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12:18 AM
@DhoweedYaAgov I know you think they're wrong and they think you're wrong, but around here we don't insult each other but learn from each other. If that's not your plan then you don't need to be here.
@DhoweedYaAgov Ask him.
12:32 AM
@DoubleAA yea i looked i only saw bout kiddush
maybe i looked to fast
1 hour later…
1:32 AM
@NeilFein thanks -- would have gotten there soon in my post-Shabbat sweep, but your alert bumped it up. :-) Anna's answer is about what I would have said; it's not too much of a rewrite (like John's answer, which is well more than a translation) and it gets the point across. Do you think Anna's answer addresses the OP's question?
2 hours later…
3:11 AM
@MonicaCellio I can't understand the original hebrew, but the answer seems to be trying to be a good balance of what to do and how to do it. It's a bit short on the how - what does "play around with English phrases" mean, exactly?
But it's not bad. It got my upboat.
@NeilFein yeah, the "play around with English phrases" part is kind of vague; I was reacting more to the specific suggestions (which are approximately the ones I would have offered). I do hope OP follows the migration and comments/clarifies as necessary.
> I do hope OP follows the migration and comments/clarifies as necessary.
@NeilFein btw, I left a note in The Overlook Hotel based on something I saw go by in a quick scan of TL.
kthx, looking now.
3:33 AM
+1 (on the comment) for "exert its influence". The Hebrew ("placed its signs") has no negative tone AFAIK, as most of the suggestions in the answers and comments here do. — msh210 5 mins ago
@msh210 thanks for adding that! That's important.
@MonicaCellio Heh, your diamond is showing. You referred in a comment to a later-posted comment. :-)
@msh210 I did. :-) (I didn't notice that the posting time didn't update.)
@MonicaCellio OTOH
3:49 AM
@msh210 turn it and turn it again :-)
@MonicaCellio Sorry?
All: this is a reminder that we're trying to wrap up haggadah questions by Monday so we can give them to Jin. There was a discussion about formatting the "x asked"/"x said" part (here? can't remember); I've updated all the non-magid posts and will get to the rest later unless one of you does it first. Tomorrow I hope to put together a master table of contents for Jin; I may be looking for help in the sub-parts of magid.
@msh210 sorry, I meant that you found an answer, and then looked at it again and founda completely different answer. No need to do it 68 more times. :-) (It probably only makes sense in my brain, sorry.)
@IsaacMoses, will you be writing an intro to the supplement? I think it would be great if it came from you, as our founder!
@MonicaCellio I did the boldfaced "asked" on the Magid Qs.
@MonicaCellio Please. "Patriarch".
4:04 AM
@MonicaCellio like this OK?
@MonicaCellio Re: TOC - Would it make sense to have headers for each section/Q indicating what part of the Hagada it relates to? "Kadesh" "Magid - Ha Lachma Anya" etc.
@msh210 Man, I gotta start growing a beard already.
@IsaacMoses I think that sounds like a good idea. Maybe a short quotation from the hagada: Just (in Hebrew characters and/or translation) "k'neged arbaa banim dib'ra Tora" before a Q about the four sons.
@msh210 How about seder section OR short quotation?
@IsaacMoses Section for non-magid and quote/subsection for magid is really what I meant.
@msh210 baruch shekivanti
I can even add them in as a supertitle to the Meta answers (stolen from the comments) so they're easier to put into the Supplement. If desired.
4:11 AM
@msh210 Sounds good to me. @MonicaCellio?
@IsaacMoses looks good to me!
@IsaacMoses yeah, I was thinking intro, 15 sections (or fewer if some don't apply) with each one having its questions in order, then the "end notes" (credits etc) that we still need to write. So with the exception of the headers, everything there would be a link to a post that Jin can go and grab.
@msh210 thank you!
@MonicaCellio Will do.
@IsaacMoses Thanks.
@msh210 so something like "Magid - Four Sons" etc (vs. just, e.g. "Kadeish" for the others)?
@MonicaCellio Intro doesn't even have to be formatted any differently. Just put the title of the work in as the section title. Similar for the Seder prep question - title it something like "The Seder"
4:16 AM
@msh210 sorry! (I was working from unpointed text...)
@IsaacMoses good point.
@MonicaCellio Or even leave off the "Magid"
@IsaacMoses my inner pedant craves consistency. :-) But yeah, that would probably be ok too. :-)
@MonicaCellio The kamatz katan looks identical to the kamatz gadol in most texts, and "rachtza/rachtzah" is probably the more frequently-used transliteration (so say Google search results). @msh210
@MonicaCellio Or for the first one have two lines of header, the first being "Magid"
@MonicaCellio It's a mistake many make.
@IsaacMoses that works. We should probably talk with Jin about this; he may already have ideas for formatting of sections/subsections/headers.
4:21 AM
@IsaacMoses Hmph.
@msh210 I agree, but it's hard to blame @MonicaCellio for that :)
Speaking of transliteration and stuff, once I make that TOC post can somebody add the Hebrew for the sections with vowels?
@MonicaCellio Somebody? Sure. I appoint... looks around
@IsaacMoses Monica guessed with no kametz to guide her. I don't feel blamed; rather, I should have been more careful in the first place.
@msh210 it's just that I only know how to type unpointed Hebrew, so I'd be doing a hunt for text to cut/paste. If somebody can improve on that...
@MonicaCellio If you do it tonight, I can do it tonight. B'li neder. Or I can just make the ToC post.
@MonicaCellio I'd be copypasting also.
4:23 AM
@msh210 I've got to drop off soon. If you want to make the TOC post that'd be great.
@msh210 @DoubleAA linked to this earlier. It has pointed hagada text
@IsaacMoses many thanks
G'night all! B'li neder I'm hoping to do a few more haggadah entries tomorrow. See you then.
@MonicaCellio TZT
OK, I'm going to drop off chat too for a while now so I can generate some actual content. TZ and Shavua Tov
Same to you both.
@IsaacMoses I agree.
1 hour later…
5:47 AM
@MonicaCellio No, apparently Google agrees with you. It wasn't your posting but the common assumption that it's a 'wide' kamatz (and hence that the word means "she washed") that eats at me.
Q: Haggadah table of contents

