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12:13 AM
Q: Looking for a romance story about a travel writer

Mike28She is a travel writer but meets a man who she falls in love with. I read it years ago and remember it being really good. Think it's in the genre of romance / erotic romance

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1:43 AM
Q: Did Houdini make any creative contribution to Under the Pyramids?

BuzzIt is well know that H. P. Lovecraft wrote the story "Under the Pyramids" (also known as "Imprisoned with the Pharaohs") for the world-famous magician and escape artist Harry Houdini. Houdini narrates the story, and it was published under the magician's name. What I am wondering is simple: Was...

1:57 AM
Q: Neutron star aliens come to visit Earth. As they leave, they give us three gifts including removing black holes from the Sun

JGoodHard SciFi book, with nearly 2 dimensional life (on a neutron star) that goes zipping past earth. They see our sun and that sparks their interest in space (they evolve super-fast). We send a spaceship, and eventually they communicate with us, reading our entire list of knowledge in just one or t...

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4:19 AM
Q: Short story, marooned starliner passengers on jungle world, only civilized beings keep pets

Skipper SanoTitle: no data Author: no data Date of publication: no data Date I first read it by: 1976 Collection of short sci-fi stories, checked out as a public library book, which I read in early/mid 1970's. I know there were other stories in this collection by a mixed set of authors, but I cannot rec...

4:49 AM
Q: Why do people in the Star Trek universe still use teleporters

coteyrThere seem to be many malfunctions, people getting duplicated, merged, and what not. Why do people still use the transporters? They don't exactly seam safe or reliable.

5:03 AM
Q: What really happened in this scene?

Thinker ManScene where Fisherman bought pearls to queen, Then Queen took one pearl and said some prayer and gave it back to fisherman. And Fisherman gave it to one female alien and tell to give it to her female alien's sister. After receiving pearl from female alien, female alien's sister feed to some creat...

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7:05 AM
Q: Animated Movie with Pegasus

D. StansfieldSo when I was a child, this would have been around 1990's and later. I watched an animated movie where there were a group of Pegasus living by a waterfall and mountainous area. There were both white and black Pegasus. If I am remembering it right they spoke (although I could be mistaken). Perhap...

8:15 AM
Q: Does this line in the heroes of Olympus imply something about the trials of Apollo

Suhrid MulayIn the last book of the heroes of Olympus (Blood of Olympus). Just after Nico sends Bryce into the underworld and collapses he (nico) has a dream wherein he sees Ella the harpy saying: The fall of the sun.... Does this line hint towards the next series (the trials of Apollo) or at something else

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9:17 AM
Q: Is Harry Potter's real name Henry?

WallnutDid James and Lily Potter Christen Harry "Harry" or "Henry"? I don't recall him ever being referred to as Henry in either the books or the movies, but (in the UK at least) it would be odd for a boy to actually be named Harry, as it's normally an informal form of Henry. Has JK Rowling said anythin...

9:59 AM
Q: Do invisibility cloaks work underwater?

InvokerAs far as I recalled, there isn't even a part that proves these invisibility cloaks work underwater. I researched my question and tried to browse the sites given to me but the answers aren't there. It just made me curious these past few days. Harry could have used his invisibility cloak in the ...

Q: Why is origin of Fenrir and Hela different in the movies as compared to the comics

adilIn the movie the origin of Fenrir the giant beastly wolf is more or less unknown and Hela is depicted as Odin's daughter and Thor's Sister, however in the comics both Fenrir and Hela are children to Loki. What could have been the need to mess up the family tree of Norse Mythology in the movies? ...

10:28 AM
Q: How can info lose its value?

Thinker ManLaureline said these words to Doghan Daguis after she heard an alert in section B. Actually Doghan Daguis gave some info about Mill converter to Laureline just before this alert: It appears your info just lost its value. Now get out of my face. Move, pigeons.

10:44 AM
Q: Story that involved an army with eagles being defeated by cannon

StanOverflowThe plot points I remember are: At the start, there are two armies about to fight, one has eagles(the good guys) and has never faced the cannon of the opposition. The battle goes badly for the good guys as their eagles are shot down by the cannon. Later in the book a character discovers prisone...

11:16 AM
Q: Why does Michael Burnham not regain her insignia badge when she joins The Discovery?

hawkeyeIn Star Trek Discovery S1:E1 - The Vulcan Hello - with Captain Georgiou, we see Michael Burnham wearing a Star Trek insignia badge. Later in Star Trek Discovery S01:E07 - Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad we see that Michael Burnham doesn't have an insignia badge - despite having a position...

