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4:46 AM
Q: How did Carl Creel get his powers in Agents of shield?

Daniel WilliamsIn the series is Carl Reel an Inhuman? Is his origin explained? In the comics the powers comes from Loki, but there is no mention of that in the TV series.

5:24 AM
Q: How did Duras find out Kurn was Worf's brother?

Rob JacksonI've always wondered how he managed to find that out. As I just saw the scene where he fights Kurn in "Sins of the Father."

6:21 AM
Q: Are lightsabers hot?

regionalskySo lightsabers are controlled beams of energy according to the Wookieepedia lightsaber article. Obviously they’re held by the handle, which means the user's hands are only a few inches away from the blade itself. Then they would have to be not very hot in order for the user's hands to not be burn...

6:39 AM
Q: In THe First Foundation, incomplete statement of encyclopedia galactica

Florian CastelainI started reading the First Foundation. At the beginning of some chapters, there are statements from the Encyclopedia Galactica, but they are not complete or truncated, some of these chuncks seemed to contain crucial information. Is there a reason for that ? (If it is explained or understandabl...

7:17 AM
Q: Is there mention of economic crisis in DC comics?

codeczarIn this question I have asked about economic crisis due to superhero damages in Marvel comics. I want to know that similarly has there ever been mention of economic crisis in DC comics. I want to ask about the comics but you can also mention any DCAU or DCEU movies or tv series if something like ...

7:55 AM
Q: Novel where a guy made an experiment on imaginary time travel without any time machine

Serg Z.I remember reading an unusual book where a guy made an experiment on imaginary time travel without any time machine. He thought that any day was kinda his past according to a future day and sometimes his day is a future where he got from his real day that was yesterday. At first this was just a ...

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9:11 AM
Q: Where does all the technology come from?

AdamantIn Tales from the Loop, there is a variety of techology that can produce supernatural effects. Some of the technology was clearly created by Russ, namely all the robotics. Specifically, George's robot arm, and the First and Second androids. However, what about the rest? Is the Eclipse somet...

9:30 AM
Q: What explains the lack of concern toward the unusual devices and phenomena?

AdamantAround the Loop, there are various objects with unusual properties. Most of these are extraordinarily dangerous, like a machine that can stop time or a sphere that will switch whoever goes inside with the nearest person. They are easy enough to find: after all, even teenagers can find them lying ...

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12:39 PM
Q: Neil Gaiman story: Caves that lead everywhere?

ScottI read a story or a book by Neil Gaiman that I believe was set in Norse mythology but I don't think was his actual book "Norse Mythology," although I could be wrong about this. Whatever it was, he referenced a set of caves that lead to every place on Earth.

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1:56 PM
Q: Prior to the moment he was sorted, when did Harry Potter show any of Gryffindor House's listed virtues?

J. MiniI was recently rereading chapter 7 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. In this chapter, the Sorting Hat lists off the virtues associated with each House: You might belong in Gryffindor, Where dwell the brave at heart, Their daring, nerve, and chivalry Set Gryffindors a...

2:15 PM
Q: What is the origin of non-christian deites and realities in Lucifer?

doomistaI am currently reading Lucifer solo series by Mike Carey (so far I finished book 6). I also never read the Sandman series. So far my understanding of the series is such that God is the original deity, creator of all and also that the series is sticking very closely to the Hebrew version of the B...

3:12 PM
Q: After the airlock blew, how much food does Mark have left?

user127706After the airlock blew, how much food does Mark have left?

3:50 PM
Q: How was Harry supposed to know that he should have saved Ron, not the others?

Shana TarIn The Goblet of Fire before going into the lake no one told Harry what to do. It actually was the whole point that the champions should have guessed themselves about saving someone they love. Bagman didn't specify anything for them before the beginning of the second task: “Well, all our cha...

4:47 PM
Q: In Shrek 2, why didn’t the Fairy Godmother turn Pinocchio into a donkey?

Flutterbell FortunaI mean, turning him into a real boy only made him happy. That is out of place for someone who wants to cause Shrek and co. misery.

5:44 PM
Q: Why not bring back the original actors for Maddox and Icheb in Star Trek: Picard?

Donatello SwansinoIn Star Trek: Picard, the search for Doctor Bruce Maddox is an important plotline for the first half of the first season. When he is ultimately found, he is no longer being played by Brian Brophy, who played him in The Next Generation's second season episode "The Measure of a Man," but instead a ...

6:22 PM
Q: What order should I read the Orson Scott Card books in?

eviscerateSo after a successful story identification post, I've found Xenocide and am kind of overwhelmed with the amount of books there are in the so-called Enderverse. Does it make the most sense to start with the prequels and work my way chronologically from there? Do I need all of the books to underst...

7:07 PM
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10:09 PM
Q: Post-human Earth with intelligent animals. In one scene, bear rubs against crystal pylon to leech energy from structure holding stored human minds

Jacob C. says Reinstate MonicaAnother question reminded me of two similar stories that I can't place regarding intelligent animals. In the one I'm asking about in this question, there are various species of sapient animals in a far future Earth. Humans no longer walk the Earth -- they apparently all uploaded their consciousn...


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