, a not insignificant number of people want it to happen.
@TimStone Hatch is retiring?
Yeah, that's how Mitt Romney got elected
Getting rid of Senator Hatch? Orrin, welcome to the resistance?
4:02 PM
@Yuuki I mean a not insignificant number of people want coal to come back too but the economics aren't going to play out for them
@TimStone Since when have we, as a nation, let economics get in the way of self-destructive behavior?
lol Kennedy (the non-Kennedy one) thinks we're going to have a shutdown, fantastic
yeah probably
@Yuuki I mean we're not the ones doing the drilling so there's that at least
I don't know how much easier or more difficult it is to drill in one place versus another as it relates to this
@TimStone It mostly just doesn't instill confidence that any of these people are willing to do what it takes to avert disaster
4:08 PM
1. We kind of deserve it at this point but also 2. We'd need to do something that actually averts disaster though
@Unionhawk Yupppp
Like this just bill makes it less disastery-er
"We're still screwed but not maximally screwed", so
Right, but if you're not even willing to do that,
then we're fucked because actually averting disaster won't even see the floor
I don't even know what "not supporting" means in the tweet though
That bill didn't even make it to a vote
I think it was referred to committee and was never actioned on
If someone reintroduces it next session and Pelosi refuses to bring it to the floor then we can talk about that, but 🤷
I assume it's because they didn't cosponsor the bill? But like eh
I will allow it only because none on this list are committee members
Brown being on thin ice because Portman is a member
I think I read Manchin is getting ranking member of energy which is Cool
and Not Bad
4:15 PM
Like idk that we should give people points for just sponsoring shit either. It's not meaningless but it's not doing anything necessarily
@Unionhawk lol of course
as long as he doesn't get the committee over the FDA etc
Every single member of UNSC except Pompeo is stressing the importance of JCPOA. UK, France, Sweden express concern about Iran ballistic missile activity as being inconsistent with 2231. But everyone seems far more concerned with US withdrawal from JCPOA/violating 2231.
I mean I would be concerned too if Bolton was trying to start a war with Iran just for funsies
"Mr. Cohen had the misfortune to have been counsel to the president,” Guy Petrillo says.
The implication there seems to be that Cohen is being treated harshly because of his association with Trump but it reads like "Yeah well the President is known for doing crimes so you just kinda get dragged into it"
Petrillo: "No bank has ever lost money dealing with Michael Cohen. I’ll say that again: No bank has ever lost money dealing with Michael Cohen. No friend in need has ever been turned away."
Wait, is that a defense? 🤔
4:33 PM
@TimStone I mean money laundering is lucrative too, just ask HSBC
A new trend in the workplace: "ghosting." As in, employees just leave for a new job without telling anyone at the old job. They just don't come back. Caused by a strong economy and weak social skills. Great story by @DPAQreports. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2018/12/12/workers-are-ghosting-their-employers-like-bad-dates/?utm_term=.d22090f6dec3
I'm not sure how to feel about this, lol. Like on the one hand if your company is treating you like shit I'm totally okay with not giving notice but on the other hand like, not saying anything, at all, and having your coworkers wonder if you died, idk 🤔
@TimStone I wouldn't do this personally since networking but two week notice is one-sided bullshit soooo
I still find it weird that you have no time limits on quitting by default in the US
Also, before reading this article I'm going to guess the kind of jobs contained within are like retail and other service industry. Okay, here we go, let's see.
@puzzlepiece87 Absolutely, but no notice, like you just don't mention you don't intend to work there anymore? I'm a little iffy there!
4:40 PM
@TimStone Oh, I'm iffy on it too!
> Applicants blow off interviews. New hires turn into no-shows.
shudders in networking professional
And then the other side of me:
> “You feel like someone has a high level of interest only for them to just disappear,” Howarth said.
Yes, that's almost like when you apply for posted jobs on a company site and they never get back to you in any way.
@puzzlepiece87 “we’re keeping your resume on file”
Yeah, that's pretty shitty too. It seems kind of trivial to just say like "Nah", then everyone's on the same page
Working in America is one-sided bullshit so even though I would never do any of this because I'd like to have a viable career, the fairness side of me is fist-pumping.