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1:34 PM
Q: How could O'Neill open a gate connection to the Asgard

GlostasTo open a wormhole into another galaxy a huge amount of energy is needed. ZPM to go to Atlantis for example. Nevertheless, O'Neill could reach the Asgard home planet. Afterwards the SGC never reached it. Was there ever a explanation I do not remember?

1:48 PM
Q: Dragons, People, Shape shifting, A book forgotten

theDON_11of7So I'm looking for a book that I read when I was a teenager (around 2009). The book is most defiantly fantasy. The book was around an inch and a half thick, with a hard cover, there was a picture on the front in color, but I don't remember exactly what it was. It would have been 25-30 hours worth...

2:35 PM
Q: Why don't rebels take Stormtroopers' armor?

Kaleb GoodlowAdmittedly, the armor of the stormtroopers is not the best, but it's better than nothing. Why don't the rebels strip the armor from dead stormtroopers to use with their best soldiers? I'd really like to understand why they don't do this.

2:49 PM
Q: How can Captain America's shield make any sound?

ASH-AisyahIn Captain America: The First Avenger, Howard Stark introduces Vibranium to us, saying that it's 'a lot stronger than steel, and a third the weight, and it's completely vibration-absorbent'. This is while Steve is trying out the Vibranium shield. And we all know that when you hit something, the ...

3:02 PM
Q: How Nightcrawler's teleportation ability works during high speed movement?

Lucas DuffeckIf we think about Physics, it is a well known fact that a moving object will only have it's speed changed if another force is applied on it. This is called inertia. There are more implications about this, but I want to stay with the simplest interpretation of it. Here are some questions I've bee...

3:17 PM
Q: Why do all Pearls Aliens speak with a female voice?

Thinker ManI already checked IMDB cast list, and all the voice actors for Pearls Aliens are females. Even the Emperor of the Pearls Alien speaks with a female voice. Is there any explanation behind this choice to have all female voices?

4:01 PM
Q: What is the nature of the Minbari Warrior Caste?

George BoraIn this video the human General makes the claim that the Minbari dedicate a third of their population to war, Londo corrects him and says that they have a Warrior Caste and it's not the same thing. But Londo does not give more details about what the Minbari having a Warrior Caste actually means....

4:15 PM
Q: How does a low tech world react when leaving their world?

Connor LonerganMany Imperial Guard regiments hail from planets that lack just gunpowder. What I want to know is how do they react when they get sent away from their homeworld to anywhere in the galaxy. I would imagine that boarding the transport ships alone is a complete culture shock to the guys armed with j...

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5:46 PM
Q: Cant remember the book name or author

Steven CooperA while back, I read a fantasy book about a boy who ends up in another world inhabited by a people called the Sidhe (I think). He got there while visiting an old man at night, but something spooked him and he ran into the garden, where he went through a portal. He was taken in by three witches, u...

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7:15 PM
Q: Love Enterprise, HATE the theme tune

Rob ClarkeLet me rephrase the question asked below so that it is unique and not a duplicate. How do people feel about the theme in relation to the show's content and how it fits into the trek universe, taking into account the style of previous themes? So after many epic theme tunes; TOS, TNG, DS9 why did ...

Q: cant remember the title

kythroneThere is this book I remember reading but cant remember the name of it. Its in a series about a human female sent to kill this male alien to save her daughter but falls in love with him instead. Could anyone help me with the name of the title and or series?? I have tried looking for it at public ...

7:58 PM
Q: Looking for title of anthology about alien attack and rebuilding then future of Earth

R. DentAliens attack because we are close in technology to them but instead of completely wiping us out they set up some shields around a few small groups so the Earth can rebuild while they advance further beyond us. They turn everything that is carbon-based and not shielded to ash. One story followe...

8:18 PM
Q: Sci-fi/Fantasy movie which identifies the Cow as the ugliest creature in the universe

JoEllenMI am looking for a fantasy'/scifi movie which has galaxy cops coming to earth. The scene that I remember is one of the characters identifying a cow as the ugliest creature in the universe.

2 hours later…
9:51 PM
Q: How did Hawkeye know that the Tesseract was able to open portals before he saw it?

DerekDuring Avengers (2012), at the beginning of the movie before Loki activates the Tesseract, Nick Fury and Hawkeye have the following exchange: Hawkeye: No one's come or gone. And Selvig's clean. No contacts, no I.M.'s. If there was any tampering, sir, it wasn't at this end. Nick Fury: At ...


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