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9:43 AM
Q: What's a good quote from Chazal to use as a constant reminder?

yisraelI am looking for some of Mi Yodeya's favorite quotes from Mishna, Gemara, works of Chazal, etc. that can be used as constant reminders to always be doing the right thing and trying to grow. I am aware this is an open-ended question, with many ways to interpret, but that's part of the idea - I am ...

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12:05 PM
Perhaps of interest here:
Q: Where were the best ancient wine regions in Israel, called Kerutim & Hatoulim in the Mishna, located on a map?

JessI have not been able to find these locations that are mentioned in the Mishna. I came across this quote: The Mishna also (Menahot, 8, 6) points to the regions where the best wine-making grapes were grown: ‘Kerutim and Hatoulim were alpha (first class) for wine (both are points in Judaea); second...

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@LаngLаngС thanks
@Daniel oy

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