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12:13 AM
@robev Question for those who believe the Murex Trunculus is the chilazon of the Torah. Does the Torah in fact mention a chilazon?
6 hours later…
6:13 AM
@Alex I believe you are aware that it doesn't. That doesn't make it not part of the Torah.
3 hours later…
9:40 AM
@IsaacMoses Thanks for your suggestion. Petil Tekhelet COO and Co-Founder Baruch Sterman sent me the following reply: "It is the opinion of Rav Herzog, the foremost expert on all things related to Tekhelet, that the method of dyeing was lost in the 7th century. So all the rishonim and achronim who deal with the issue subsequently (including the Rambam) are not speaking from firsthand knowledge. That they might not have known specific details about the process is to be expected...
Regarding Chazal, all we have is the vague description from Rav Shmuel bar Yehuda that you take "dam hachilazon" and "samemanim". If we don't even get details about the chemicals added, then we should not be surprised about not getting other details."
9:56 AM
Q: What does שליט"א stand for?

SochaczI thought that שליט"א came from the Aramaic word שליט (Ruler). But a Rabbi I told this to, pointed out that שלי"טה is always written as with " , in the Middle so each the letters must stand for something. (But he didn't know what it stood for.) Does anyone know If and What does שליט"א does stand ...

4 hours later…
1:27 PM
@robev That's basically my number 1. It's interesting because IIRC when I spoke with Dr. Sterman about it a couple years ago when I saw him in Israel he suggested number 2 was always a possibility.
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3:37 PM
project for someone trying to teach themselves how to use the new se table formatting judaism.stackexchange.com/a/2677/759
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6:02 PM
Q: Sefaria on Windows

Dr. ShmuelIn the past, I recall seeing an online conversation regarding the lack of a desktop app for Sefaria. I too related to that frustration. I do not know how many individuals were behind that particular discussion, since the website is sufficient for most as it is. However, the reason I was personall...

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9:07 PM
Q: Does everybody steal?

Maurice MizrahiI remember reading a quote, attributed to the Talmud, that essentially says "everybody steals". I doubt it's genuine, and if it is, it's probably heavily qualified, but I thought I'd ask: Does this quote ring a bell?


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