> service workers in his area are most likely to skip out on low-paying service positions
Yup there it is
> “We generally make two offers for every job because somebody doesn’t show up,” said Rebecca Henderson, chief executive of Randstad Sourceright, a talent acquisition firm.
Ho ho ho, boy, that's certainly one way to do it.
The airline overbooking method, that never blows up in the little guy's face
Though to be fair that's coming from someone who says her clients are happy to keep both if both accept.
> “My favorite,” he said, “was a kid who left a note on the floor in his dorm room that said ‘sorry bros, had to ghost.’”
@puzzlepiece87 as long as you honor both if both accept, I think that’s fine
4:45 PM
@GodEmperorDune Yeah I'm trying to understand did they go like, looking for him? Which would lend a bit to my point about people thinking maybe you died, lol
@TimStone own the libs by embarrassing yourself in public
As one does
@TimStone tbh it would be a good epitaph
@Yuuki my favorite is when he goes into pouty child pose for a few sentences, then is like “oh shit, cameras” and goes back into a regular pose
4:47 PM
Cohen: "This may seem hard to believe but today is one of the most meaningful days of my life. I have been living in a personal and mental incarceration ever since the day that I accepted the offer to work for a real estate mogul whose business acumen that I deeply admired."
I don't really believe that but painting Trump as emotionally abusive is something and also unrelatedly true
@TimStone "I have been living in a personal and mental incarceration" is pretty much the tagline for the Trump presidency.
For everyone in one form or another.
I found where the Teslas sleep https://t.co/oj8pzOZ8Rx
Elon's Haunted Funhouse
> Zach Keel, a 26-year-old server in Austin, made the call last year to flee a Texas bar-slash-cinema after realizing he would have to clean the place until sunrise. More work, he calculated, was always around the corner.

“I didn’t call,” Keel said. “I didn’t show up."
1. Yes more service people not surprised.
2. Bruhhhhhhhh why are you giving quote about this to a national paper omg dies in networking professional
InSight took its first selfie on Mars! This is seriously cool. Again, humans built a spacecraft, sent it to another planet and told it to take a picture of itself. This kind of documentation never gets old. @NASAInSight https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?release=2018-285
It's one thing to do it but it's another thing to immortalize it prominently online where anyone who background checks you ever in the future is going to find itttt
4:52 PM
@puzzlepiece87 I think for service and retail jobs they don’t really background check that deep
@GodEmperorDune Right of course but it would be great if Zach manages to apply and find a job as a clerk or personal assistant or receptionist or whatever to take a step up
But he made it much harder for himself because they'll just hire someone who didn't prominently go on the record as ghosting
Judge: "Mr. Cohen pled guilt to a veritable smorgasbord of fraudulent conduct."
Yeah you probably never want to hear that in your sentencing
Economic mobility in the US is a crock but still, don't close doors on yourself
@TimStone Vocabulary fun
@TimStone Tis the season, he didn't feel like saying cornucopia of crimes?
Ah, I missed this:
Trump told reporters the other day that he hired Cohen because he did a "favor" for him long ago. That favor is referenced in the SDNY memo, where Cohen helped wipe out the board of directors at Trump World Tower when they threatened to remove Trump's name from the property.
I was wondering what that was
BREAKING: Cohen is sentencing to 36 months of imprisonment.
#Venezuela President @NicolasMaduro claims US plotting to kill him and establish a dictatorship. https://twitter.com/diario_eltiempo/status/1072896510076043264
@TimStone Help me out with context here and maybe this is unknowable:
Is Cohen going for 3 years because he didn't cooperate well enough?
Like, if he hadn't been lying, would he have gotten a few months instead of 36?
5:07 PM
@puzzlepiece87 it could also be that there were so many crimes it was impossible to cooperate enough to get out of it fully
I don't think so, the stuff he plead guilty to is pretty serious regardless, especially in his capacity as a lawyer
I've generally been confused with Manafort and Cohen's post-cooperation lying, if they lose all of their credit or none of it or whatever.
@GodEmperorDune Good point
Mueller's team did say Cohen had been helpful, it was SDNY that really wanted to punish him
@TimStone Thanks.
Ah got it.
