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Q: How to blur a texture node in cycles material?

PhoneixSFor a Cycles material I need to blur a texture. If the texture where a Texture Image node, I can blur the image before adding it but in my case I need to blur a Voronoi Texture and so I can't do it. I have searched but I didn't find a blur node. Can this be achieved?

@10Replies This question was asked over two years before that one.
@pycoder the other question has better answers
@10Replies It doesn't matter, it still isn't a duplicate. You can link to it as another question that could provide a good answer, but it isn't a duplicate just the same.
@pycoder how is this not a duplicate? This is the exact same question...
6:30 PM
@10Replies This is a very similar question, yes, but this was asked first (over 2 years ago). The other could be flagged as a duplicate, but this is the "original," which makes it not a duplicate even if it asks the same thing. Making something a "duplicate" closes the question and there is no reason for this question to be closed as such.
Here is another reason as to why this cannot be closed as a duplicate:
This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please edit this question to explain how it is different or ask a new question.
This is the language that is added to the notification.
The other question has not been asked before, so it didn't have an answer before this question was asked.
For that reason, this question is fine to stand as is, and the other can be marked as a duplicate.
A comment on this question mentioning that another question may be of use to future readers, however, is not a problem.
...There is a "Should the newer question always be flagged as a duplicate" link floating around somewhere. I can't find it right now, but I will still look.
That would probably be on the meta site.
Q: Should I vote to close a duplicate question, even though it's much newer, and has more up to date answers?

Eran MedanI have seen this many times, a question is being asked because a previous, duplicate question was asked and answered a few years ago and has no longer relevant answers. The recommendation is to edit the old question, or add new answers to it, but it is not always happening. I was wondering, sho...

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The idea that I get after reading through those answers is to not do anything if the new question is better or phrased differently.
The highest voted answer is the only one that I see that says to close it.
You could try asking a question on meta.blenderstackexchange about this topic, but as it stands I don't see a need to close this. Just leave a comment for future readers and move on. The fact that you raised the flag is fine because the single close vote will fall away in a few days and the "possible duplicate" comment will stick around.
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That makes some sense. It's really not that important that they are closed although they are both extremely similar questions. I will just comment the link next time I see something similar.
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And can be good idea to tell the author of the new answer (in the new question) to put his answer also in the old question so you have all answers in the same place. And of course, if you think the new question is better in some way maybe you can suggest changes to improve the old question. There isn't a need to have a winer or a looser if we can have the better of both.
10:17 PM
@PhoneixS In a sense, yes, but the idea is that the two questions are linking to each other so that if a future reader finds one, he will also see the other. Let the reader decide which solves his problem.
(in other words, I don't think reposting the same answer does any good)

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