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12:52 AM
Q: Name of a sci-fi story about cannabalism

PB-DI remember reading a story in which unwanted infants were sold as food in open markets, although I don't think that was the main theme of the story. It was published in a monthly science fiction magazine (i.e. Analog, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Astounding Stories, etc), so it could have been a s...

Q: Dark Childrens book involving searching for keys

user91827I'm trying to remember the title of a children's picture book I last read years ago. The illustrations were rather dark and elaborate/intricate. The plot followed a man, I think as he searched for keys through a large city. I remember it being 7 keys in Paris, but that may not be correct. I feel ...

1:06 AM
Q: Looking for the name of a cartoon series I saw years ago. Infinity gauntlet-like worn by a teenage boy?

SkykHey so for years I have been looking for a series which I saw one episode of when I was sick at home as a kid. The show was about a teenage boy who wore some glove with slots in it. And for every slot there was a magic stone which each gave the wearer certain powers. From my mind it was very mu...

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2:08 AM
Q: Fantasy - maybe trilogy - boy melded with demon

diGritz1The book I am looking for is a fantasy book which was, I believe, published in the 2000s. It was supposed to be part of a trilogy. It took place in a alternate/different world other then Earth and focused on a protagonist that was meshed/combined with a demon. Something akin to Dr. Banner/Hulk. I...

2:37 AM
Q: Is it possible that Ash Tyler and Jose Tyler are related?

ThylorionAfter Ash Tyler was introduced on Star Trek: Discovery, I have been wondering if he could be related in some way to Jose Tyler, who appeared on Star Trek's original pilot, "The Cage". Theoretically, he should be serving on the Enterprise during Discovery.

2:56 AM
Q: Who was the first stretching comic book character?

Politank-ZWith Mr. Fantastic and Plastic Man as probably the best known examples, superhero comics have a diverse group of characters whose primary or exclusive power is to stretch their bodies into improbable shapes. The earliest example of such a character I'm able to find is Thin Man from Marvel predece...

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3:59 AM
Q: What does the sonic screwdriver scan when it scans for life?

JacobThe Doctor often uses his sonic screwdriver to scan for life. In Season 6 Episode 8 (Let's Kill Hitler) he What does the sonic screwdriver analyze when counting life/life forms? Possibly heartbeat, blood flow, brain activity, or some higher order of life that Gallifreyans have known of for mi...

4:13 AM
Q: In Cursed Child, why do they use Voldemort's name instead of the Dark Lord?

Ajay Narayanan Why then is everybody using his name? Even in the original series, a. Death Eaters call him the Dark Lord b. They get angry at Harry when he uses the name Voldemort c. Under the assumption that everything up to the battle of Hogwarts remains more or less the same, they must've kept the taboo s...

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6:46 AM
Q: Identify the characters in this Doctor Who webcomic panel

Politank-Z This image is a product of In Print, a Doctor Who webcomic covering matters from throughout the franchise and into its most obscure offshoots. Can you identify these characters?

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7:49 AM
Q: Does Hawkmoth choose the powers of his minions?

AdamantWhen Hawkmoth akumatizes his victims, they take on powers and characteristics, usually related in some way to their non-akumatized identities. Does Hawkmoth have any influence over what persona and powers his minion villains receive, and simply like choosing apt personas, or does it happen acco...

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9:06 AM
Q: Where does the Naruto "Mother of Chakra" anime storyline start

NoosrepOver the years I have watched episodes of Naruto but I kinda lost thread when they started a storyline with Madura, the Mother of Chakra and almost everyone was stuck in a dream. It was a period with a lot of boring fillers and I wanted to start again but obviously not from the beginning of the s...

9:33 AM
Q: Why do the Borg care so much about Earth?

colmdeSo the Borg are introduced to the Federation by Q, but the fact remains the Federation lives on the other side of the Galaxy, and aside from more possible encounters with Q / Caretaker like beings, the chances are they will never meet again. So after the initial encounter, why are the Borg so i...

10:02 AM
Q: Why is the Universe filled with Mushroom spores?

hawkeyeIn Star Trek Discovery S1:E03 Context is For Kings, we find that Lorca's ship has a Spore Drive. The technology used mycelium spores harvested from Prototaxites stellaviatori to jump or leap across the mycelial network. Why is there a mycelial network across the universe? It sounds like an...