@TimStone SDNY is run by a direct trump appointee iirc
5:08 PM
@TimStone I mean probably
Like the stuff he's being charged with isn't really related to that investigation so it seems not in the interest of justice to give him credit for assisting in an unrelated matter
@TimStone Fair.
@Unionhawk Right? Like he's probably lying but it's also true
Does he have specific knowledge of such plans? Probably not. Do such plans exist? Approximately
@TimStone Though on the other hand if they were serious about putting a mob fixer (?) away they could have done it years ago I assume.
5:10 PM
it'll probably be some coalition with brazil
or something
@GodEmperorDune Correct
(Berman, He was previously ADA for SDNY in the 90's)
Cohen scheduled for voluntary surrender by March 6th
Who will advise Hannity on his real estate dealings now?!
@TimStone (a reminder that even if you do Seriously Bad things as a rich person you still get benefits)
@TimStone 3 months? Wat?
Worth noting here that Matt Gaetz grew up in the house that was used in “The Truman Show.” https://twitter.com/burgessev/status/1072898202540621824
This is actually a true fact?
Corker: “My sense is Democrats are concerned that somehow this is an attempt to undermine Lee-Sanders. It isn’t. I’ve assured them it’s just not. It’s totally unrelated.” McConnell: it's related. Vote for this, not Sanders-Lee. https://twitter.com/Brykharris_ALM/status/1072900065826652160
@GodEmperorDune Yeah it seems when you do financial crimes they leave you to get your affairs in order which is odd because it seems like that just leaves more time for financial crimes. A classic Manafort Move, if you will
And Premier Doug Ford is now gone from the hotel, snuck out through a back door to dodge questions on the current OPP commissioner’s bombshell new allegations that Ford‘s chief of staff told the OPP to buy Ford a camper van and hide the expense from the public.
Tory MP says Theresa May has just told them she will resign as PM before the next general election. Some Ministers reported to be in tears inside the committee room.
Everything's coming up garbage fire!
5:38 PM
> in tears
@TimStone whaaaaat
I mean of course this is a thing
but just....this dude, I can't
@TimStone theresa may must first answer why the backbench committee that was formed in 1923 is called the 1922 committee
and also why it is called that to begin with
6:01 PM
@Unionhawk lol I saw that
@GodEmperorDune Twitter tells me that a big gap like that is extremely typical for white collar crimes. "Take him into custody" is only for us poor folk
yeah mike has affairs to get in order
unlike the common peasant
@Ash and why a camper van, of all things?
@TimStone Best place to do cocaine?
Come to think of it I can't even remember his brothers name anymore
Oh speaking of Ford
> We've seen this same routine a few times already from this six-month-old provincial government. Ford vowed to save taxpayers $25 million over four years by cutting Toronto City Council nearly in half, and went so far as threatening to use the notwithstanding clause to deliver on it.
> But last week, Toronto councillors voted to nearly double their office and staffing budgets — from a combined $275,000 per office to $532,000 — to maintain the level of service for constituents as they adapt to the smaller council and new ward boundaries.
> Had office budgets stayed the same, the city would have saved approximately $8.5 million per year ($2.5 million in 22 fewer councillor salaries and around $6 million in saved office expenses). But the budget increase means an extra $6.4 million in expenses, cutting the net savings down to $2.1 million.
@Wipqozn Is that what you call it when Ford tries to do cocaine off the floor?
6:10 PM
Also really frustrating how people say "we need to stop wasting tax dollars!" they really mean "fuck everyone who isn't me. Stop spending money on them." Except like, that's how taxes work.
The #CohenSentencing of 3 years in prison came 3 years to the month after Michael Cohen tweeted this about @HillaryClinton.
@fredley Nostradumbass taught his pupil well.
The student has surpassed the master.
Now I’m not sure if my wordplay is correct. Is “blow” slang for cocaine or a different drug?
@TimStone God only knows.
@Wipqozn This is my shocked face
Senate just voted 50-49 to overturn this Treasury rule that exempts nonprofits from disclosing large donors to IRS: http://nytimes.com/2018/07/17/us/… Collins joined Dems. Measure now heads to House. If it gets a majority, and Trump signs, the rule is overturned.
6:55 PM
@Ash But that just looks the same as your regular face...
@Wipqozn Funny how that works, eh?
