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4:11 AM
I am going to start operation Rep-o-T a project to become a high rep user on IoT.SE.
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8:59 AM
Q: Are pure coding questions on-topic"

MawgThis question is the second by the same author asking for code only help for Amazon Web Services. Here is my comment : As I said in my accepted answer to your previous question, I am not sure that this is actually an IoT question. Even if it is, you would probably get better help on Stac...

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4:38 PM
Q: Is a PKI for the IoT really a good idea?

KojoUzochiI am reading a bit about the security of IoT devices and found quite a lot of articles describing how a PKI would be an improvement for the current infrastructure. I am, however, not convinced if setting up a PKI would improve security for most of the IoT use cases. I was wondering if I was seein...

IoT-related HNQ... not on the IoT site
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6:34 PM
Hm, we don't have a good question that could be linked as related, do we?
6:49 PM
Look at that though

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