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12:28 AM
Q: During the Battle of Hogwarts, why didn't Hogwarts order House Elves to seize the wands of all Death Eaters?

BatDobby was able to magically seize several wands from several wizards in Malfoy Manor and wizards were helpless against it. It means House Elves, if they decide to act, can easily seize wands from any wizard before he/she can cast any spell. Also, Hogwarts had an army of House Elves. Why didn't H...

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1:39 AM
Q: Book about a kid in VR sci-fi

Christopher 2EZ 4RTZI read a book that was science fiction in the future (nearish). It was about a kid who played a game and his school was hosted in VR. There was this massive VR wide scavenger hunt that the winner got control of the VR company. It was a decent length book and relatively new. Any ideas on what book...

2:03 AM
Q: What is Kirk referring to when he says "we've done it [time-travel] before" in Star Trek IV?

hawkeyeIn Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home we read: McCOY: Are you really going to try this time travel in this rust bucket? KIRK: We've done it before. McCOY: Sure, slingshot around the sun. If you pick up enough speed you're in time warp. If you don't, you fry. When did Kirk do time travel via Warp ...


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