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1:12 AM
Gut moed everyone! Seeing how we’re all currently under על יצא איש ממקומו due to a משחית roaming around outside, stuck in our own “boundaries” (מצרים) and waiting for Hashem to set us free... What thoughts have you all had over Pesach to apply the lessons of Yetzias Mitzraim to our current situation?
1:43 AM
@DonielF if He had only freed us from servitude to an evil king and not prevented us from falling ill, dayeinu. If He has prevented most of us from falling ill but not let us move about freely, dayeinu. Many in the world are suffering from this plague, but those of us who are not can be grateful to God, and if the price of that is not being able to leave our homes for a while -- it could have been a lot worse.
I pray that God in His mercy lifts the plague from the whole world speedily.
8 hours later…
9:54 AM
Q: Suggestion to encourage people on positive criticism upon downvoting

Harel13Similar to this suggestion, I often see questions or answers that are downvoted without any or hardly any explanation. Often, I believe the questioner or answerer may simply not be as well-versed both in Judaism and in how MY works, making entirely anonymous downvotes pointless - is this site not...

4 hours later…
1:43 PM
Q: Pri Chadash and Coffee

Avi MI have read that the Pri Chadash writes somewhere that “one cannot attain presence of mind without the aid of coffee.”? Does anyone know where this was written?

5 hours later…
6:30 PM
Q: Does Bamidbar 35 contradict itself?

Tom WI don’t speak Hebrew and have only read Bamidbar 35 in English translations. The JPS Tanakh renders verse 33 as ‘You shall not pollute the land in which you live; for blood pollutes the land, and the land can have no expiation for blood that is shed on it, except by the blood of him who shed it.’...


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