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Q: SharePoint Calendar display problem

VistaI'm trying to create a leave calendar excluding the weekends based on start time and end time. I'm experiencing some sort of bug when I apply the codes below. This code is too hide the weekends in the calendar <style type="text/css"> table.ms-acal-month > tbody > tr > th:nth-of-type(1){ ...

Q: Removing Weekend Days From Calendar

ShwabsterI wish to edit my 2013 Calendar web part and remove Saturday and Sunday from showing if possible so it only shows the work days of the week. Any help would be very much appreciated as i dont know where to start with it, Cheers.

Q: How to set schedule in SharePoint Calendar excluding weekends?

VistaI created a Leave/Paid Time Off Calendar Tracker. I want to exclude the weekends in setting up a schedule without removing it from the calendar. I use Start Date and End Date function when setting up a schedule. Here is where the schedule is based on, was there any workaround that this function ...


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