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12:25 PM
Q: Post-consumerism (?) empire novel

ivanmI recently remembered reading a soft sci-fi novel about 10-15 years ago (borrowed from a library); the basic premise was of some space empire (based throughout the Solar System I believe, but primarily in Space rather than on planets, moons, etc.). Most people I believe lived on some kind of rin...

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1:38 PM
@Mithrandir ?
...oh, whoops
puts it back in the queue
@Mithrandir The flag on that post just got disputed after your review, but you can re-flag it to send it back into review.
It's a good thing disputed flags don't act as declined flags :p
And I apologize to whoever flagged that
It's all my fault. Add it to the list.
@Mithrandir In what sense?
I think they still count as unhelpful flags for e.g. flag bans/warnings.
I don't think so?
Not sure
A: What is the difference between disputed and declined flags?

bfavarettoDeclined flag: if the flag was reviewed by a moderator who did not agree with you (for other, spam, offensive and comments flags) they decline them. Flagging to close a question will push the flag to the close review queue, and if the review is completed without any user casting a close vote the ...

Nope, don't count towards the ban
1:47 PM
How do disputed flags factor into this? Since you only talk about percentage declined, does disputed count the same as helpful for the purposes of flag bans/warnings? — Rand al'Thor 13 secs ago
@Mithrandir Ah, OK.
I think I'll let that comment stand though. It's still useful to have the info on that page as well.
Q: Name of old, animated kid's film from back in the late 70s, early 80s about a falling star, placed as headlight in car

KMoranI'm looking for the name of any old children's film I watched back in school in the late 70s, early 80s. The style of the movie was what got me: it was a stop motion film, but drawn in crayon, taking children's crayon drawings, and using those scenes in the movie. I don't remember the entire plot...

Q: Who made the alethiometer and how?

James KIn Northern Lights, the alethiometers were said to have been made in Prague in the 17th century, and it is later suggested that their creation is parallel to the Scientific Revolution in Europe in our universe. In The Book of Dust Malcolm asks my question: "Why don't they make another one?" The ...

2:47 PM
@Mithrandir Thanks mith...
@Edlothiad oh, it was you? Never mind then.
(just kidding ;P)
Gorram, it doesn't seem to be hitting the review queue this time around.
This seems to be just a joke answer, which wouldn't be acceptable on the site by today's standards, so I'm deleting it per this meta post. — Rand al'Thor ♦ 11 secs ago
And now I got a +1 from that deletion. Need to find another bad answer.
I downvoted six answers today, you're welcome to delete another one
@Mithrandir ... why is that URL all-caps-ified?
Because I turned on caps lock to write VLQ
And decided to not fix it for the irony
2:59 PM
But why did you write the URL out by hand at all?
I didn't
I'm on mobile, and mobile caps lock is weird
2 hours later…
4:53 PM
BTW, @JohnP, if you wanted to review Reopen Votes there were a lot yesterday, and I'm starting again... now, so all 3kers can get some nice review stats ;)
Q: What is the end-state of a starship that has been assimilated by the Borg?

Robert ColumbiaIn this answer : https://scifi.stackexchange.com/a/68985/70477 , the poster states, As mentioned by MarvelX42, when assimilating a ship that uses screens, it makes sense to just keep using those screens rather than to re-program the whole ship to bypass them. This is especially compelling sin...

Q: Was the Three Jokers storyline ever explained?

FuzzyBootsIn DC Universe Rebirth #1, the payoff for Batman sitting in the Mobius Chair and asking about the true identity of the Joke was that there were three Jokers. The site I linked above has their own theory, but has this ever been officially addressed in the comics? Was the storyline just dropped?

5:08 PM
@Mithrandir Still waiting...
there are two currently in the queue
Only 1 for me.
Q: StarTrek paradox

user3785806If StarTrek ships travels a lot faster than Speed of Light, means that in 1 year of exploration on a starship more years have passed on earth meanwhile. The same for communication, if a ship is like 100 ly far away from earth, a simple communication would take 100 year. This means that all missi...