7:11 PM
Google CEO explains to Congress why searching for 'idiot' turns up pictures of Trump beta.ctvnews.ca/national/sci-tech/2018/12/12/1_4214594.html
Man one of these days I'm gonna mobile delete the sure by mobile accident
7:27 PM
The five Democrats who voted with Republicans to block a vote on Yemen: Jim Costa Al Lawson Collin Peterson Dutch Rupperberger David Scott
Now these folks, these folks we can immediately get pissed with
7:59 PM
@TimStone listen, it's not easy for someone in checks notes california 16 (D+9 D since 1976) to vote against war
(before you ask, all but one of them are like that)
8:22 PM
@TimStone u wot m8
@Yuuki hue
> FCC panel wants to tax Internet-using businesses and give the money to ISPs for broadband expansion
thank u, next
@puzzlepiece87 only tax businesses that sell oversized coffee mugs imo
@GodEmperorDune Property tax on oversized coffee mug users tbh
It literally does also apply to ISPs. But the money then comes back to them as they receive it in grants for rural broadband expansion.
@puzzlepiece87 Oooooor skip the middleman and just use that tax money to build municipal broadband.
@Yuuki My thoughts exactly.
8:35 PM
@Yuuki incidentally, some town in mass rejected a comcast bid the other day in favor of this
@puzzlepiece87 or just eat the oversized coffee mug users straightaway
@Yuuki hell yeah
ATT can go in the sea
charter is better in my area but still a pain
not to mention the "you're too far from the street for us to provide service" thing
@GodEmperorDune Talk about cutting out the middleman
or "you're on the wrong block because we have split up the area with our competitors into mini monopolies"
i'll stop now
in other news (related to the women's march thing i posted monday)
@GodEmperorDune Here here to everything you said
8:41 PM
‘I was devastated’: Family living in Canada for 6 years to be deported Christmas Eve globalnews.ca/news/4751451/family-canada-deported-christmas-eve
Who else got this weird email claiming to have contradicting information on @TabletMag's story on the Women's March but requiring an off-the-record agreement to share any of it? I've never seen anything quite like this before.
> Now, more than six years after their claim was first submitted, the Montoyas are set to be deported because a judge at Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) said they were not in need of protection. Conditions in Colombia have improved since they came to Canada, the board said, and FARC is no longer a threat.
That's the why
@Wipqozn booo, i thought yall were better than us in this
> The Montoyas have lived in Canada for more than six years. They own property, run small businesses and volunteer within their community.
open borders solves this problem, just saying
8:43 PM
Uh, please don't kick out these people who are contributing to our society in a very positive way
@Wipqozn being disruptive to people's lives should not depend on them being "good" immigrants
@GodEmperorDune we should probably reconfigure that trans mountain pipeline to act as a subway between us and other North American countries
@GodEmperorDune Is this about ethics in journalism?
@Wipqozn tbh every time i hear about the trans mountain pipeline i think it is an awesome thing for trans people then i get sad when i realize the truth
@Yuuki its an extremely weird damage control thing, i guess
also this has gotten other journalists to start looking at the original story, so yay streisand effect
@GodEmperorDune No, but my point is that these people sound like perfect candidates for being granted Canadian citizenship. The Canadian immigration system favours folks who come to Canada with the intenion of opening a local business, which these folks have already done
8:49 PM
@Wipqozn if that's the case, i don't understand why they are being deported then
@GodEmperorDune The song is so bad it did a terrorism
Harvard is using its $39 billion endowment to snap up massive amounts of rights to aquifers all over California, making a dark bet on water scarcity to profit off forthcoming mega-droughts https://www.wsj.com/articles/harvard-quietly-amasses-california-vineyardsand-the-water-underneath-1544456396
@TimStone i mean if any christmas songs were to do a terrorism, baby its cold outside and grandma got run over by a reindeer would be my top pics
@TimStone uhhhhh wtf
@GodEmperorDune Quantum of Solace
@puzzlepiece87 That's very kind to @fredley
8:56 PM
@GodEmperorDune Also a Wonderful Christmastime, which impies the choir of children practiced all year long to sing "ding dong" repeatedly
Just buy a bell y'all jeesh
@TimStone oh i repressed that one it's so awful
Exclusive: The Trump administration has decided that Vietnamese migrants who arrived before the establishment of diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Vietnam are subject to standard immigration law—meaning they are all eligible for deportation. http://on.theatln.tc/gH9M378
@TimStone definitely a hold my beer to canada for deporting those people after 6 years
"6 years? how about 50?"
