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12:05 AM
5 names :) Finally things are moving ;)
4 hours later…
3:53 AM
@DavidCarlisle How do you get acroread to copy it?
5 hours later…
9:08 AM
I'm lost on what you call meta-language in the title. :(Paulo Cereda 16 secs ago
@DavidCarlisle: I wrote the CTAN data retrievel thingy using your ID and @egreg's as tests. :)
9:48 AM
@PauloCereda I had a quick look at the python code in the repository presumably the code that extracts the html page for each author could make it in any format but my python is about the same level as my Portuguese.
My python
My Portugese
@StephanLehmke That's a scary snake. :)
@StephanLehmke And that's a majestic dog. :)
@PauloCereda If David's python is "at the same level" as his dog, there might only the python be left soon :-)
@StephanLehmke LOL
10:03 AM
@ForkrulAssail me too :)
10:14 AM
Quick pop quiz: do people feel this is the 'expected' behaviour:
\renewcommand*{\do}[1]{\item \detokenize{"#1"}}
\docsvlist{item1 , item2, {item3a, item3b}, item4}
or is it a bug in etoolbox?
@JosephWright Apart from the space in item1, I think it looks ok to me.
@JosephWright Same as @Paulo
@PauloCereda yes but that's the thing, what is the definition of each item in a list, normally in latex comma separated lists white space either side of the comma is taken as part of the separator and ignored
@JosephWright I usually don't expect a lot (better to check), but the behaviour looks Ok to me.
@JosephWright I think it's a bug (unless etioolbox has documentation that says it's a feature)
10:19 AM
@DavidCarlisle Ah I see, like trim applied to the item?
@PauloCereda well like \KV@@sp@def applied, yes:-)
@DavidCarlisle etoolbox only says that spaces at the beginning (after a list separator) are ignored
@DavidCarlisle Oh my!
@cgnieder reading manuals is cheating:-)
@DavidCarlisle ;)
10:22 AM
Oh no, @JosephWright has a rival! :)
That gravatar looks like a, well, does anyone else see that?
@Johannes_B A hinduistic lucky symbol?
@StephanLehmke Or a shuriken? :)
10:39 AM
@StephanLehmke Exactly, the lucky sign.
Or a dancing robot.
hi is there anybody who uses lyx
@DavidCarlisle That's just it, it doesn't really say
@cgnieder Yes, I'd seen that hoping there would be some broader statement about spaces
I guess it can be read as a feature
I would like to search for certain words within the bunch of 500 lyx docs
@user34083 Within the .lyx files?
Is it possible on windows? How?
Yes within .lyx files
10:44 AM
@user34083 .lyx files are just plain text files, so any software able to search within text files could do it. Not that I have any suggestions. (Sorry, I've forgotten to respond in the question you asked.)
The windows does not search within .lyx files
Possibly it does not recognise .lyx as text files. I attempted
thanks. should see whether this work. Will get back to you
11:06 AM
More names to the TUG membership. :)
@PauloCereda Man I can't wait to vote for them all :-)
@StephanLehmke Me too! :) Great names. :)
11:35 AM
@user34083 any editor (emacs is what I use) that can operate on multiple files can do that, or utilities such as grep are available on windows, or perl or .....
1 hour later…
12:39 PM
@tohecz on the TUG one? Why are all answers deleted?
@DavidCarlisle Yep. They're deleted to make the voting on all of them start at the same moment.
@tohecz Oh you mean that people were following the instructions in the question? (I never read that:-)
@David @Joseph will undelete them at the said time (which is in couple hours). I think people can still add their candidatures after that, but they are disadvantaged
@tohecz yes so I see now I read the instructions...
2 hours ago, by David Carlisle
@cgnieder reading manuals is cheating:-)
12:46 PM
@PauloCereda Hi @Paulo!
@tohecz Hi Tom! :) How are you feeling today?
@PauloCereda The notebook problem seems to be a minor one now: My grandma is not feeling well.
@tohecz Oh my, I'm really sorry. I hope she gets well soon.
@PauloCereda Well, I hope I won't have to organize a flight back home soon :-/
Hi everyone! I have a some problem with the display of the site, as seen in the following image:
My computer is ubuntu 12.04, firefox and chrome
Does anyone else have the same problem?
12:51 PM
@Kartik well, not me. But if you mention Ubuntu, then I'm not surprised.
The problem goes away with 1 or 2 reloads
@tohecz I've been hating Ubuntu before it went mainstream. :P
@Kartik then it's a font loading or CSS loading problem probably
@PauloCereda I gave it a try before it went mainstream :p But maybe they've become better now.
@PauloCereda stick with Windows and be happy!
@DavidCarlisle And Cygwin? :)
@tohecz LOL
12:53 PM
And the second problem is my reputation.
@PauloCereda well of course, it's not usable without that.
@Kartik where do you see this?
In the chat.
See abbove
@DavidCarlisle Thought so. :)
@Kartik accumulated reputation, don't worry. :)
12:54 PM
@Kartik They don't reload to me now, I have a very old FF. As @Paulo says, it's supposed to be the network-wide total, maybe without all the assosiation bonuses)
@Kartik what's wrong with that (other than the fact that it's less than egreg's:-)
@Kartik it's the sum of your Unix.SE and TeX.SX reps, quite obviously. Why the other sites don't count, I dunno.
@DavidCarlisle I didn't look at longtable doing the answer to the “tabular width” question. :P
@egreg which q is that?
Q: Measure the column width of a table

