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2:21 AM
Q: Tauri fleet location

dean1957Where are the BC-303 and BC-304 constructed? I know in Season 6 Episode 11 the female news person is taken to a desert location and takes a tour of the BC-303. Is the location ever stated where they are built like at Area 51?

3:20 AM
Q: What are all the blu-ray editions of Star Trek: The Original Series?

Z. CochraneWhat are the various editions of Star Trek: The Original Series in Blu-ray format, and what are the differences between them? I have seen one in a blue box, a version with all three seasons packed together and no box, and the 50th anniversary TV and Movie big box. At least one edition has both t...

4:19 AM
Q: Please help me find this book

SeanOk so theres this book I've been trying to find for the longest time and i just cant remember the name. So from what i remember, theres these kids that have abilities or something but people see them as bad. So the main character sees that his parents want to send him to this camp typa thing. So ...

Q: Dinosaurs and Black hole starship in fiction

Norman HaggettLooking for an old scifi book from either the 1980s or 1990s. It starts out with some confusion, but the gist is that an entire class of students on an aircraft are abducted by aliens. I believe that the wings of the aircraft are also cut off, and the cabin is placed in storage. The students bel...

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11:35 AM
Q: Anime title? Similar to guyver

The77cesSo I've been searching for this anime that for the life of me I cannot remember the name. To be honest I dont remember if it was a short series or movie either. I saw it back in the early to mid 90s. It was kinda gory. But it was about a highschool aged boy who somehow gets this power. It was alm...

12:32 PM
Q: Why was the hazing seen in the initial montage so much more playful than Rosa's?

O. R. MapperThe Dutch horror series Ares opens with a montage of an (unnamed?) young woman joining the secretive titular Ares student association. One of the scenes shows her going through a hazing ritual where she has to crawl through a tunnel whose walls are made out of cloth. We can see bright (sun?)ligh...

12:51 PM
Q: Was this event in the opening montage related to similar events later on in the show?

O. R. MapperIn the opening montage of Dutch horror series Ares, an (unnamed?) young woman Later in the series, Jacob, one of the protagonists, finds a mysterious He is later shown to touch several members of the association Is the event from the opening montage related to the later ? My impressi...

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3:04 PM
Q: Time travel in Doraemon - was the Stable Timeloop effect ever really adverted?

BlueSoulThe basic premise in the Japanese manga/anime Doraemon is that the titular character - a robot cat from the 22 century - was sent to the past to help Nobita Nobi to improve his future. In the first episode of the show, Nobita grandson Sewashi Nobi specifies that due to Nobita poor grades in schoo...

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6:15 PM
Q: What is this character and what are its powers?

codeczarIn Legends of Tomorrow season 5 episode 6 Constantine calls a mysterious creature to heal him from Lung Cancer. What is this creature (character) and what are the powers that it posseses?

6:53 PM
Q: Why is Harry still protected at the Dursleys even after the fourth book?

user126513It is said that Harry is protected due to this whole blood protection thing and Aunt Petunia as Lily’s sister and so on. I get this, but why is the protection still "active" after the fourth book in which Voldemort took Harrys blood? After that, he is able to touch him, harm him... When you imag...

7:50 PM
Q: Did Luke have help using the force on Hoth in the wampa cave?

EwokSniperIn ESB, Luke hangs upside down in the wampa cave and reaches out to pull his lightsaber to him as to cut himself down- But we know that at this point his Jedi Powers are severely limited, and as we see later in the movie he has much to learn from Yoda. So, as we seem him reach out for his lightsa...

8:08 PM
Q: how many letters were used in the scene?

AbiWhat I want to know, is how many letters were used when they made the scene of hundreds of letters flying from the chimney. Did they use one? Did they use hundreds? from a website that I looked at, I think it is 1. Please tell me

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9:24 PM
Q: Old (pre 2000) science fiction story of personal robot

Richard OdenwellerI am looking for sci-fi short story that may have appeared in Analog prior to 2000. It had to do with a personal assistant robot that was intended to protect it's human partner from harm. The robot was self learning. The learning program could adjust itself as it learned about the environment ...

9:43 PM
Q: The Light Brigade question

MoohbearJust finished "The Light Brigade" from Kameron Hurley. Enjoyed the read very much, especially how everything neatly closes. There's one detail at the end that nags at me though:

10:21 PM
Q: Does Harry Potter pass the Bechdel test?

UltimateMolluskThe Bechdel test "is a measure of the representation of women in fiction. It asks whether a work features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man. The requirement that the two women must be named is sometimes added." The criteria are: The movie (or book, or s...

Q: Brain-eating alien that incorporates memories/function of the eaten

J.HirschTrying to remember a book/storyline. Possibly a StarTrek novel. Alien bird-like with a beak 'cracks' the skull open and swallows the brain whole. Brain is incorporated into their skull, becoming dual-brained? It's not "Conspiracy" or the Bugs. I thought that one of the brains could be suppresse...


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