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They speak to it, but do not address my question. Some references put the birth of Avraham around 2100 BCE if Judaism is from 600BCE then Avraham did not invent it. I would be looking for third party references or dated artifacts as early as possible.
RA was active relatively close to Avraham birth, with the first hard evidence of the Judaism 1400 years later. (as provided by the existing Q&A)
@Shokhet I think someone has. Not looking now, sorry.
@DoubleAA Neither does "daniel" mean "book of". :-)
@msh210 @DoubleAA (My point being that hyphens in tag names are used for things other than synonymy. In this case, I understand the point of this tag, it's about kelim as thought about in terms of their purity (as opposed to in terms of muktze, for example). I agree it could be better named, though.)
@JamesJenkins We're not unwilling to talk about the weather, either, but that's provided the question's on-topic. See the parenthesized part of the sentence you've just quoted part of: "if it's a Jewish question". And see meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/q/1473.
@JamesJenkins Am I understanding your question correctly, then?
I am asking if there are any records of Jewish man during the time of his life. As I offer in [this comment](udaism.stackexchange.com/questions/47269/what-are-the-earliest-referenc‌​e-to-jesus-yeishu-hanotzri-in-jewish-texts-recor#comment124170_47269) indicating that records of Jewish Rabbi's in that time area do not exist would also address my question.
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@JamesJenkins That would be off-topic then as a question about a particular Jew and not about Judaism. Thanks for clarifying your intent. I'm closing the question.
Worded differently I am asking about available records for Jewish men and/or Rabbis in a time and place
@JamesJenkins Jesus was a rabbi? (Maybe so; I don't know. But offhand I doubt it. Especially not if by "rabbi" you mean someone with the old-fashioned sort of s'micha.) Not that that would bring the question on-topic anyway, I don't think.
I doubt it too, but looking to see what the quality of records at that time is.
@JamesJenkins Well, you might perhaps try History Stack Exchange. That'd be my guess as to where to ask questions about mention of individuals in old records.
I've gtg. Tzt.
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@msh210 hm. No, not at the time, and even now it's not in my network-wide inbox. Thank you for pointing it out! (Oh, it was a merge. I'll bet that's why there was no notification; I think those go out as a response to a post action, not an attachment-of-post-to-question action.)
@msh210 I wouldn't say irrelevant to Judaism; the person in question, and his followers, have caused quite a bit of trouble for Jews over the years, and IIRC the talmud does talk about him -- or rather, his apostasy -- in places. Don't we have other questions of the form "what does the talmud say about X"?
@MonicaCellio I think @msh210 is claiming that the question is asking for accounts by contemporary Jews and is not asking for accounts in Jewish religious tradition
@msh210 ok, I see your point in closing as a history question about a specific Jew.
@IsaacMoses ok, I agree that would be skirting the line. If it were recast as "I understand the talmud talks about him; where and what does it say?", would that be on-topic?
(s/talmud/rabbinic writings, if you prefer.)
@MonicaCellio I sure think so.
@JamesJenkins ^^^
2:26 AM
Where is the searchable mishna berura that someone mentioned a while ago?
@Shokhet @IsaacMoses I'd vote for such a feature.
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4:23 AM
In the retagging project: what should be done with this question with 5 tags?
Q: How to salt a chicken at home?

Double AAI'm Sara Gittel from the Shtetl and I just got back to my home with my freshly shechted chicken that I had brought to our local Shochet. I seem to have forgotten though how to salt it. Can please you explain to me what I should do? Thanks! In all seriousness, though, salting meat was something...

I think we might be able to drop , but wanted to hear what others had to say first.
@DoubleAA ^^^^^ (after all, it is your question ;-)
4:36 AM
@Shokhet Isn't a classic example of a meta-tag?
cc @IsaacMoses @MonicaCellio
@DoubleAA I don't think so, because it tells people reading the question that this is a question seeking technique -- not , not , and not a
By that logic, shouldn't those tags also be meta-tags?
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@DoubleAA I think that anti-meta-tag classic post confuses multiple issues. I think that , , and all do tell you something important about the content of the question, and I do not see or intuit a reason for the assertion that "Every tag you use should be able to work, more or less, as the only tag on a question."
... However, I do think that using tags to pejoratively label questions on the border of acceptability or that come from specific sources, which the chief sin of the case sthat that prompted that article, is a bad idea. I don't think we currently have any tags that do that, other than the explicitly deprecated .
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@IsaacMoses I don't understand what you mean by this. Do you think people might start using to label questions that they think are low quality or "on the border of acceptability"?
.....I thought that how-to questions were very on-topic...‌​...
3:22 PM
@Shokhet No. I was just agreeing with Atwood that is a bad thing to have, for a subset of the reasons that he says it is.
3:38 PM
@IsaacMoses Oh, OK
4:35 PM
Can someone nicer than me please respond to this question appropriately? judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/47344/…
@CharlesKoppelman Looks like @Scimonster did a fine job of it.
@IsaacMoses indeed! I tried and failed to respond as nicely as that :)
Also, "officiated" is a great non-denominational word for smicha/ordination/whatever.
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8:31 PM
Penned this as an answer to judaism.stackexchange.com/q/47353 but then it was closed, so am posting it here instead:
The bare minimum is: Turn on any light, in honor of the Sabbath, before the Sabbath starts. But [Chabad has a decent article outlining how to do it right.](http://chabad.org/87131)

However, that guide is _Chabad_-oriented, and not everyone has _Chabad_ customs. In particular:

* It indicates you should give charity before lighting candles. That's certainly worthwhile, but is nor mandatory and many people don't do it.
* It indicates that single girls light candles. That's also not mandatory (except for girls living independently of their parents).
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11:14 PM
I'm seeing on the main page that this question was modified by dude, but I don't see any changes. Anybody have any ideas what that's about?

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