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@orthocresol Given it was answered by a comment and not generally useful, I would agree - delete.
@orthocresol Agreed effectively a dead question - delete.
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Q: Can I maintain a constant relative humidity using saturated salt solution, at greater than atmospheric pressure?

JamesAt atmospheric pressure and between temperatures of ~0 to 100 °C, well known relationships between established humidity and given saturated salt solution are available. I.e. ASTM E104 describes this. I am looking at doing some experiments in high pressure, and potentially high temperature condit...

^5 years no answer, user is deleted/never joined Chem.SE. Recommend delete.
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Q: Conversion of moles water vapor to moles hydrogen for my online homework

CassieOnline homework problem: How many moles of water vapor react to yield 151.52 moles of hydrogen? I did, $$x \text{ mol } \ce{H2O} = 151.52 \text{ mol }\ce{H2} \frac{1 \text{ mol } \ce{H2O}}{3 \text{ mol } \ce{H2}} = 50.51 \text{ mol } \ce{H2O}$$ The online homework system says it's wrong.

^res ipsa loquitur. Recommend delete
Q: Solubility in non-aqueous solutions?

user19933How do you determine which solids are more soluble in non-aqueous solutions? Here is the question that I struggle to understand the answer to: Which solid is much more soluble in 1 M HCl than in H2O? (A) CaHPO4 (B) CaCl2 (C) BaBr2 (D) BaSO4 The answer is A and it's from the U...

^Could this be edited? The answer is somewhat insightful. I might edit a fake attempt if it is worth reopening.
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Q: Extraction of nickel from its ores

Emma MarshallHow is nickel mined and extracted from its ores? What are the appropriate word and chemical equations for this process?

delete me fast
oh but +8 answer :/
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That’s indeed an oddity.
Well, content quality shouldn’t be judged based on votes alone. I don’t think the question as it stands deserves -14. Nor do I think the answer deserves +8. I think both Q and A are good enough to keep, perhaps not the best example of quality content, but it is a decent, useful Q&A.
Votes guide us towards identifying good content and bad content, but even when we find highly downvoted/upvoted questions/answers we still want to think about whether they are broadly useful.

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