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1:28 AM
Q: Is taarof allowed?

Yosef ZaghiIn Persian culture, there is a principle named taarof in which if something is being offered to you, you must decline it, even if you want it. The giver will ask again if you would like the object but even still you must decline it. This process repeats one more time. Then, if the giver was offer...

1:52 AM
Q: Should one rend a garment when hearing an important teaching ‘late’?

Tom WShalom. Please forgive a beginner’s question. I noticed that Yoshiyahu HaMelech tore his clothes when hearing Torah ‘late’ (2 Melachim 22:11). Presumably because he realized he had been ignorant of what the Torah said and he now realized he had many sins going back many years. Is one permitted (o...

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8:25 PM
Q: Who named trees and plants?

Al BerkoFollowing questions about naming animals, in Genesis narrative, God creates Earth, it grows plants and trees, God creates animals, then man, man names animals. Who named the plants, for example, the 7 Minim of Eretz Israel? Did angels know their names? Did Adam know their names?


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