Sándor KaziIs there a way to determine the width of the first column in a tabular enviroment? I've thought about using a savebox but that would only give me the size of the text (and in one cell only), not the actual column width. Or should I use longtable (or another package) to do that?

1:16 PM
@egreg neither did I :-)
@DavidCarlisle Nice, but very unfriendly. ;-)
@egreg like its author, probably
@DavidCarlisle Let's get the author info from CTAN!
1:42 PM
@tohecz That's the idea: I'll edit the question when I undelete everything
@JosephWright tex.stackexchange.com/questions/152751/ctan-raw-datas-for-user perhaps Robin can provide some feedback on the CTAN backbone?
@DavidCarlisle Guess who got the green tick. :P
2:00 PM
@egreg there is no justice in the world
@egreg guess who missed a % at the end of a line.....
@DavidCarlisle :)
3:01 PM
Q: Can I bring a small, decorative deer skull from Germany to the US?

HillaryI received -- as a gift -- a small skull mounted on a carved wooden background, typical of Bavaria. I've looked online but am confused about US customs requirements. Can I bring this through? If not, and I declare it, will they just confiscate the item or will I just be fined?

decorative deer skull Wait what?!
@PauloCereda don't you have one mounted on your wall at home?
@DavidCarlisle Oh my!
@David: do you? :)
@PauloCereda of course (although that's a picture of a mouse mat;-)
@DavidCarlisle LOL
@David: I can't wait to go to the UK, buy a lot of souvenirs while this tune is playing in the background. :)
@PauloCereda The souvenirs are cheaper in China, where they are made.
3:12 PM
@DavidCarlisle LOL same here. :)
Still spaces in the TUG selection vote! Surely we can get 8 candidates.
@JosephWright Indeed. :)
3:30 PM
How do we fill a colour in a shape if the lines are made in different commands?
Something like this:
\newcommand{\mk}{node [fill=black] {}}
\coordinate (O) at (0,0);
\foreach \x in {0,60,...,359}
{\draw (O) -- (\x:1);}
\foreach \x in {0,60,...,359}
{\draw (\x:1) -- +(\x+30:1);}
\foreach \x in {0,60,...,359}
{\draw (\x:1) -- +(\x-30:1);}
\foreach \x in {0,60,...,359}
{\draw (\x:1)++(\x+30:1) -- +(\x:1);}
\foreach \x in {0,60,...,359}
{\draw (\x:1)++(\x-30:1) -- +(\x:1);}
\foreach \x in {0,60,...,359}
I searched on the site but there seems to be no similar question
Should I ask this on the main site?
@Kartik probably yes
3:56 PM
@DavidCarlisle Ok, I asked it.
Q: Filling Shapes in tikz

KartikHow do I fill a shape in tikz which is drawn by a combination of different commands? I mean something like this: \documentclass[border=5pt]{standalone} \usepackage{tikz} \begin{document} \newcommand{\mk}{node [fill=black] {}} \begin{tikzpicture} \coordinate (O) at (0,0); \foreach \x in {0,60,......

