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9:59 AM
For next month the proposed photo competition theme is @MarkMayo's "How Did That Happen". Roll back to the 14th of October to find more explanation.
I think this will be the last competition I am running.
I am getting very sad of getting two downvotes on the competition questions and on one of the answers/photos each and every month.
:( That’s a shame, I liked the competition’s but I see where you are coming from
@Willeke I noticed that as well. Do you think it’s worth contacting a CM to see who is making those votes for no apparent reasons? That’s not genuine voting, that’s voting your answers and questions down specifically
It does not have to be the end of the competition. It is just that I am taking a break at least. Someone else can take over instead or for a shorter time.
If you want and you let me I can volunteer to run it if you want?
@Daniil, I have thought about that, searching out who, but that does not stop me feeling bad about it. And I have done it for a year.
@Daniil, I think I would like a few people to discuss whom takes over, but if nobody else steps of, yes please.
10:07 AM
@Willeke Yeah I completely get it. Can I just say though you’ve done a really great job!
@Willeke Should I post on meta about it, or you can if you want?
I was going to just leave it here but I think Meta will be better indeed.
I will post it on Meta myself.
@Willeke Yeah I think it’s better that way since you were running it
10:29 AM
Q: Photo competition in search of a new person

WillekeHaving run the photo competition for about a year I am stepping down. I am not sure if it is permanent or whether I will come back. But for now November will be the last one I will run. This does not mean that the competition needs to stop, rather not. If you are willing to take over, alone or w...

@Daniil, I have not yet mentioned your offer to take over, I think you should do that yourself, in either a comment or an answer.
Got to go.
Ok, will do. Bye
4:25 PM
@MarkMayo see
Q: Who is the most generous user in the network?

GlorfindelFrom time to time, questions are bountied and here on Meta it's often a select group of users who does this. They offer some of their reputation to make users and staff aware of what they think are important topics that need to be addressed (or have been addressed in an excellent way). This ques...

5:42 PM
@Willeke your meta post has been downvoted as well
I left a comment, with my personal view.
Lets see if they continue if it is no longer me that posts the competition.
Yeah, let’s see. Also just checking whether the downvoter voted on my answer, did you vote on my answer?
Your answer is on +3 -0, so no downvote there.
No but I mean did you vote it up? Cause if you didn’t it probably means the downvoter voted my answer up
If 4 votes were cast on the question (one by me) and 3 on the answer then it probably means all other 3 users both voted in the question and answer except if the upvote was from you meaning the downvoter didn’t cast a vote on my answer
6:00 PM
I did vote up.
Ok, that means the downvoter most likely just downvoted your question

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