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@SimplyBeautifulArt how long vertically can you make a chat message in one line, using mathjax?
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12:28 PM
@LeakyNun @SimplyBeautifulArt: Anyone here likes real-valued rainbows? =)
A: Does there exist any relationship between non-constant $N$-Exhaustible function and differentiability?

user21820My earlier example was an ad-hoc one that achieved the goal by just having a parameter that one can tweak to make $f$ get closer to (but not touching) the line defined by "$x=y$". One can easily prove that this creates a contractive map that eventually becomes zero because it falls into the inter...

1:14 PM
@user21820 :P
@LeakyNun =/
1:57 PM
@SimplyBeautifulArt Why not use \huge{WWW...}?
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5:59 PM
First time in a long time I solved (essentially) an inequality problem:
A: Solve $\sqrt{x^2+1}-\sqrt{4x^4-4x^2+2}=2x^3-x-1$

user21820As $x$ increases:   $\sqrt{4x^4-4x^2+2} = \sqrt{(2x^2-1)^2+1}$ decreases if $x \in [0,\frac12\sqrt2]$ and increases if $x \in [\frac12\sqrt2,-\infty)$.   Symmetrically $\sqrt{4x^4-4x^2+2}$ decreases if $x \in (-\infty,-\frac12\sqrt2]$ and increases if $x \in [-\frac12\sqrt2,0]$. Therefore $\sq...

@user21820 nice spacing
@SimplyBeautifulArt I always do that when I want to make the logical structure clear. =)
While I deal with someone who's trying to make a large number and using "..." in the definition of their function...
@SimplyBeautifulArt What in the world o.O
@Mr.Xcoder :)
6:04 PM
You smashed your keyboard quite a bit :p
'tis called "copy & paste"
:o I learned something new today /s
6:20 PM
@user21820 nice

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