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1:14 AM
@PauloCereda What's with the "ñ" when using luatex?
Language: \CurrentLocaleLanguageNativeName.
Region: \CurrentLocaleRegionNativeName.
Today: \CurrentLocaleDate. (Compare with \today.)
Time: \CurrentLocaleTime.
Currency Symbol: \CurrentLocaleCurrency
With (pdf|xe)latex no problem...strange
1:40 AM
@PabloGonzálezL Strange indeed.
@AlanMunn I've tried it using TeXLive 2020 (pretest), I don't know if it's the same with previous versions
@PabloGonzálezL Same with TL2019
2:40 AM
@AlanMunn I tried to do the test on win10 and it doesn't work at all...more strange, arara (which uses java) works without problems...
4 hours later…
7:01 AM
@PabloGonzálezL on windows 10 tex-locale doesn't work with any engine as texosquery gives back cp1252 and even loads inputenc with this option. So lualatex errors on the € (invalid utf8), xelatex drops it, and pdflatex complains about missing $. I had to force the encoding to utf8 then everything worked. But I can't test the ñ, nothing in my locale has this char.
\def\TeXOSInvokerName{texosquery-jre8 --encoding UTF-8}
2 hours later…
8:41 AM
@barbarabeeton I found them last year here during my small town's festivity --- done that with my daughter, is really fun.
user image
@JosephWright @DavidCarlisle ^^ ooh
@JosephWright is a meeting today?
Yay, I triggered some weird Windows+FF bug. I now have a thumb nail of @PauloCereda's vimeo video in the mid of my screen which doesn't go away (no restart yet)
8:57 AM
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz Perhaps you clicked Firefox's PIP thing? There might be an X in the video thingy so it can return...
@UlrikeFischer Yes
@JosephWright good. I was wondering if I mixed up the weeks because nobody was mentioning it :-)
@JosephWright ooh
@UlrikeFischer ooh
@PauloCereda I looked your video this morning, very nice ;-)
@UlrikeFischer awww <3
Terrible German pronunciation. :)
9:05 AM
@PauloCereda no, actually quite good, much better than my english pronunciation.
@UlrikeFischer ooh <3
Das ist nicht mein Schuld
@DavidCarlisle ^^
@PauloCereda "Das ist nicht meine Schuld" <-- e missing
@UlrikeFischer oopsie
@PauloCereda no, I script-closed firefox while drag&dropping the tab to another window.
And now the tab-thumb sticks with me
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz oh my
9:31 AM
@PauloCereda Interestingly, it disappeared when I closed Outlook.
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz ooh
9:49 AM
@PabloGonzálezL does this help?
Mar 9 at 22:32, by David Carlisle
@AlanMunn don't trust people who put random dots and twiddles over letters.
@DavidCarlisle ooh
@PauloCereda you forgot to add Beschuldige Ulrike
@DavidCarlisle ooh
@DavidCarlisle not a good translation. Bad Google translator!
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz Blame Ulrike for that as well then
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz (it back translated as Accuse which isn't the right thing but good enough for a duck, I thought)
10:09 AM
@DavidCarlisle quack
10:26 AM
@PauloCereda Jantar
@DavidCarlisle ó não
10:38 AM
Mar 9 at 22:32, by David Carlisle
@AlanMunn don't trust people who put random dots and twiddles over letters.
@DavidCarlisle oh no
11:18 AM
@DavidCarlisle mathematicians do this all the time. \hat, \tilde, \dot, \ddot, … the list goes on and on
@HaraldHanche-Olsen they are not random, they are carefully positioned mathematical operators!
@DavidCarlisle oh. I guess I missed the “random” bit. some people even stick them under the letters. go figure!
11:37 AM
Mmmmm C:\Users\pablo>texosquery-jre8
C:\texlive\2020\bin\win32\runscript.tlu:935: C:\texlive\2020\bin\win32\runscript.tlu:902: program not found (not part of TeX Live): java.exe
@UlrikeFischer I can't make texosquery run in windows : ( , the documentation is a bit outdated (it gives instructions for files that no longer exist)
@DavidCarlisle Unfortunately not ... the problem of the "ñ" is in linux (in win10 nothing works at all)
@PabloGonzálezL you need to get java separately
@PabloGonzálezL it wasn't intended to be helpful (or sensible:-)
@DavidCarlisle I think there's something wrong with my PATH... arara works OK (ie I have java :), I'll take a look
@UlrikeFischer Thanks a lot :) now I could test it and everything works OK with luatex
12:19 PM
12:43 PM
@PauloCereda it should be "ArTeXmis, the g(r)eeky TeX editor"
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz I thought that too ;-)
@barbarabeeton Yes. You might also need to install air filters in the zorbing balls. The challenge would be to use the zorbing ball to poke the shopping cart into the right direction and to bump the shelves so that the right things fall into the shopping cart. The shopping trolleys would need upholstery so that things land softly. The individual sales items would need small parachutes that unfold when they fall into the shopping-cart. Payment would be via transponder chips ... In short:
The whole supermarket would have to be restructured as a large pinball machine ...;-)
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz ooh
@UlrikeFischer ooh
1:08 PM
@UlrikeFischer You can replicate the problem by specifying the language in the tex-locale options. I used \usepackage[main=es-CL,other=en-GB]{tex-locale}.
looks okay for me if I enable utf8 encoding with `\usepackage{texosquery}
\def\TeXOSInvokerName{texosquery-jre8 --encoding UTF-8}`.
