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3:45 PM
Q: Should we publish a policy to prevent people from citing G-d's name in Hebrew?

DanFI noticed a verbatim verse citation from Shemot in this question. You'll see that the quote uses G-d's name. Some people print the Mi Yodeya questions. If they printed this question, this would create a shemot problem. I'm sure we have many readers who are unfamiliar with the rules of shemot and...

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5:47 PM
A: Should we edit out useful links to likely offensive websites?

Monica CellioI see both practices on Mi Yodeya. Sometimes we do edit out the links, figuring that anybody who really wants them can get them from the revision history. We almost always do this in the case of a site that is actively hostile, abusive, or fraudulent (as opposed to just wrong). We feel no obli...

If anybody thinks I have not correctly represented what we tend to do with problematic links here, please let me know. (That MSE question arose from a situation on the Islam site.)
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7:05 PM
@MonicaCellio I touched on this issue in my answer here, I think following concepts that had probably been previously developed in post-comments or chat, though I don't recall where.
> And if a question came from somewhere else or was even inspired by something said somewhere else, why not refer/link to the original location and give due credit? ... One exception to this rule would be if the source forum is somehow so objectionable that we would prefer that people who visit Mi Yodeya would never visit it. (So, for example, it would be fine to leave out the link when asking "What would you say to this line of argument I'm summarizing from an anti-Semitic site?")
@IsaacMoses well-said.
@MonicaCellio Thanks. I didn't try there to define "so ojectionable." I think that your "actively hostile, abusive, or fraudulent" sounds about right.
BTW, while I'm bringing things here from Meta.SE, see this answer and the comments thereto about the new SO header style someday propagating to the rest of the network.
One more: visibility into small features that the community team considers:
Q: What features did the Community Team discuss, have implemented, or have denied last month?

JNatOn a weekly basis, the Community Team vets a handful of feature requests to be sent over to the engineering team and estimated, scheduled into next month's plan, and built (or sometimes rejected for technical reasons). We try to select things that we think can make the most people happy, and ...

7:27 PM
@IsaacMoses This is your fault. כל הכבוד :)
...although the answer you wrote in the original post still has issues because of meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/q/4171/5323 :/
@Shokhet I guess that's a worthy excuse for now, but we really oughta get more ongoing about that.
@IsaacMoses :)

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