msh210An answer to this question will serve as the table of contents published at the start of the 2013 Mi Yodeya haggadah supplement. I'm populating the table of contents initially but it will be updated as questions are added/removed. Any posts listed in this table of contents must first be an answe...

6:37 AM
The first three results for google.com/search?q=hagada+questions are us. I guess it's an idiosyncratic transliteration, but still ...
9 hours later…
3:46 PM
@DoubleAA, I'm afraid you may have to take back several of your comments here. Turns out you can drink a Wednesday after all!
1 hour later…
4:59 PM
21 ...
5:12 PM
@IsaacMoses I was just looking at this question and the followup origin question). I'd been wondering where these came from just last night. So I'm going to work it up as a submission, but I'm not sure where in the TOC to put it. It falls at the beginning of the seder but before kadeish. Thoughts?
@MonicaCellio Yes "The Seder"
@IsaacMoses ok, will do. Thanks.
6:02 PM
@IsaacMoses @MonicaCellio and that convo led to this question (as you may have guessed).
@msh210 I suspected. :-)
This probably would profit from a great deal of editing. Please critique, cut, add, rewrite, etc. If you do so, please add your username to the Contributors list. — Isaac Moses 11 hours ago
@msh210 and on that spot, the Beit Hamidrash was built
@IsaacMoses I really like what you wrote there! (err, I'm referring to the post, to be clear.)
@MonicaCellio Thanks! You don't see room for refinement/shortening/quotation-adding? I wrote it in the wee hours last night in what felt to me like a stream of semi-consciousness
@IsaacMoses I hadn't thought about quotes. What kinds of things did you have in mind there?
6:12 PM
@MonicaCellio authoritative sources to back up some of the assertions :)
2 hours later…
8:24 PM
24... (taking a break now)
9:08 PM
Anyone know what "M’rafsin Igra" is? From judaism.stackexchange.com/a/26997/2
9:37 PM
Though note that that answer is basically the same as what I brought from the Belzer Rebbe
9:56 PM
@Michoel Good point. Thanks.
10:39 PM
If we can fill these four slots, we'll have at least one entry for each Seder stage: Karpas, Yachatz, Marror, Shulchan Oreich
11:18 PM
@IsaacMoses Or fill Motzi-Matza and move its question to Maror.
@msh210 sure
@IsaacMoses Results right after Purim may be lacking -- who has time to investigate a URL on Purim? and the stickers last. Did you look again later?
For Shulchan oreich? (marked appropriately, or course)
@IsaacMoses I think we should leave the jokes out. (The real question (see judaism.stackexchange.com/a/5965 and its comments) may be worth including, but that's not on-site really.)
Anyway, I've got to go. TZT, y'all, and remember -- dust is not chametz and your child is not the korban Pesach.
@IsaacMoses I actually have a maror question coming (after reviewing the haggadah today in prep for next week).
11:30 PM
@MonicaCellio quick! :)
@IsaacMoses indeed!
@msh210 You're probably right. My thought was that many people's Sh"O are filled with narishkeit anyway.
@msh210 It's hard to tell from the interface provided, but it seems to me that there were a handful of hits this year.
@IsaacMoses here you go. Now to see what kind of answers we get. (This is a purely practical question, not scholarly and erudite like most of our others. But I'll be leading my (effectively) first seder this year and that's gotten me thinking about implementation details...)
Q: What's the best way to dip maror into charoset if you're using horseradish?

Monica CellioEvery seder I've ever been to has used ground horseradish for maror, and "dipping" it in the charoset ends up being implemented as putting both maror and charoset on a piece of matzah and eating that. In reviewing the haggadah today, though, it struck me that this takes away from the symbol of t...

@MonicaCellio i think i gave an answer :D
@DhoweedYaAgov well, a comment -- I've never tried that, but if you've seen it work, please write it up as an answer. (I wouldn't expect that to work, but I am not a chemist.)

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