@UlrikeFischer Yes, that definitely works. But why should luatex and xetex behave differently?
1:24 PM
@AlanMunn well they do. If you compile an latin1 encoded file with non-ascii chars with luatex you get errors:
! String contains an invalid utf-8 sequence.
l.3 gr
But xelatex will silently drop the offending bytes:
Invalid UTF-8 byte or sequence at line 3 replaced by U+FFFD.
Missing character: There is no � in font [lmroman10-regular]:mapping=tex-text;!
@UlrikeFischer How does the latin1 encoding arise though?
@AlanMunn that is what texosquery (the application) feeds back to latex on my system (and which I can change with the --encoding UTF-8 option. Nicola wrote me that I can change this for java but I haven't yet found out how it works <--- @PauloCereda do you know that??
@UlrikeFischer I can find out. :)
I have no personal take on the answers to tex.stackexchange.com/questions/536297 ; they are all good. Could any of the most experienced folks that have not provided an answer themselves tell me which answer to accept?
@PauloCereda it looks as if I can set an environment variable JAVA_TOOLS_OPTIONS javarevisited.blogspot.com/2012/01/…
@Just_A_Man be a man and decide.
1:36 PM
@UlrikeFischer lol
@Just_A_Man You can accept the answer that you ended up using. But the mathalpha answer is effectively identically to Sebastiano's answer. It's really a bit of personal choice.
@PauloCereda Is there a rule for doing this in "arara"?
\PassOptionsToPackage{option}{package} \input{file}
@UlrikeFischer Be a woman and say "I'll think".
@Just_A_Man why should I? I'm not in the set of persons "of the most experienced folks that have not provided an answer".
@UlrikeFischer Sure. Folks which have provided an answer are allowed to vote for accepting someone else's answer in addition. As for you, I know your take anyway. But you can say "I'll think" disregarding this.
@PauloCereda after a number of tries I got it working: setting JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS to "-Dfile.encoding=UTF8" works.
1:52 PM
@UlrikeFischer Ah I was going to mention if Nicky was talking about a Java property... You just found out. :)
@PauloCereda I'm good at finding stuff out even if I know nothing about it ;-) Can one "disassemble" a jar-file so that one get something understandable?
@UlrikeFischer A .jar file is a .zip file with a different extension, that's it. :) But .class files contain Java bytecode and cannot be read, unless using a disassembler. It's easier to read the source code, if available. :) Can I help with texosquery?
@PabloGonzálezL I can write one for you, if it helps. :)
@PauloCereda I tried and failed, I just pass that option to a package to extract things, then it is compiled with the usual rules available using luatex ... if you help me with this it would be great :)
@PauloCereda No hay un enlace a los ficheros fuentes :(
@PauloCereda it is not about texosquery but the pax.jar. But now that you mentioned "sources" I decided to check on ctan and the java-files are there ;-).
2:06 PM
@PabloGonzálezL ?
@UlrikeFischer I was wrong, it was for @Paulo, That's the link to the sources of 'texosquery
@PabloGonzálezL :)
@UlrikeFischer oh :)
2 hours later…
4:25 PM
@UlrichDiez -- It would be practical, then, to acquire only eggs that have already been hard-boiled. That makes it difficult to make meringues or angel food cake.
@Just_A_Man -- mathrsfs is reliable and was well crafted from the beginning, so updates haven't been required. That said, it's likely to be most compatible with pdflatex, so if you work with a different engine, it might not be the best choice to use directly (although that's still where the symbol should best be drawn from).
5:08 PM
4 hours later…
9:19 PM
@DavidCarlisle What do one say to someone asking you how to get a bibliography from \footnote commands? ;-(((
@UlrikeFischer pass them on to @PauloCereda
@UlrikeFischer is that a TeX.SE question?
@yo' no, I just got a support request. I was considering "eek" as answer but now writing a bit more seriously.
9:52 PM
@StefanKottwitz the certificate of golatex has expired.
@UlrikeFischer it was renewed - perhaps webserver not restarted, checking
@UlrikeFischer Failed authorization procedure. www.golatex.de (http-01): urn:ietf:params:acme:error:connection :: The server could not connect to the client to verify the domain :: Fetching golatex.de/.well-known/acme-challenge/…: Timeout during connect (likely firewall problem) uh.
@UlrikeFischer Fixed, thanks for letting me know!
That letsencrypt certbot is a mess. Saves certs with names with numbers counting up without updating the symlinks, and suddenly deciding to change the cert folder name. One has to doublecheck everything.
Concurrency (the works of Leslie Lamport) is free to download thanks to ACM (they've made a lot of their content freely available until the summer): dl.acm.org/doi/book/10.1145/3335772
@barbarabeeton @JosephWright @DavidCarlisle ^^
10:11 PM
@barbarabeeton Got it; thx!
10:42 PM
First semi-fleshed out version of expkv-cs is done and I'm testing (and have to write documentation...). The following is currently implemented (plus \ekvcHashAndForward) and fully expandable:


    height: #1\par
    length: #2\par

    ,long height=2cm
    height: \ekvcValue{height}{#1}\par
    length: \ekvcValue{length}{#1}\par

    ,alias width=length
    ,meta square={length={#1},height={#1}}

    ,alias width=length
    ,meta square={length={#1},height={#1}}


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