@Kartik I know nothing about tikz (one reason why it's better to ask there: more people see it:-)
@DavidCarlisle Don't you have a silver badge in ?
4:11 PM
@egreg yes, doesn't mean I know anything about it.
@DavidCarlisle I too have it; the situation is just the same.
5:00 PM
Voting is open!
@JosephWright Do we have a full slate of people (will the votes count?)
@JosephWright I guess not, only 6 people put their names forward. So we have two extras?
@AlanMunn I was intending to nominate myself if less than 8 people had done so, but got caught up with (re)writing an answer. I could do so now, if no one else wants the place.
@TorbjørnT. do it do it do it do it do it.
@PauloCereda OK, done.
@TorbjørnT. Go for it. I was thinking of nominating @SeanAllred, who seems very keen.
5:07 PM
@AlanMunn We could nominate David too. :)
@PauloCereda I was thinking of nominating egreg then he might learn not to make mistakes like:
3 hours ago, by David Carlisle
@egreg guess who missed a % at the end of a line.....
@DavidCarlisle LOL
5:21 PM
Honestly, I've thought about it quite a bit and, while I really would love it, I would hate to take the opportunity away from anyone else.
hi everyone
Q: Show url only for one reference

pprI am using biblatex. Like I use zotero to retrieve metadata of references, I have plenty of urls into my .bib file. In most cases, I don't want the url to be printed (because it is only the url of the publisher webpage presenting the book). So I use the following line with url=false : \usepacka...

@SeanAllred Ok, great. So add a quick answer now. I think you are well deserving of one for sure!
@AlanMunn Aw, thanks :) I will do so.
@SeanAllred NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW
@PauloCereda Goodness, it's done!
5:27 PM
Ah, now we have an election :-)
What is TUG selection vote?
Live stream of Einstein on the Beach culturebox.francetvinfo.fr/…
@ppr see starred link from Joseph on the right
@DavidCarlisle got it thanks
@AlanMunn You are really too kind :')
5:37 PM
@JosephWright how do you plead? :)
@AlanMunn I was expecting hot girls wearing tiny bikinis dancing while explaining the theory of relativity. :(
@PauloCereda It really shouldn't, but that reminds of an article you might find funny
I'm looking at
@SeanAllred LOL
A: Table including rows of a master table

Peter GrillHere is an example of using the datatool package to extract the data form the following table defined below. The list of row ids to print is specified in the call to: \PrintDTLTable{myDB}{Hammer001,Hammer003,Longsword003} which yields the following table: Note: The first column (the RowI...

which is a nice example of datatool usage.
2 hours later…
7:18 PM
@PauloCereda that would be quite distracting ;)
@cgnieder LOL
Simplicity leads to imprecision. :)
@PauloCereda Could you be a little more precise?
7:33 PM
@AlanMunn That would ruin everything. :)
7:56 PM
Any thoughts about my question?
Q: Handling blank rows for use with multirow automatically when using datatool

Faheem MithaThe following example code is slightly adapted from Peter Grill's answer to "Table including rows of a master table". The problem I'm having is that if I have a multirow, then I need an extra blank line immediately after it. If I'm selecting an arbitary subset of rows, this is hard to do automat...

Is anybody here familiar with LISTSERV behavior?
@SeanAllred A little
@JosephWright I just went through a more-painful-than-need-be process of changing the email address I use for the LATEX-L list to an address I use with gnus now. I wanted to confirm that it's working and subscribed by getting all of the recent emails—sending get latex-l to listserv@...—but it's putting up a spam blocker/confirmation wall. Am I using the right command?
@SeanAllred I think so
> To cut down on spam, the LATEX-L list has been configured to request positive
confirmation of messages posted to the LATEX-L-request address. You must now
confirm that the enclosed message did originate from you. To do so, simply
reply to the present message and type "OK" (without the quotes) in the text of
your message, or click on the link below. If this does not work, or if the
message did not originate from you, then contact the list owner for assistance.
8:05 PM
@SeanAllred I get refused with get too :-)
@JosephWright That's comforting—I'm definitely working with a new (or very old?) technology here :)

