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@GypsySpellweaver @Riker If you need to downvote something...
Q: In your experience, as Robots here at Area 51, how long is this hemorrhaging of reputation likely going to last (See Rants)?

P LloydIt’s much like a Blind Date that turned ugly. I recently discovered some poor souls, the outliers, with reputations well over negative 400. Is there some pressure release valve I can open, some lever I can move to stop this downward spiral into oblivion? Of course, if it were somehow slowly acc...

It's mostly a rant.
Ah, yes -2.
Maybe the comment was overkilled.
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2:32 AM
Livox Lidar

Proposed Q&A site for problems and projects for Livox LiDARs.

Currently in definition.

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4:42 AM
Q: woocommerce_wp_select options for user list

Shohorab HossainHere is my code for users select option in woocommerce backend. I can not reach dynamic user list in option array. function woo_add_custom_general_fields() { echo '<div class="options_group">'; $users = get_users( array( 'fields' => array( 'ID' ) ) ); foreach($users as $key => $term){ ...

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8:14 AM
Q: Can't view vote counts without the mouse

MithrandirI can't tab to the space in between the vote buttons that shows the current score, that users with 1,000+ rep can click on to view up votes/downvotes. The focus goes right from the sort tabs to the "share" button. If you're confused as to why it's important that things be accessible without the...


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