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12:22 AM
Q: Who is a Gentile prophet?

Maurice MizrahiThe Talmud tells us that there were 7 Gentile prophets: Seven prophets prophesied to the nations of the world, and they are: Balaam and his father Beor, and Job, Eliphaz the Temanite, and Bildad the Shuhite, and Zophar the Naamathite, and Elihu ben Barachel the Buzite. [Bava Batra 15b] But the ...

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3:21 AM
Q: What are the specifics of the fake Gemara story?

YehudaI heard, long ago, about a mesechta (or entire seder, I can't recall which) of Yerushalmi that was fabricated. It was finally proven to be a fake when a rabbi realized that every mesechta (or seder) in shas has its own unique figure, whether that's a tanna or amora or what-have-you, and this mese...

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8:40 AM
I can vaguely recall a policy about closing the questions like What is the longest/shortest row/amud/daf/chapter/masechta/order in the Babylonian/Jerusalem Talmud/Tosefta? Is this why this question was closed? Although I find this particular one (mostly the answer) really useful to assess the difficulty of each masechtot.
9:39 AM
Anyone knows, why orthodox Jews in fight the lockdown? It is to save lifes, they should remain home and keep what the government orders for them.
10:11 AM
@GraySheep Orthodox Jews in general don't fight the lockdown. In fact, the article you linked to quotes that "Most ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel were abiding by the restrictions". It found a specific group of orthodox Jews who were doing wrong and decided to put that in the headline. What else is new; you don't sell newspapers (or get clicks) with a headline like "Vast Majority of Each Population Is Abiding by Restrictions".
10:37 AM
@GraySheep They should. There's a small fringe community that doesn't, and the rest of us tear down their flyers when possible.
(I stood in a bus stop and tore down flyers calling it a hoax a few weeks ago. I was later told I might get in trouble if the military police see me doing that in uniform...)
11:34 AM
Ok, thanks!
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4:14 PM
Q: Why is it that you are not allowed to be intimate with your wife during niddah, but you are allowed to eat food prepared by a niddah?

EchoesOfGloryI understand the basis from Leviticus for prohibiting intimacy during the niddah period. The answers to this question say that there is no issue with eating food cooked by a Niddah because "even if we were all pure, one would generally only choose to avoid eating impure foods if one would have ne...

4 hours later…
7:54 PM
I agree with @Kazibácsi. It's a great question, I don't see why it was closed.

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