now there are 3 in the queue
@Mithrandir Not for me. I see zero.
5:18 PM
This question does not have an accepted answer and should be reopened. — Mithrandir 2 mins ago
This does not have an accepted answer and should be reopened. — Mithrandir 10 mins ago
This question does not have an accepted answer and should be reopened. — Mithrandir 27 mins ago
If I go to the questions, I can see the reopen option, but if I refresh the review queue, they don't appear.
blame caching
@JohnP *frowns*
don't VTC unless the OP has confirmed before
in this case it's okay, Community closed it
but for future reference
@Mithrandir Which one did I do that on?
hrm. How does community vtc?
5:25 PM
tossed another one into the reopen queue
@JohnP OP confirming it's a dupe
@Mithrandir Ah. Cleared my cache, still not seeing them come up in review queue on refresh.
@JohnP They are trickling in
@amflare They are not appearing for me at all. Weird.
I've only seen two in the last 30 minutes, so I might be in the same boat as you.
one just showed for me, refresh maybe?
5:51 PM
@Mithrandir - The one you just nominated, the linked question has a comment leading to a third question for the same one with an accepted answer. Might just need a mod to redo the duplicate pointing link.
Q: A book about a car crashing off of an interstate or express way?

Klaus KinskiThe driver crashes his car and it goes over the barrier. The other cars are going to fast and never stop. There is a society living where he has crashed and I think he robbed quickly. This is so vague a memory of the book. The live under the express way or interstates and there is no way out. Tha...

@JohnP convoluted
6:06 PM
6 in the queue now
@Buzz - can you drop in here a minute please?
oh, you're here :P
anyway, I'd like to know why you're voting to leave these closed
our policy is not to close Story-ID questions as dupes unless both OPs have confirmed that the correct story has been identified
so the ones that I'm voting to reopen here really should be reopened
and I'm not sure why you're voting to leave closed
if you could tell me, @Buzz, that would be great
6:29 PM
@mith, you're a mod, do you know if there is a way to view combined review stats rather than queue specific stats?
The "policy" doesn't really accord with the system-wide criteria for judging duplicates. I don't believe in reopening obvious duplicates; especially when the askers are not likely to reappear and confirm the duplicate status, it degrades the quality of the site as a database of answered and cross-linked questions.
@Buzz site-specific policy overrides network-wide policy, I'm afraid.
for one person or for everyone?
@amflare ^
probably SEDE
one (though I won't complain about the latter)
oh okay.
you can go to your profile
6:34 PM
You are entitled to your opinion, as am I; and having them at variance is resolved by the democratic systems of this site.
@Mithrandir, would you mind adding a link to the policy decision to your VTRO comments? (scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/7065/…)
By that I mean future comments
Q: Trying to Find a Children's Book from the 1970s (or prior) about a "Monster" Chasing a Child or Children

JoshDuring the middle 1970s, when I was in fifth grade, I had a teacher who routinely read stories to our class during the afternoon. She read us one, which I believe was a picture-style children's book, not a full novel-length work, and which has bits and pieces stuck in my memory ever since. Hence...

Q: Did Umbridge knew the truth?

Jaideep KhareI was reading The Deathly Hallows (again) recently and a question popped up in my mind- did Dolores Umbridge who, worked as the head of the Muggleborn Registration Commission, knew that the Ministry had fallen to the hands of You-Know-Who?Or for that matter did others working for the Ministry, ap...

no need to go back :P
6:43 PM
I guessed
7:14 PM
Q: Short story about a time machine used for parcel delivery

DqwertyCPublishing Time This was a short story in a SciFi anthology I read in my school library about a decade ago. I think the anthology was a few years old, from the early 00s, but it may have been older. Setting The story was set in the near-future. Space travel had advanced somewhat and I remember t...

7:28 PM
Q: Looking for the title of a book where the ruling women have psychic powers

BrendaThis book was published in the 70's or 80's. The women had psychic powers but were bonded to their husbands who they could not disobey. The heroine of the book is bonded to a man (who is the bastard son of one of the rulers) against her will but her unique combination of powers allow her to bre...

7:50 PM
even aside from the reopening, this effort has caused a lot of old answers to get improved, and I'm happy about that
8:15 PM
8:31 PM
What happened to waiting for me to be online...
@Mithrandir starting around 10am your time is a good time to start
That's when I get online, but I can't start then
8:48 PM
Why? It’ll get cleared quick don’t worry
...because I don't have access to my computer then, it's usually just my phone at that point.
9:06 PM
It got cleared quick @edl, don't worry
9:41 PM
@amflare Don't get me started... This silly crusade and I miss reaping the benefits
Q: Identify this book about an alien performance artist

BroklyniteSherman, set the Wayback Machine to 1995, give or take one year. New York still had an amazing Fifth Avenue Book Fair, where you could buy used books on the street, meet your favorite authors, and many publishers gave away physical books for free to as many as would take them. Ballantine Books ...


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