@TimStone Well, not sure I want to talk to my friend about this.
@TimStone which itself was based on a real thing that happened, except quantum of solace watered down the profit margins to make it seem "more believable"
9:01 PM
Hahah oh Hollywood
#UK Prime Minister @theresa_may gets vote of confidence from her party members.
(quantum of solace had the company buy the rights and charge double, IRL the company charged quadruple)
NEW: Louisiana Senator John Kennedy says he will block unanimous consent to vote on the criminal justice reform bill tomorrow. Says he and the country need more time to digest the bill. That would mean the bill cannot pass the Senate this week.
@TimStone is this the so called "future of the democratic party" kennedy or a different one?
The non-Kennedy Kennedy again
(so the latter)
wait I thought HW Bush killed John Kennedy
9:08 PM
we need to amend the constitution to require senators to have different names
That seems fair
.@TeamYouTube has reinstated Gavin McInnes’ account.
@TimStone wew
i guess pewdiepie was upset all his links were broken
@Unionhawk No, that's the Zodiac Killer's father.
@TimStone "British PM May wins party confidence vote by 200 to 117" - reuters.com/article/us-britain-eu/…
Fun story tho that means she likely lacks votes to get the Brexit plan through so 🤷🏼‍♂️
9:12 PM
@TimStone rektxit
PewDiePie Accidentally Puts on Entire KKK Uniform in Middle of Game Stream https://thehardtimes.net/harddrive/pewdiepie-accidentally-puts-entire-kkk-uniform-middle-game-stream/
@TimStone i lolled
(friendly reminder that hard drive mag is satire)
A reminder: Margaret Thatcher got 204 votes and resigned. Theresa May got 200
@TimStone Yeah I heard about this
well not this, but the actual thing
I really wish twitch and youtube would just ban his racist ass already
@Unionhawk I suspect May won't be resigning though. Would be nice though
(that 204 was the 1990 conservative leadership election, 204-152 in the first ballot, then withdrawn)
9:22 PM
Imagine how much money Twitter could make if it wasn't run by idiots. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-46539113
lmao, Jack's excuse for going to Myanmar is just "It was a personal trip so I didn't care about the whole genocide thing"
This does not explain away "I paid money to get bitten by 117 mosquitoes and it was cool"
PJW: Free markets are excellent. The NHS needs to go. If my pills give you lead poisoning, try new Lead Poison Shield (contains soy). YouTube: We are banning channels that accuse murdered children of being false flags PJW: Nationalise everything, the revolution starts now
@Unionhawk the paid money was in the flight to myanmar, the mosquito experience was free
@Unionhawk PJW confirmed soyboi
not really news tho
Oops. Richard Leon (!!) has ordered Jerome Corsi to explain why he used a gimmick to get his lawsuit against Mueller in front of Richard Leon (!!!). https://twitter.com/big_cases/status/1072964829680467982
9:31 PM
@TimStone is this twitter leyawn?
For the backstory here Judge Leon presided over Klayman v. Obama and ruled that bulk collection of metadata is a violation of the 4th, so Corsi somehow thinks that viewpoint works in his favour and decided to claim his case against Mueller's authority is somehow "related" to that case
Thereby sidestepping the random assignment process of judges for the circuit
And Leon is like "wtf?"
NEWS: NPR reports Tribune Publishing is paying a former LAT publisher more than $2.5M to avert a lawsuit that would have disclosed an anti-Semitic slur made by then controlling owner Michael Ferro, per three pple knowledgeable about the deal. LINK: https://www.npr.org/2018/12/12/675961765/tribune-tronc-and-beyond-a-slur-a-secret-payout-and-a-looming-sale
reporters are pissed
You're the editor of the LA Times. You find out the CEO is an anti-Semite. Do you: a) confront him? b) assign an investigative reporter to expose him? Or c) use the information to get a $2.5M personal payout at a time the company is laying off journalists and closing bureaus?
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