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Hello and Welcome to the Bioinformatics.SE website/chatroom! :)
Hello :)
Congrats @Franck Dernoncourt! Your propsal made it into private beta now let's see if it will make it out! :)
Hi all,
I have a curiosity question for everyone. How many people here are working in the field of bioinformatics are NOT working specifically on Next Gen Sequencing? I am curious to find out what ppl are doing in other areas of research.
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Should 'join this community' work on beta now?
Ok, worked.
No one is asking.
What is your location and topic of interest?
This room is full on the first day.
Hi everyone
Come on people we need someone to post something.
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Hi all, Location?
Hi everyone!
I am currently working in proteomic field. So not NGS.
How many ppl here are students and not in industry?

I did proteomics a while ago, I think that is a great area.
Hello all..
Im a student..
Hi Prradep, Does the majority of your class work include NGS or you get a broader variety of topics? I am asking because I went back to grad school and find my dept is leaning toward NGS and with out much emphasis on a variety.
Any one else?
Congrats @kenorb on being the first poster.
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Hope it's not too simple question.
Congrats @arjafi on being the first MOD to enter the room! :)
Proposal Bioinformatics Complete.
Was @arjafi even here?
I thought I saw him/her came.
Hi there
@Tensibai Can you refresh this link:
37 mins ago, by Henry WH Hack v2.0
and this one:
Kenorb, first poster on every beta :)
37 mins ago, by Henry WH Hack v2.0
Since I'm not sure if @arjafi really entered the room.
Congrats @Tensibai on being the first MOD to enter the room! :)
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I'm mod only on devops @HenryWHHackv2.0
I've no access on bioinformatics as I didn't commit to this site
no the link in the chat
On chat rooms out of SO by design also but that's incidental
in Paranormal, 38 mins ago, by Henry WH Hack v2.0
Go to the proposal and click visit this site.
I know, but I'd prefer to let you committed users take the dance of private beta first :)
I was just asking you to edit this and this so the links will become like this:
@Tensibai See^
Ok well it doesn't matter.
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They will inbox In chat once the site move to public beTa
@kenorb Do you have the review button?
7 OR 14 days , can't remember
But works when going to /review
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Nothing to review?
(would make sense the link doesn't show before first flag)
Who will want to make a spin off of this post?:
Q: What should the name of our main chatroom be called?

Henry WH Hack v2.0Every Stack Exchange site (Not all) main chatroom has a unique name that is related to the main site itself. for Example: SuperUser: Root Acess Gaming: The Bridge IOT: Chat of Things Unix & Linux: /dev/chat and etc What should our main chat room be named? The Real Essential Questions of Ev...

(BBL , time to get kids to bed)
Last advice if I can, don't hurry too much, let a few days pass before starting those talks, my 2 cts
@kenorb Congrats you have two post with -3 votes LOL! :D
Poor you!
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just improvising
I still think designing proteins from scratch is a good question.
May sound stupid for the experts, who knows.
Or too simple
I have one thing to ask.
6:50 PM
I just found this joke: ask ten bioinformaticians a single question and you'd get 10 different answers
I don't get it?
Probably because there is no single answer to bioinformatics questions.
> Reverse Protein and RNA Folding Problem. Given a representation (be it distance matrix, coordinate vector, vector graphic etc) of protein or RNA structure RsRs, find an underlying sequence SS that would adopt the structure. Does such algorithm exist? If so, is it beyond PP?
This bullet point was my inspiration to the question.
But I don't know how to rephrase my question to make it sense.
[Is bioinformatics growing?](
Is bioinformatics growing? Sorry it is not growing.
This is room number 58858.
7:04 PM
Great to know.
Yeah that's kind of interesting.
[Does algorithm for Reverse Protein and RNA Folding Problem exist?](
101 2
The 100th user.^
7:26 PM
I'm out.
I will come back again later.
@oaxacamatt yes..
Out of curiosity, does the First questions match the ones in the definition phase?
8:35 PM
hi everyone
how are u doing ?
to answer @oaxacamatt's question
I'm doing a Master internship in bioinformatics
I'm developing a model that simulate the impact of DNA supercoiling in transcription (using python)
@Bilal Good
8:51 PM
Hey hello @zx8754 :)
@Tensibai Hey kids in bed? :P
Yep, and wife also, everyone is tired (wife slept with the kids who were both sick last night)
Glad to see I won't have to promote this site into GMT :p
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This post has 5 upvotes, to me it is too broad. Still not very clear type of questions considered acceptable here.
2 hours later…
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I have returned!
@kenorb Are you in?

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