If anyone gets a very, very short message from LATEX-L, I apologize. :-)
@SeanAllred Very old, I guess, and also not something the team control (that I know of)
@JosephWright Nope, probably not. That'd be a sysadmin thing (something Hiedelberg would handle). Although it does seem that the software they're using is up-to-date; it's just a seemingly antiquated (or at least unfamiliar) way of communicating.
I wonder if that's how the masses see TeX and friends, though.
@SeanAllred Yes: wouldn't be a big surprise as these things tend to 'hang around' for years
@SeanAllred You want to try working with Gnats!
@JosephWright I googled "gnats". I'm not sure what I expected.
8:11 PM
@SeanAllred Bug tracker used for LaTeX2e: painful
@JosephWright Oh, dear. I thought we used GitHub for issue tracking? (Or, probably, that's just for LaTeX3)
Latest news: 2005. Ouch. I wonder if any bugs in the bug-tracker have been discovered since then.
And apparently get latex-l is not what I thought it was—or I did something wrong. Just accidentally sent a message to the list owner. O.O Oops.
8:25 PM
@SeanAllred GitHub for LaTeX3 issues, Gnats just for LaTeX2e ones. Luckily there are not too many!
8:38 PM
@JosephWright Wait for our Bloodhound. :)
if report.status.contains('graphics') then
@PauloCereda Current situation (more or less):
if report.status.contains('*') then
@JosephWright Oh my! :)
@PauloCereda To be fair Bruno is also active, but mainly with 'big' stuff
@JosephWright :)
@Joseph: so no PS3 stuff? :)
@PauloCereda Not today
@PauloCereda Have got an invite to the Elder Scrolls beta
30 Gb download
8:42 PM
@JosephWright ooh cool! :)
@JosephWright Holy cow!
@PauloCereda Yes
Xbox Live offered me Sleeping Dogs - 6Gb.
@PauloCereda I have a fast connection in my flat, and it's going to take a long time
@JosephWright Wow.
@JosephWright: by the way, you guys keep hearing me talk about it: bh-demo2.apache.org :)
@PauloCereda Similar to Bugzilla? Up-to-date open source bugtracker?
8:51 PM
@JosephWright Yep. :)
@PauloCereda At present we seem to be OK with the GitHub approach: not so complex, but that is a good thing in our case!
1 hour later…
9:55 PM
I don't know, I set the rules for the election to give anyone equal chance of attracting votes then many worthy candidates only put their names down once voting is underway!
@JosephWright Humans.
@JosephWright that's why most countries use dictators rather than democracy
@DavidCarlisle Did you see the 'LaTeX3 bug filter' :-)
@JosephWright Leave the bug tracker assignment algorithm for me. :)
10:23 PM
@JosephWright I see most of the recent LaTeX 3 activity is you and someone called bruno. Is the LaTeX 3 team really down to you two?
@FaheemMitha Active team varies over time
@FaheemMitha There are discussions on the internal list!
@JosephWright I see.
@JosephWright I was just referring to the commits.
@FaheemMitha Will Robertson was very active when I joined, but real life is after him
Bother @DavidCarlisle!
@JosephWright Real life sucks.
@FaheemMitha Yes, currently Bruno and me mostly
10:26 PM
@FaheemMitha I haven't committed for years but try to keep up with what they are up to:-)
I assume no corporation is willing to commit significant resources to this? It is a shame...
@DavidCarlisle That's nice.
@DavidCarlisle You help me with stuff. :)
@Joseph: in other words, David breaks my code. :)
@FaheemMitha Not that I know of
@FaheemMitha it wouldn't necessarily help, the project gets money from books and donations but the real shortage is time, we all have jobs.
@DavidCarlisle Feel free to help!
10:28 PM
@DavidCarlisle Well, your employers could let you work on company time, I guess.
@JosephWright I believe there is an output routine in need of some love
@DavidCarlisle Indeed
@DavidCarlisle Feedback on my questions on the list would be good, also!
@JosephWright oh yes:-)
@JosephWright btw in your SE profile, the "day job" link is broken.
I was talking to a possible new user today: the issue of 'too many packages for basic things' came up, reminding me why I got involved in LaTeX3 in the first place
@FaheemMitha Work reorganised website: will fix
10:29 PM
@DavidCarlisle Lack of time? Lack of interest? You answer questions here.
@JosephWright If you are a research chemist, I'm amazed you have the time yourself.
@FaheemMitha I can answer questions in my sleep, re-coding the latex3 output routine would take serious amounts of programming time.
@FaheemMitha Link fixed
@DavidCarlisle Yup
@DavidCarlisle We really do need Frank's input on it I suspect
@DavidCarlisle I see. Yes, I guess it is hard. latex programming, that is. looks like line noise to me half the time.
@JosephWright Great! Thanks.
@FaheemMitha No problem
@JosephWright Now that you mentioned: I'm planning to rewrite stuff, should I brainstorm with all the guys first and foremost, or should I reimplement stuff for the sake of things done?
11:03 PM
@DavidCarlisle Wasn't an Englishman who said “Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time"?
@egreg Churchill (who was better when democracy was suspended than when it was re-introduced:-)
@DavidCarlisle Churchill might have been ok with democracy as long as it was for europeans.
11:29 PM
@DavidCarlisle :)
11:59 PM
@DavidCarlisle A pmatrix inside a multline* inside a minipage inside a tabular; maybe we could add some more levels. It should remember you MathML. ;-)

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