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2:05 AM
Q: Popup handling with Selenium on a home page of Bestbuy

Paul MA question from a newbie; for excising, I play with a Bestbuy cart, but a popup on the home page drives me crazy. Just can't figure what kind of popup is that. Without success tried alert handling and it looks like it is not iframe either. Is there any method to handle a "modal-dialog". Thank yo...

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9:57 AM
Q: How the role change will effect your career growth?

Chintan BhanushaliAs of now, I am working as a 'Senior QA Engineer'. In the same organization, i am getting a chance to work as a different position that is 'Business Analyst'. So should i accept this new role? Will this help me in my career growth?

10:19 AM
Q: Selenium Ruby - Firefox SSL Certificate

user3341382I'm getting this error message when running tests on Firefox: NameError: uninitialized constant Selenium::WebDriver::Firefox::RemoteCapabilities This is the code I have used: capabilities = Selenium::WebDriver::Firefox::RemoteCapabilities.firefox(accept_insecure_certs: true) @driver = Seleniu...

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12:00 PM
Q: Sikuli - Python method does not run

user3341382I have added a method in my test file but after I click on the Run button the program does not do anything and there is no error message. Have I missed any installation? Do I need to download anything for the unittest? please see my code below: import unittest import HTMLTestRunner import login ...

3 hours later…
2:45 PM
Q: How to connect Jenkins to my test folder saved on my C drive?

user3341382I'm getting the error message below: Building in workspace C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\workspace\Motor Trade [Motor Trade] $ sh -xe C:\Windows\TEMP\jenkins8268766883038519599.sh The system cannot find the file specified FATAL: command execution failed java.io.IOException: CreateProcess error=...

3:14 PM
Q: Jenkins 2.67 on Linux/AWS won't spin to Browserstack but 2.32.1 does work

Paul MI deiced to play with jenkins on aws/linux and stack with error: SessionNotCreated. I'm running Jenkins 2.67 and it won't spin to Browserstack but another jenkins 2.32.1 (on windows) works just fine with the same code. What to look at? Thank you in advance.

3:54 PM
Q: Sikuli - html test runner not working

user3341382I have added the HTML Test runner to my file: import unittest import HTMLTestRunner class UnitTestX(unittest.TestCase): #some steps click() .... suite = unittest.TestLoader().loadTestsFromTestCase(UnitTestX) outfile = file('my_report.html', 'wb') runner = HTMLTestRunner.HT...

4:08 PM
Q: Looking for an open source automated testing tool that require no programing and does both web and desktop application testing urgent please

Bouchra SabbarIf anyone is using one, please let me know how satisfied are you with it. Sikuli, autoit and selenium are out of the picture at this time. Thank you all.

5:05 PM
Q: Good practices for identifying "one-time" tests?

c32hedgeI understand the importance of having good "regression tests" to ensure fixed bugs don't get reintroduced. But I think it's possible to go too far and end up with a massive "regression test suite" for every bug you've fixed, every feature that's been changed, even every feature that's been remove...


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